Trisha Posing On Stripper Pole While Members Call It The Cross

Posted: January 29, 2013 in NEWS, Trisha Fundamental Revolution Occult

This story is so vile that I am not going to post the pictures or the links to them. It is wholly unthinkable that a person that claims to be a leader of a victim abuse group, many of whom claim sexual abuse, would stoop to such levels as the recent email I just received about Trisha Lacroix.

According to numerous emails and some with the screenshots, Trisha had her leg wrapped around a pole that had the name of a now deceased fundamental Baptist preacher, Joe Boyd, on it. The pose drew immediate attention from group members, one even called it “poll dancing”. The comments then denigrated into describing the poll as the cross of Jesus Christ because there was a shadow effect that made the street sign appear to look like a cross. There were no objections by her faithful followers, and a friend of mine on another forum made a public post about it and was viciously attacked, slandered, and threatened. (One follower even sent her a picture of “Jesus” giving her the middle finger.)

It gets better. To take matters a step further, apparently Trisha hosted photos on her personal site of her grabbing the genital area of a statue of Jack Hyles. A few members have told me she has since removed them. Regardless of what I or anyone else think about the presence of that statue, to lower one’s self to such degrading acts just shows the nature of how depraved and immoral this group is.

Furthermore, apparently Trisha has now posted a new profile picture donning a bikini with partial nudity. ON A SEXUAL VICTIM ABUSE ADVOCACY PAGE!

Today, Trisha made the following command on her group page to members who were discussing theology. Her response was to Jerry Kaifetz, who wrote a book entitled “Profaned Pulpit: The Jack Schaap Story”. While I disagree with many of Jerry’s cohorts and why he associates with them, he has his reasons, but with a PhD, he has attempted to keep some stability within the DRHAC group, and what Trisha posted below is exactly why these type of associations do not work:

Trisha Lacroix: MEMBERS>>>>I have been out of town and discovered upon my return that members are posting theology discussions. That is not the intent of our group. Instead of us discussing theology…why don’t we do something positive like discussing how we can help victims to heal. How we can make a change in this world of abuse. How we can live our lives with more grace. How we can grow and nuture [sic] others. Having this banter on theology gets us nowhere…we did it in our IFB days. We put up with it in our IFB days… it was forced down our throats. Let’s move from arguing over the silliness of theology and put beauty out in the world by helping others. Tell me, what can each one of us do to change someone’s life today? How can we support one another? How can we hold each other up? I don’t care about theology… I care about your heart and the healing you are receiving.

While members are free to discuss atheism, Jeffrey Hoffman posting his regular rants about homosexual sympathy, and discussions about how fundamentalists are wrong about certain Biblical doctrines (slandering a Bible doctrine is OK, having a rational discussion about one as Jerry Kaifetz was doing is NOT acceptable), they are not free to discuss theology in an open group. Many of the members of the DRHAC were ex-members or recent members of a fundamental church. Although many are disgruntled toward the IFB churches, many have maintained some form of desire to remain Christian (regardless of how liberal that form may be) but as Trisha has exercised increasing control over the group, her true colors have continued to surface, and that statement above, which was pinned above Jack Schaaps sentencing, and the death of Brent Stevens, shows that in a survivor group, Trisha was more concerned about the group avoiding theology, than about the person that they claim was their target (Jack Schaap) and obtaining justice for the mysterious death of a 17 month old child.

Any Christian whether fundamentalist or not should be appalled by these above facts. If this doesn’t bother you, you have absolutely no moral compass. To display half nude photos on a supposed survivor group page for sexual abuse victims, and posing in a stripper pose on what was called the cross of Christ is just plain blasphemous. But know this, GOD IS NOT MOCKED.

I wouldn’t doubt if Trisha’s next contact for a media moment will be a publication owned by Hugh Heffner.


ON a side note, it is no secret that one of our admins, Marisa, and I have not seen eye to eye on a variety of issues, and I must publicly apologize for my response to her. Her and I and her husband made a harmless wager, that if she could do more push-ups than I could within 60 seconds, I would check my emails from her and post an article based on the information she provided and then admit the unthinkable. Even though my back hurt, and I had not yet had any coffee, she beat me by 3 push-ups. So with reluctance, and because I am a sore loser, “I got my theology from a woman”. Happy now?


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