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Paul: Today I begin my sermon with “In Isaac shall thy seed be called” from the book of Romans ch….

White: Excuse me. Don’t you know that’s from the OT? The OT was written in Hebrew and you are translating this into Greek. You should be aware that it is well-known among godly scholars that you lose meaning from one language to another.

Paul: I’ll take that under advisement, Mr White. Now as I was saying, “At this time will I come and Sarah shall have a son” and then we read….

White: I’m sorry but you’re doing it again, another quote from the OT. You should explain to your listeners the differences between the Hebrew verse you are reading, and the words that can not be properly translated in the language you are speaking to them in now.

Paul: The words I am speaking are what the Holy Spirit is giving me.

White: With all due respect, Paul, that’s not possible. What you are doing is translating OT Hebrew passages into another language, and then saying that those translations are inspired and we true scholars know that that is not possible.

Paul: Didn’t Jesus say something on the cross in Aramaic that was predicted in Hebrew?

White: That was from a COPY of and OT manuscript and we know that copies can’t be inspired. Only the ORIGINAL was the actual word of God, and since we don’t have an original copy of Psalms, there’s no way to know whether that statement from Jesus was really accurate. At best, it was a dynamic equivalent.

Paul: So you don’t believe that God promised to preserve His words in Psalm 12?

White: No. Psalm 12 is about preserving Israel. Israel are the “words of the LORD” in Psalm 12:6 so Israel was who God promised to preserve, not the words of the Lord. All good godly scholars agree with this.

Paul: So which one of Jeremiah’s writings were inspired after the king had thrown the first one into the fire? (Jeremiah chapter 36.)

White: Well obviously, the first because only originals are inspired. So the manuscript that Jeremiah re-wrote as instructed by God was inferior to the original.

Paul: And when John wrote 7 letters to the 7 churches in Asia, you mean to tell me that only one of those were ‘inspired’?

White: Now you’re catching on, Paul! God might be able to use you yet!

Paul: So all through history, the prophets should have been preaching the law from the tablets of stone.

White: At this rate, I will recommend you for an honorary doctorate!

Paul: So we really don’t have the word of God anywhere?

White: Oh of course we do. They are in the original languages.

Paul: So the language is what was inspired but not the writings? So every cuss word uttered in the original language was inspired because the language is what was inspired correct?

White: No. It was the first writing printed in the original language.

Paul: But the copies of the OT quotes were written in Greek translated from Hebrew so you are saying that none of the OT quotes in the NT were inspired because they were not the original language? And I thought you said that writings were not inspired, only the language that came from God.

White: Umm……..Only what God said originally was inspired.

Paul: In Matthew 4:4, didn’t Jesus quote a verse that had “word” in italics in Deuteronomy 8:3, thus Jesus quoted a word that was not “in the original”?

White: Umm…

Paul: Is what God said originally written down somewhere? Is there a copy of it? Didn’t he say, “Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee IN A BOOK” Jeremiah 30:2.

White: Those books are in the NASB, ASV, ESV, NKJV, NIV (but not the KJV). You can even find the words of God in a few news articles, church advertisements in the phone book, and in Webster’s 1828 dictionary. God said he would preserve words, not books, epistles, letters, etc.

Paul: So do you believe it is an error to tell believers that we actually HAVE a BOOK that is THE word of God?

White: Progress! You could be an apostle one day!

Paul: I personally saw the Lord Jesus Christ as “one born out of due time”. Deacons, please escort this nut case out the assembly.


Dr. James Ach