Double Standards And Equivocating From Do Righters: Joseph Bartosch

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We reported on the issue of BJU staff member, Joseph Bartosch being fired here in our article “Why Fundamentalists Don’t Listen To Our Critics” but it needs its own article because of the sheer hypocrisy and double standards applied to the matter by Do Right Notables, Jeffrey Hoffman and Cathy Harris.

The crux of the matter is that Joseph Bartosch was terminated from BJU after 20 years of employment after BJU was “tipped” about a conviction he had 20 years prior for soliciting a prostitute.

Jeffrey Hoffman, BJUnity founder and “Do Right BJU” contributor, among others, are now criticizing BJU for firing Joseph Bartosch. One reader on his page noticed the hypocrisy and double standard and posted this”

Eric G. Wood Just a quick question, regardless of the motivation behind their actions, why does it appear that they are getting grief again for “doing the right thing?”

Exactly! Bingo. Over the plate, waste high.

Jeffrey states in this thread: 

Jeffrey Hoffman Eric, I wouldn’t say that BJU did the right thing at all. They publicized Joe’s being let go and have basically admitted that they didn’t do a background check. (Personally, I don’t believe that, but that is irrelevant). They did not protect their students and they have not followed the law. Letting Joe go was the right thing to do. It didn’t need to be publicized. But BJU made it public. Why?

Jeffrey Hoffman is now saying BJU did not do the right thing by publicizing it.


On March 23, Jeffrey posted on this thread:

I want to know why this easy-to-construct chronology is not what is being shared with the media. What are you hiding, BJU?

Joseph Bartosch Facts
1982 05 00 — Graduated BJU as Speech Ed

1991 03 15 — Court Filing Date of Prostitution conviction

1991 03 26 — Arraignment

1994 04 20 — Probation ended.

1994 06 07 — Filed to start Sacramento Preparatory Academy

2001 08 00 — Assumes Staff GA over Perf Hall while he pursues MA in Dramatic Production while “on sabbatical” from SPA.

2002 05 00 — Bartosch appears in the yearbook as a Graduate Assistant from Sacramento, CA.

2002 05 01 — Played Antigonus in Winter’s Tale

2005 08 00 — Returns to BJU for a MS in Counseling.

2006 05 00 — Listed as a GA from Greenville, SC. Masters in Biblical Counseling.

2006 11 15 — Vincentio in Taming of the Shrew

2007 05 00 — Not listed in the yearbook.

2007 05 02 — Lord Chief Justice in Henry IV

2007 00 00 — Successfully defended his EdD diss in Curriculum and Instruction with proficiencies in biblical counseling, communications, and theology

2007 08 00 — Manager of IT.

2008 04 30 — Duke of Exeter in Henry V

2008 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC

2009 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC

2009 11 18 — Jaggers in Great Expectations

2010 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC

2010 12 06 — Dean of Distance Learning.
Bob Jones University announced today the appointment of Dr. Joseph Bartosch as Dean of Distance Learning. Reporting to Dr. David Fisher, Provost, Dr. Bartosch is responsible for the further development of BJU’s online education program.

2011 05 00 — Listed in the yearbook as Staff in IT from Greenville, SC

2011 11 16 — Solinus in Comedy of Errors

2011 12 17 — Marries Christina Davis

2012 05 02 — Brabantio in Othello

2012 05 00 — Appears in the yearbook as an Administrator, “Dr. Joseph Bartosch, Dean of Distance Learning.”

2012 12 00 — Appointed Chief Branding Officer

This information gathered by Jeffrey was then reposted on Chuckles Travels and several other websites.

First of all, Jeffrey criticizes BJU for making Bartosch’s firing public WHEN HE POSTED THE MAN’S ENTIRE LIFE CHRONOLOGY ON LINE FOR ALL TO SEE.

Jeffrey later stated:

This is what happens when you let your alumni do your background checks instead of doing them yourself.
Of course, rumors abound that BJU administrators have long known about this man’s history; they just didn’t think it was a big deal.

So according to Jeffrey, BJU never thought it was a big deal, so keeping Bartosch on staff would be the “no big deal” part, but then criticizes BJU for firing him?

