Darrell Dow and Fundamental Flaws of His Fundamental Flaws Book

Posted: January 16, 2013 in NEWS, Stuffed Undies Like

Coming Soon. After I finish some other articles, I will opine on the notes taken from reading Darrell Dow’s “book” Fundamental Flaws.

In the mean time, I perused a response that Darrell gave to Mike Duran, who criticized Darrell’s Stuffed Undies Like website (or Stuff Fundies Like, I prefer the former definition, it better suits their inflated egos) as being among several evangelical hate-mongers in an article titled, “The Evangelical Hate Machine”. Several SFL members whined that Mike was unfair, therefore Mike granted Darrell an interview to allow Darrell to explain himself and defend his website. (Interview Here)

Darrell did nothing to refute the claims that Mike made that Darrell is a “hater”. Darrell merely attempts to mask his “hate” as laughter, much like a serial killer laughing at his victims for begging for mercy. He states that “laughter conquers your fear”. It is ironic that he says that there is so little of Christ in Baptist sermons, songs, or standards, but then claims the purpose of his website is to promote laughter as a therepeutic aid to conquering fear. I thought fear was conquered through Christ, not laughter (2 Tim 1:7, Acts 20:24, Acts 21:13, Hebrews 2:15, Romans 8:15, I John 4:18). In fact, isn’t there a verse in the Bible that says “even in laughter the heart is sorrowful”? (Proverbs 14:13). Furthermore, the type of jesting that Darrell promotes is specifically prohibited in Scripture. Eph 5:4.

What is telling though about his response is his stated goal for his followers:

My goal in pointing out the flaws, the missteps, the error, the cruelty, the heresy, and the narrow-mindedness is not to drive people away from the church but to draw them back from their small, splintered sect and back into fellowship with the larger community” (emphasis added)

Darrell does not say what he means by the “larger community”, but if that “community” consists of the same atheists, homosexuals, lesbians, agnostics, Buddhists, Catholics, Charismatics that he sponsors, promotes, and supports in his group, then Darrell needs to take a number and wait in line behind the Pope and his father (John 8:44) who have the same goals.

Darrell has yet to give an accurate description of what fundamentalists, Baptists in particular, believe. He makes use of repeated sweeping generalizations of the motives of fundamental Baptists with absolutely no evidence to support his claims:

You also would have to understand the power structures and cults of personality that drive most fundamentalist organizations. If you’ve never belonged to a church or gone to a college where you were taught that disobeying the slightest rule of the leadership (sometimes up to and including how you make your bed) was a direct affront to God himself then it’s hard to explain. This shared experience of being in these low-trust and high-stress environments is one of the key factors that forms the basis for the community we have here. (emphasis added to the sweeping generalizations).

And just what are those “power structures” and what are the “cults of personality” that “drive most fundamentalist organizations ? He doesn’t say, just paints fundamentalism with his own broad brush, but then whines when an another author allegedly did the same to him. Where is the evidence that any fundamentalist taught that failure to make ones bed is a direct affront to God? References please.

And the “shared experiences”? Shared by who? The atheists, homosexuals, dope addicts, whiskey guzzling party animals that complain about any rule whatsoever let alone any rule in a college : that “shared experience” crowd? And since Darrell claims to want to promote Christ, where can we find these fine examples of this cult of personality in all fundamentalist churches? Would it be under the subject of “Non-Believer Safe Space: A safe space for atheists and agnostics to discuss their beliefs” on his blog site? Or perhaps it’s in the music category where Darrell Dow has a video of what he is listening to, Dusty Springfield’s secular “Son of a Preacher Man” (here) (remember now, Darrell says he doesn’t see much of  Christ in any of the fundamentalist Baptist songs) or perhaps it’s described in the lyrics of the Metallica song he is listening to on post #8 of the same thread called “Don’t Tread On Me” (last I knew, Metallica was no where near “Christ in the songs”type of band). In fact, there’s not one Christian song on that page. (What a HYPOCRITE).

Darrell is a snake that attempts to veil his jabs at fundamentalism as harmless satire disguised as “therapy”. While fundamentalist’s certainly have their own issues, it is not because that is what is taught in fundamentalism, it is because of an egotistical, flesh-driven hypocrite that fails to follow what IS taught. There are some fundamentalists like Jack Schaap who taught blatantly heretical doctrines, but the positive history of fundamentalism and the trail of blood from which the Baptist church came far exceeds the recent abominable  history made by the few recalcitrant examples that have brought shame to it. People like Darrell Dow are mere closet practical atheists that capitalize on the opportunity to smear fundmentalists when any of among millions make a mistake whether it be the commission of a felony, or a fundamentalist mother that requires her children make their beds.

P.S. emails that accuse of me of supporting heretics simply because I disagree with YOU will be properly filed in our new “whiny anti fundamentalist” folder.

  1. 1 L Loyd says:

    A rant that leaves the impression that you don’t know the IFBs, especially the extreme ones.

    • drjamesa says:

      First of all, I am IFB, so we can dispense with the notion that I am not familiar with them.
      Secondly, regardless of whether I knew them or not, the analysis of Dow’s methods would apply to any denomination, not just IFB.
      In typical Darrellite fashion, most of the responses I get from his crowd are uninformed, liberal on insults and lacking on adequate analysis.

  2. Not In The Clique says:

    Here’s another one: Darrell and his crowd complain about IFB Churches who silence anyone with a concern or complaint. Darrell, or “Pastors Wife” who claims to be married to Darrell did not like my putting Bible verses and disagreeing with their hate mongering on SFL, so they blocked me out. I still get their comments each day but I cannot post any comments of my own. I guess the devil does not like losing slaves to Godly advice being posted on a site that is suppose to “fans the flames of hate”. So, do not feel bad when they verbally attack you. I learned the hard way that you cannot reason with unreasonable people, especially when using Bible verses.

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