Anti Christian Sentiment From Do Right BJU

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Homosexuality, The "Do Right" Cults

Another example today of DRBJU’s true colors showing that these “Do Right” groups have no intention of seeing their targets “do” anything but succumb to their agendas.

For whatever reason, the radio station apparently owned by BJU has changed some of their format. But ask a skeptic, and it’s because BJU is “giving up on God” according to the article posted by DRBJU from the blog DEBUNKING CHRISTIANITY.

In the “About” section of the DRBJU page, is stated in part:

 We believe that support for victims is especially important for those who know the love of Christ.

This is an ongoing struggle that we must face together. Abuse is an epidemic throughout all groups, but we Christians have a responsibility to stand with the abused and lift them up, instead of condemning them for their past and present struggles as a result of the abuse.

 (emphasis added)

So I guess according to DRBJU, those who “know the love of Christ” and the Christians who have a “responsibility to stand with the abused” are better off as Christians being pointed to a website that has articles such as “Why I Became An Atheist”, “A Refutation of Christianity”, “How to Destroy Natural Theology”.

The news about BJU’s format is not new to fundamentalists who have frowned upon BJU’s turn towards worldly vices to make their format more appealing , yet it behooved DRBJU to post this information directing it’s readers to a website dedicated to “debunking Christianity”. And to note as we have discussed in previous articles, DRBJU’s founder, Christopher Peterman is a claimed agnostic.

Ironically, the author of the article claims to have received 50 demerits for listening to a Loretta Lynn song in the early 1970’s. I wonder how many demerits he would have received if he had watched Glee in 1970! Oh wait, BJU only gives out  demerits for those they retaliate on, forget about that.


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