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Posted: January 14, 2013 in Trisha Fundamental Revolution Occult
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As those of you who have read our article on the Trisha Fundamental Revolution Occult were aware, our site had posted information about Trisha Lacroix, founder of the Do Right Hyles Anderson Facebook page, that stated she was never a member of the First Baptist Church of Hammond. This information was based on a lengthy conversation that I had with Eddie Wilson, FBC spokesperson, and 2 emails from FBC staff.

However, credible information surfaced that I received this week with photos of Trisha Lacroix in a HAC yearbook that included Trisha Lacroix, and while I am no expert on the policies of HAC attendance, I would assume that some type of church attendance would be required. Thus it appears that Trisha Lacroix did in fact attend HAC for at least 2 years, and therefore we apologize for posting inaccurate information provided to us.

We do however though, have two major issues that we would like Trisha to address. If we are willing to admit our mistakes, then we would hope she would do the same.

ISSUE NUMBER 1, the Eddie Lapina Tapes

In or about September of 2011, Trisha claimed that she had audio tapes of Eddie Lapina admitting to a cover up of additional Jack Schaap crimes or at least cover up of details concerning the current crime for which he is incarcerated for and awaiting sentencing. Within the week that she claimed they would be posted, she retracted the claim with a statement that avowed that the tapes were in the possession of a grand jury.

The convening of any grand jury could not be verified by any of our legal team staff or attorney friends, but we do not deny the possibility of a grand jury considering all of the allegations that surfaced regarding Schaap’s finances and the potential for additional victims as it is reasonable to conclude that those who have an attraction to minors did not just start having an attraction to them at 54 years of age. We then do not doubt the possibility of a grand jury being convened, it was never verified.

After many members in the  Do Right Hyles Anderson (DRHAC) left over this issue, Trisha then stated that the information was given to a reputed journalist, and would be available in an article published by the Chicago Magazine. The Chicago Magazine released it’s article entitled “Let Us Prey” which derived much of it’s source of information about Jack Schaap, Jack Hyles and First Baptist Church from Voyle Glover (Attorney and former FBC member), Jerry Kaifetz (Ph.D. and former FBC insider), Dr. David Cloud and Dr Robert Sumner. Absent from the 7 page article was any mention of a cover up by Eddie Lapina or the mention of any tapes or any links where said evidence could be heard.

If there is evidence of a cover up, we would gladly post it on this site. If there is not, then we would like for Trisha to simply admit that there was never any audio tape of Eddie Lapina.

ISSUE NUMBER 2: Falsified Resume

Information was submitted to us that Trisha Lacroix had claimed that she had a marketing degree from Hyles Anderson College. Trisha then made a 13 numbered response on the DRHAC page which denounced that she ever had a marketing degree from HAC and that her resume did not reflect that (screenshot posted below at the end of this article).

However, several press releases, such as one by the JDH Group, stated the following:

“Trisha brings more than 10 years of sales, marketing and account management experience with her, along with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Hyles Anderson College in Crown Point , IN. She began her career as an account manager for Exhibit Dynamics in Dallas, TX. [1] (emphasis added).

JDH executive staff stated to us in a telephonic interview that new employees prepare their own press releases, and thus whatever information was prepared for the press release, was the creation of the employees themselves.

Now giving Trisha the benefit of a doubt  perhaps one company could have made a mistake. However, the same resume surfaced on another company she worked for called MG Designs [2]

Therefore, we would welcome an explanation from Trisha as to the anomaly contained within her statement that she never had a degree in marketing (which HAC has never offered) compared to her press releases for a couple of the companies she has worked for that claim she had a BA in marketing from Hyles Anderson College.

Certainly evidence such as this lends to the credibility or lack thereof toward Trisha’s reign over her group members. Trisha has attempted to start a group called “Fundamental Revolution” that offers merchandise with the group logo available for purchase, and if a potential customer were to spend, for example, $45 for a sweat-shirt, it is reasonable to inquire as to whether the product being marketed is being promoted by a credible source.

It also demonstrates that if the allegations are true, that Trisha defrauded her employers by receiving wages from them under false pretenses. Since these companies appear to be marketing companies, it is very likely that Trisha would have been chosen over other applicants by demonstrating she had a marketing degree. If she has in fact been dishonest about that, that would reasonably call into question her motives and credibility for other claims that she has made on her group page as well as the motives and credibility of others within the group that support her. You can not have it both ways, it is blatantly hypocritical to vilify fundamentalist churches of cover ups while maintaining the same type of dishonesty that you accuse abusers of.


  1. TJ BURK says:

    Here is the proof untouched from Facebook where BJUnity Executive Director Jeffrey Hoffman created a hate Facebook page, in direct violation of Facebook rules, where he verbally abused a disabled evangelical minister.

    “Jeffrey Hoffman Here you go, XXXX XXXXX. I made i t JUST FOR YOU.
    Yesterday at 19:22

    Jeffrey Hoffman
    Yesterday at 19:22 XXXX XXXXX “This is a place for XXXX XXXXX to discuss all things Southern Baptist, BoJo, double-wide and trumpet without any homos around.” Re: Jeffrey Hoffman please do not associate my name with that kind of hate. Thank you.
    Yesterday at 19:26

    Jeffrey Hoffman It’s your group. Join it, I’ll make you an admin, and then you can have it all to yourself.
    Yesterday at 19:27

    Jeffrey Hoffman They’re already clamoring to join, XXX XXXXX .”

    Full story here:…/…
    Re: Note that BJ Unity Executive Director Hoffman comments about people already joining that Facebook hate group that HE created when it was BJ UNITY Executive Director Jeffrey Hoffman who was the only person who ever invited anyone to join the hate FB page that he created (Which Facebook quickly took down due to user agreement violations.

    Because he made a Facebook hate page to abuse a disabled person, BJUNITY Executive Director Jeffrey Hoffman needs to resign.

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