Secondly, Jeffrey criticized BJU for covering up the matter, (“what is BJU trying to hide”) and therefore since the entire matter was made public BY JEFFREY, what did he expect BJU to do? Jeffrey assisted in the PUBLIC dissemination of this information about Bartosch, and then criticizes BJU for giving a public response??

This is has got be some of the most ridiculous, hypocritical, deceitful, double-forked tongue tactics I have ever seen that demonstrate some people are willing to do anything in order to promote their agendas.

And to make matters worse adding fuel to the fire, Cathy Harris offers a story to explain how Bartosch could have had his charge reduced to a lower charge in order to explain why Bartosch was only charged with a misdemeanor.

NEWSFLASH CATHY: when charges are reduced, they are reduced to a LESSER INCLUDED OFFENSE. Soliciting a prostitute is not a lesser included offense of rape, or any other sex crime. Lesser included offense would be like dropping rape down to sexual deviant conduct or murder down to aggravated assault or reckless homicide. You can’t take a charge of arson and drop it down to jay-walking. This is the law in every state.

As we stated on our previous thread about this matter, the Do Right crowd painted this as a sex abuse case, even calling the prostitute a victim. While we certainly do not condone soliciting a prostitute, even though there was no actual ACT performed (to LOOK upon a woman with lust is adultery, so Biblically, there doesn’t need to be an overt act) it was sinful, but was NOT a sex crime that had a victim. The woman Joseph Bartosch was charged with soliciting was receiving payment for sex which she willingly chose to do.

Furthermore, Jeffrey’s search that revealed his chronology was done in 2013. Big difference in searches that were available in 2013 than in 1991, and considering the “world wide web” was not released until 1989 with the first website being launched in 1990, and the release of “Windows” in 1995, it is HIGHLY doubtful that BJU would have obtained the same results that Jeffrey obtained in 2013.

I am not a fan of BJU as we have an enormous disagreement over the KJV issue, but I do not like seeing a fundamentalist institution, even one I don’t agree with, vilified by deception and pejorative rhetoric. As we said in our article before this one, this is one huge reason why we don’t pay attention to the blathering of our critics.


And by the way, Trisha Lacroix who also opined on Jeffrey’s page, has a lot of nerve criticizing anyone for failing to be honest on an application when she told her employers that she had a marketing degree from Hyles Anderson College. View Evidence Here.

  1. drjamesa says:

    Jeffrey Hoffman says he “doesn’t get BJU’s press releases”, but yet he knows that Bartosch was fired at a private staff meeting before anyone else in the public knew about it, or before there was even a press release drafted.

    Oh and his success is based on musical performances according to one commenter. When the Bartosch story broke, I was preparing tea. When the tea was finished steeping, I drank it with one hand, picked up my guitar and played Vivaldi with the other hand without missing a beat and there my ministerial success is demonstrated by my ability to drink tea and play guitar at the same time!

  2. It is quite evident that you are missing a lot here. Jeffrey Hoffman did not “break” any of this. He was not involved in any of it and, while he may have posted some information after the fact, it is not his work.

    For someone claiming to have a doctorate, you certainly lack research and analysis skills.

    If you truly are not a fan of BJU, why, oh why do you obsess over them? Why do you have to be a sheep commenting on things so far after the fact instead of creating something original? Seems like you and Hildy are two peas in a pod singing “me too, me too” just to get attention.

    • drjamesa says:

      You mean I took someones story and restated it inaccurately? Oh my, I hate it when that happens 🙂

      Perhaps he shouldn’t ACT like he was behind it in his original posts only to play the devil’s advocate against his own postings when he gets questioned among his own “friends”.

      And you have “missed a lot” as well. What I posted on was the hypocrisy which still applies regardless of who “broke the story”. The article isn’t pin-pointing the original source of the information; doesn’t have to because it’s irrelevant.

      And what you call obsession, I call healthy and honest reporting! BJU is certainly not among the same fundamentalists that I associate with, but they are lumped in with everyone else according to the critics who criticize the those that I DO associate with. When brainless wonders like yourself and those you defend on the anti-fundamentalist side attack BJU in the name of attacking fundamentalism as a whole, then I am going to point out your lies and hypocrisies. The fact that you can’t figure that out makes me wonder why you named a website “thinkinglifethrough” because you apparently didn’t think through all of the possibilities of why I posted what I did before offering an opinion that’s about as on target as bullfrog singing opera.

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