Isaiah 26:18-Defending the KJV

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In Isaiah 26:18 the nation of Israel continues to complain “We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; NEITHER HAVE THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD FALLEN.”

This is the reading of the KJB, Wycliffe 1395, the Geneva Bible 1587 – “neither did the inhabitants of the world fall.”, the Douay-Rheims 1610, the RV 1881, ASV 1901, the RSV, Youngs, Darby, Douay 1950,  the New Berkeley Version in Modern English 1969, the NKJV 1982,  ESV 2001-2011, Holman Standard 2003, the Judaica Press Tanach – “neither do the inhabitants of the world fall.”, the Common English Bible (a critical text edition)of 2011 and the Knox Bible of 2012.

Coverdale’s bible says: “and the inhabitours of the worlde perish not.” Foreign language bibles that follow the Hebrew text and read as does the KJB are the Spanish Sagradas Escrituras of 1569, the Spanish Reina Valera 1090, 1960, 1995 and the RV Gomez of 2010 – “ninguna liberación logramos en la tierra ni cayeron los moradores del mundo.”,  = “neither have the inhabitants of the earth fallen”, the Italian Nuova Diodati of 1991 – “e gli abitanti del mondo non sono caduti.” = “and the inhabitants of the earth are not fallen.”, the Portuguese A Sagrada Biblia em Portugués and the Portuguese Almeida Corrigida E Fiel 1681 – “nem caíram os moradores do mundo.”= “neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.”, the French Darby – “et les habitants du monde ne sont pas tombés” and Luther’s German bible 1545 – “und die Einwohner auf dem Erdboden wollen nicht fallen.”

However the NASB actually changes this to “WE HAVE NOT GIVEN BIRTH TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD”.  The NIV 1984 edition is similar with the equally ridiculous “NOR WERE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD BORN.”  However the NIV 2011 edition changed this verse once again and now it reads: “AND THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD HAVE NOT COME TO LIFE.”,which would be the exact opposite meaning of that found in the KJB, ESV, RV, ASV, etc.

The NASB concordance shows they have translated this word # 5307 as Fallen or Fall, as in Babylon is Fallen, 197 times but only once as “given birth”; and the NIV likewise has “Fall or Fallen” 237 times and only one time as “Born”.

Dan “Anything but the KJB” Wallace and company’s NET version also reads in a similar manner to the NASB, NIVs.  It says: “We were pregnant, we strained, we gave birth, as it were, to wind. We cannot produce deliverance on the earth; people to populate the world are not born. (30).  He then footnotes: “Heb “and the inhabitants of the world do not fall.”

The Voice 2012, put out by Thomas Nelson Company, the same people who give us the NKJV, reads: “WE COULDN’T MAKE IT TEEM WITH LIFE.” – Again, the opposite of what even the NKJV says.

Which other version do you think reads this way?  You got it. The modern Catholic New Jerusalem bible 1985 reads: “we have not given salvation to the earth, NO INHABITANTS FOR THE WORLD HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO BIRTH.”  Oh, but wait.  Now the 2009 Catholic Public Domain Version has come out and it has gone back to the Hebrew reading – “For this reason, THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH HAVE NOT FALLEN.”

The RSV read as does the Hebrew and the KJB with: “AND THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD HAVE NOT FALLEN.”  However the NRSV of 1989 went with: “and NO ONE IS BORN TO INHABIT THE WORLD.”  But then the revision of the revision of the revision, the ESV of 2001, went back to the Hebrew reading of “AND THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD HAVE NOT FALLEN.”

The so called Greek Septuagint version is really messed up in this verse.  Instead of saying: “”We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth WIND; WE HAVE NOT WROUGHT ANY DELIVERANCE in the earth; NEITHER HAVE THE INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD FALLEN.” (KJB) the LXX actually says: “We have conceived, O Lord, BECAUSE OF THY FEAR, and have been in pain and have brought forth THE BREATH OF THY SALVATION, WHICH WE HAVE WROUGHT UPON THE EARTH; WE SHALL NOT FALL, BUT ALL THAT DWELL UPON THE LAND SHALL FALL.”!!!  The meaning of the LXX is almost the exact opposite of the Hebrew text.  NO Bible version follows the so called Greek Septuagint in this verse.

However the Modern Greek Bible reads like the Hebrew text and the KJB saying: ” ουδε επεσαν οι κατοικοι του κοσμου.” = “neither have the inhabitants of the earth fallen.”

Any time some bible agnostic tries to tell you that “Thanks to the science of textual criticism, we are now very, very close to what the originals said.” you should know that he is full of baloney and hot air – not a good combination.

Jamison, Faucett and Brown remark in their commentary: neither . . . world fallen–The “world” at large, is in antithesis to Judea. The world at enmity with the city of God has not been subdued. But MAURER explains “fallen,” according to Arabic idiom, of the birth of a child, which is said to fall when being born; “inhabitants of the world are not yet born”; that is, the country as yet lies desolate, and is not yet populated.”

So, did the NASB, NIV follow this Arabic idiom instead of the Hebrew?

Here is the straight forward comment by Matthew Henry – neither have the inhabitants of the world, whom we have been contesting with, fallen before us, either in their power or in their hopes; but they are still as high and arrogant as ever.’’

John Gill comments – “neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen; worldly men, the great men, the kings of the earth; particularly such as commit fornication with the whore of Rome, Popish persecuting princes; these as yet are not fallen, though they shall in the battle of Armageddon.”

John Calvin comments on this verse saying: “And the inhabitants of the world have not fallen.  for lpn (naphal) signifies “to fall.” … if we follow the ordinary interpretation, we must view it as referring to the wicked. “The inhabitants of the world annoy us and do not fall; everything goes on prosperously with them.”

The Pulpit Commentary says: “we have not effected the downfall of our heathen enemies.”

Do you still think all bible say the same thing, but with different words?

~Will Kinney

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