Do Right BJU and Christopher PeterMAN

Posted: February 9, 2013 in The "Do Right" Cults, Uncategorized

This will be short because someone else did a far better job than I have at covering the Do Right BJU founder, therefore I am simply going to post links to the Hidalgo Grain Company’s blog and You Tube channel on the matter.

While it is no secret that Gregory Easton and I do not see eye to eye on a variety of issues, the documentation he has provided about self-appointed guru, Christopher PeterMAN (as he so corrected me on another blog) at the Do Right BJU “community” is detrimental to PeterMAN’s credibility as an advocate.

In my own dealings with Mr (or Mrs, not sure which preference he chooses) after I opened a can of common sense and pointed out his deception in reporting the abuse at BJU, he merely responded with “I’m not going to respond to your drivel”. What he really meant was that he wasn’t going to respond TO ME, but he sure did respond on several other websites with his own posse. Misery loves company, but it doesn’t love debating with those who have the potential to embarrass you! (Not that we would EVER deliberately embarrass Mr. PeterMAN, I think the video of him attempting to sing the theme song of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 5 different keys at once shows he doesn’t need OUR help.)

While we do not necessarily endorse all the material on the HGC website (especially any articles about ME, as a controlling, Kool Aid drinking fundamental Baptist, I command the followers here to abstain from  reading any articles that do not portray me as smart, witty, handsome much younger), kudos to Mr. Easton’s research on Christopher PeterMAN.

Enjoy, and then get back here!

Hidalgo Grain Company YouTube channel

Petition Legacy This one is particularly funny in that ChristopHER lists several reasons that Pepsi should stop sponsoring BJU, but one of BJU’s sponsors is also Bank of America of which somebody over there at DR BJU is employed, yet there is no petition to Bank of America to also drop BJU.

I am disappointed that when including his satire about BJU and Bank of America, Gregory did not mention Rockefeller or Rothschild knowing good and well I would eventually see that post.

While I am no big fan of BJU (especially since I am considered a “Ruckmanite” for defending the KJB) it is absurd to expect an independent fundamentalist religious institution to adopt tolerance for a church it considers inherently evil (The Roman Catholic Church) or the lifestyle (sin) of homosexuality.

Menage a Twits Documents PeterMAN’s capricious history.

  1. thehidalgograincompany says:

    Dr. Ach –

    Let me say I appreciate the fact that you can accept the fact that you and I do not agree on some (many?) things, yet you realize that’s all it is – a disagreement. Not “bullying” – not a “personal attack” – just a disagreement.

    Now – Chris Peterman of Do Right BJU…

    You must realize that Chris Peterman is an abuse victim. Peterman has always longed to be part of a group – he’s always wanted to belong and matter. Early in the fall of 2011, he found that group. It consisted of disgruntled and vengeful people in some way affiliated (grads, former faculty & staff) with Bob Jones University. That disaffected group consisted (and still consists) of three (3) types of people:

    1) wounded, yet vocal females,

    2) weak, fragile males

    3) militant homosexuals (“militant” = tolerance is not good enough – you must agree with them)

    It was this group that conceived of and created Do Right BJU. Chris had nothing to do with its founding or creation, but was later accepted as a moderator (one of four – none of which are currently attending or working at BJU).

    Since Peterman has interlinked his new found identity and purpose with this group, he will never admit this, lest he lose the new “friends” he has made.

    Chris Peterman is a perfect example of why parents should never forget to lift up their college-aged children in prayer – prayer for guidance, for protection and for wisdom.

    the CEO, THGC-FO

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