Rape, Child Molestation, Murder-God’s Fault?

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Calvinism

One of the many issues that I have with Calvinism is that the Calvinist’s view of the character of God is grossly misrepresented through man-made creeds and confessions that paint a picture of God that emphasizes His justice over His love.  The Westminster Confession states that God has ordained all things whatsoever that comes to pass (ch 3, art 1), which when reduced to its most logical conclusion, makes God the author of sin.* Now of course, no Calvinist will readily admit this, but it is an obvious problem that Calvinists are aware of when it comes to explaining their deterministic view of God.

One of the questions frequently raised by Non Calvinists is: does God love everybody? One noted Calvinist theologian, Arthur Pink, unambiguously states, “no”. I conclude that Pink was simply being honest about the real implications of Calvinism. If God COULD HAVE determined that all persons freely love him, but instead, determined that only some be saved, and others predestinated to hell**, then not only does that say that God gets more glory out of damning unbelievers then He would from decreeing that everyone freely worship Him, but that if God COULD HAVE saved everyone, but only chose to save certain people, then He had to have done so because that’s what He WANTED and DESIRED.***

So that then prompted to ask a question to members on the Baptist Board forum: Does God want children to be molested, women to be raped, and murder to occur? It’s a reasonable question. If God WANTS all things that He determines to happen, and all things are determined by Him, then it logically follows that not only does God WANT all who are “non elect” to spend eternity in hell, but He must also WANT the rape, murder, torture of women and children. And of course, to question this is to “question God’s sovereignty” instead of determining how this proves God’s love.

The responses to this question on the forum were astounding to say the least. Many simply danced around the question for a while until I pressed them to simply be honest with their theology. I don’t believe a believer should tell sinners that God loves them if they don’t believe that themselves. I don’t believe it’s being an honest Christian to tell hurting people that things will be OK when you really believe that God wanted them to suffer and wanted their child to be molested and wanted their wives and daughters to be raped or murdered. But read some of the responses from the “Baptist Board”

It’s a hard truth, but it is true. God does not ordain evil, but He does allow it for His glory. Hard as it may be for us to grasp, God is even glorified when people are sentenced to Hell.  Hard truth, but true. -John Deere Fan

Your question implies that God may be either pleased or displeased with such consequences of sin. The answer is God’s good pleasure has NOTHING to do with it but God’s JUSTICE does. Is “rape” and “abuse” consequences of sin? Yes! Are the consequences of sin consistent with God’s Justice? Yes! Is God’s Justice holy and righteous altogether? yes!-Biblicist

So you asked about women and children. No matter. God is no respecter of persons. The violation of them is no more heinous than the violation of adult men.Did God want Joseph sold into slavery? Did He want him in prison. Does God delight in the persecution of His people?The answer is no. But He wills it.-Aaron

Did God want to Job and his children to be abused?????Job concluded that he received both good and evil at the hand of the Lord, and in his conclusion he did not sin with his lips. Yet, we have those today (and within this thread) that would slander him and say he did sin with his lips. Go figure. -“Preacher4Truth”

Sad that folks confuse the true “Gospel” with the man-made “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” trash of Oral Roberts and his clan. -Dr Bob Griffin, Baptist Board Administrator

Now I must admit, Dr. Bob accusing me, an fundamental Baptist, of preaching something derived from Oral Roberts was amusing, not to mention that in this thread, he also accused me of hating the sovereignty of God for asking this question. Of course, being the good, godly scholar that Dr. Bob is, he has now censored virtually every post I have made on that forum, and even attempted to accuse me of financially defrauding the forum by posting a link to an article I’d written on this website without paying him to post that link (although he had no problem with permitting an anti King James author to post advertisements for his book).

I’ll save this vent for another article, but these responses were atrocious.  Anyway…

Before God was ruling over anything, He was loving somebody within the Trinity for all eternity. It is no wonder that John Calvin had no compassion and had several of his detractors murdered (as did his “mentor” Augustine). It is disturbing to me that well meaning believers would accept that God revealed the “truth” about the gospel through a man who had no conscience in murdering who he deemed heretics. 1 John 3:15 is clear that such a person has no eternal life abiding in them and to think as God would use an unsaved person to bestow “truths” about the “real” gospel that can not be found in church history before Augustine (a Roman Catholic heretic who based his views of election and predestination from the Manicheans, who were themselves followers of Buddhism and Gnosticism) is utterly baffling.

It is also well known that Calvinism played a large role in the Apartheid in Africa. Freemasons who were part of the Dutch Reformed Church, and the Dutch East Indie Company, exploited African slavery, and even bragged how God had prospered them as slavery was merely an act of God’s providence and determinism. Calvinist theologians Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield were notorious slave owners and did not oppose the slavery practices of the South in the US.

Would a God of love WANT the abuses of women and children? That would seem to be a matter of common sense, but it is no wonder why so many abuses have been propagated in the name of “religion” when the core of ones theology maintains such a distorted view of the character of God.


* Although the Westminster Confession follows this statement by “So as He is not the author of sin”, this is merely a preemptive clause to give the creed plausible deniability to avoid the logical implications of that statement.

** “III. By the decree of God, for the manifestation of His glory, some men and angels are predestinated unto everlasting life; and others foreordained to everlasting death” Westminster Confession, Chapter 3, Article III.

*** Now before some gloating fool writes us and says “all you want is the lovey-dovey God who overlooks sin”, read our article on HELL: Would A Loving God Send Anyone There? We do not believe that everyone WILL be saved, and believe that man has a libertarian free will that can resist the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51), and many do. But we also believe that God WANTS all to be saved and WANTS the true flourishing of humans, and that God’s love is expressed to ALL, not SOME, in the death and resurrection of Christ, and that God’s love is not merely shown to the unsaved in the form of “rain on the just and the unjust” and that God viewed in terms of what a loving God WOULD do, as opposed to merely what He CAN do would serve to prove that God does not WANT and/or DESIRE predetermined destruction, abuse, mutilation and damnation of humanity. Those who choose to reject Christ seal their own fate, not because God WANTED it that way. We will be covering this topic at length in the near future.

  1. David Buzulak says:

    I really like this and appreciate your Godly logic and reasoning. I shared this with my Calvinist friends. I do have Calvinist “friends” albeit-Facebook style. I love them and pray that the “hold” of Calvinism goes away. Spurgeon was a Calvinist…and I appreciate him as well. But I’m a fundamentalist to the day I die.

  2. Not In The Clique says:

    One thing I noticed all denominations have in common, whenever there is a controversial issue such as homosexuality or women preachers, the church leadership and the congregation always talk about their “Church Constitution says……….”, BUT NEVER do I EVER hear anyone (leadership and congregation) ever say “Well, what does God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit say?”

    Church leaders and their congregation IN ALL THE DENOMINATIONS are more than willing to destroy the church defending a man made church constitution but could careless about the “instruction manual” given to them by God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit.

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