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The following is the official creed of the so-called victim advocacy and anti-fundamentalist groups (Stuffed Undies Like, Do Right HAC, Do Right BJU, Do Right Do Right HAC, Chuckles Travels, Bible Madness, IFB Survivors, et al):

1. If you disagree with anything we say, you might not be a victim advocate.

2. We believe that everybody’s beliefs should be tolerated, unless you are a fundamentalist Christian. If you believe different from us, then you are supporting sexual abuse, and you might not be a real victim advocate.

3. We believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, unless it is different from ours. If we disagree with you, we have the right to criticize you for not being tolerant of our opinions even though we are not tolerant of yours. If you have an opinion on that to the contrary, you are an abuser and might not be a victim advocate.

4. We are the sole arbiters of truth. What’s true to you is not true to us, but we will decide whether anything is true or not. Although we do not believe there is any way to tell if something is right or wrong on certain matters, our opinion is the final authority. If you disagree with that, you are supporting abusers and might not be a victim advocate.

5. If you think bullets 1-4 are redundant, you are an abuser, and might not be a victim advocate. Redundancy is key to our survival, even if you are unable to defend your position or accusations, continue to repeat the same lie over and over again until somebody believes you or just agrees with you. Failure to embrace redundancy is the trait of an abuser and you might not be a victim advocate. Failure to embrace redundancy is the trait of an abuser and you might not be a victim advocate.

6. We believe that all religions are good and accepted by God. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, you are an abusive fundamentalist, Kool Aid drinker, and support sexual abuse of animals, and might not be a victim advocate.

7. If you believe that God gave us instructions in something called the Bible, you are a deceiver trying to control people so that you can sexually abuse them. We reserve the right to use the Bible when we need to point out hypocrisy in “Christians”, or when there is a verse that we can take out of context to prove our opinion, but over all the Bible is not the final authority on matters of faith and belief, we are, and if you disagree with that, you are not a loving person and might not be a victim advocate.

8. We don’t think that God has anything against homosexuality. Yes, there are 100 verses in the Bible about it, but we ignore those and tell everyone that’s not what they really mean and will never explain what they really DO mean. If you believe that God is against homosexuality, you are a hateful person and a bigot. Even if you are polite and caring in how you say it, to say that homosexuality is wrong in any manner is to show a hatred that is only rivaled by Hitler, and you might not be a victim advocate.

9. If you believe that there is right and wrong according to the Bible, then you are judging people [this is where the Bible that we do not believe in will be quoted: Matthew 7]. God is a God of love, Jesus never judged anyone. Even though he told people to repent, that didn’t mean to change your mind. Even though he forgave sins (Mark 2:7) he didn’t really mean they were sinners because that would be judging. A God of love has no rules or boundaries and anything that says that we can’t live our life the way that we feel like is not loving and is judgmental. However, we reserve the right to judge you for judging us, and if you think that is unfair, you are an immoral person with no rules or boundaries and might not be a victim advocate.

10. We believe that it is God’s divine will to make fun of Christians, especially fundamentalists, but if you do it, you are an abuse supporter. Criticizing our method of therapy is ungodly, unloving and unchristian and if you don’t like it, you promote beating of spouses and might not be a victim advocate.

11. We will never ever quote anything you say or write the way you said it. What you said isn’t really what you meant to say, so we will rephrase it the way that we feel that you meant to say it, and then we will block you from any further communication because once we have rewritten your statement, it is now our story, and you forfeit the right to clarify what you said. If you believe that is wrong, you are a child abuser and a lying fundy and might not be a victim advocate.

12. When we get to a point where the person we confront is clearly smarter and more educated than we are, and has the potential to make us look foolish by debating them, we will call for a group huddle, tell each other that we are right no matter how much that Doctor made sense. We will then figure out other ways to attack! Whether it’s personal attacks (lying and creating false statements and caricatures are acceptable, remember God is love and there are no rules unless somebody’s actions offend one in our cult), reporting them to Facebook or their webmaster, and possibly the FBI because clearly they are involved in a conspiracy to abuse people and that falls under the RICO act, and they are obviously not victim advocates.

For further information, please contact Darrell Dow, Christopher Peterman, Jeffrey Hoffman, Trisha Lacroix, Jocelyn Zichterman, Dwayne Walker, or Teresa Frye.