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Bene Diction reported on the group ABWE, a fundamentalist missionary association, dropping GRACE as the investigative agency into abuse allegations within ABWE .Here. Opining also on the matter is Jeffrey Hoffman, homosexual rights advocate and member of Do Right Hyles Anderson and Do Right BJU.

Apparently, Bene Diction and Jeffey are not happy that ABWE has chosen a different agency to conduct the investigations and criticize ABWE under suspicion that this is merely a likely cover-up ploy. Although the article sites a few references and gives ABWE’s reasons for choosing a different agency, here’s something about the new agency, Pii, that was conveniently left out:

“Pii is led by Bob Davis, a retired FBI agent, with extensive experience in child abuse investigations. “ [1]

And also conveniently left out are the steps that ABWE has already taken to address these issues. [2]

While we will not give opinion on ABWE’s decision nor any response that GRACE has offered, we have posted this to show the bias of the anti-fundamentalist groups. It is highly unlikely that a retired FBI agent with extensive experience in investigating child abuse will assist in the type of cover up that Bene Diction and Hoffman seem to imply against ABWE in their choice to use a different investigation service.

There are good reasons why some of the arguments used by ABWE are valid if they are true, and Hoffman’s argument that GRACE is a 501(c)(3) organization is irrelevant. Just because GRACE is a 501 (c)(3) “corporation” does not mean that investigations should not be conducted in a professional manner, and with a goal of gathering evidence that is in compliance with state, federal and local rules because they are in fact investigating allegations that could lead to criminal prosecution, and if the victims are expecting justice, there is a lot that can go wrong in tainting the testimony or being unduly suggestive.

That doesn’t mean that they are trying to skirt the issues, the law is designed to hold the accused innocent until proven guilty and there are very strict rules of evidence that govern the gathering of evidence that can result in a defendant walking with no chance of being re-tried. I have seen numerous legitimate cases dismissed because of a crisis counselor feeding a victim their story so that it fits the legal definition of assault, only to have the case dismissed with prejudice on the grounds of “undue influence”.

Yet critics like Hoffman and others show they really care very little about justice for victims and are concerned more about the criticism that churches get than whether or not the victims are involved in a proper investigation that will actually lead to the truth and a possible conviction if the investigation uncovers abuse. The critics cry out “Expose dem Fundies” and who cares whether or not the investigation is conducted with professional integrity or not, just as long as fundamentalists look bad in the process.

UPDATE: Feb 7, 2013

GRACE has responded to ABWE and we will opine on the matter if and when ABWE offers a rebuttal.

The response will be addressed in a separate article. This article is not intended to debate whether any malfeasance is involved in ABWE’s dismissal of GRACE, but to show that attitude that the Do Right cults have toward fundamentalism willing to vilify it as a whole regardless of the facts (or often lack thereof).