King James Onlyism Before Peter Ruckman

Posted: June 12, 2014 in King James Only Debate
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Dr. Elisha Weismann

Contrary to critics like James White, Rick Norris, Fred Butler, JD Hall, Doug Cutelick, and all modern professional liars, the King James Only view did not begin with Peter Ruckman, Ruckman was merely instrumental in causing professing Baptists to quit riding the fence on the issue.

Thomas Morris posted the following quote in a group on Facebook ran by a great Jewish brother of mine (“Boaz Baptist”):

Hey look! William Lyon Phelps was “King James only” in 1922. Phelps was an honored Professor of English at Yale for over 30 years. Listen to what he says,

“The Elizabethan period — a term loosely applied to the years between 1558 and 1642 — is properly regarded as the most important era in English literature…the crowning achievement of those spacious times was the Authorized Translation of the Bible, which appeared in 1611…our English translation is even better than the original Hebrew and Greek. There is only one way to explain this…I am confident that the Authorized Version was inspired. Now as the English-speaking people have the best Bible in the world, and as it is the most beautiful monument ever erected with the English alphabet, we ought to make the most of it, for it is an incomparably rich inheritance, free to all who can read. This means that we ought invariably in the church and on public occasions to use the’ Authorized Version; all others are inferior.”

(Phelps, William L. Human Nature in the Bible. New York: Scribner, 1922, pp. ix-xii)

This is just one of many such authors that we know that have supported, promoted, endorsed, and defended the King James Bible Only position long before Peter Ruckman started challenging the Bible agnostics at Bob Jones University and writing books about the professional con artists that they helped produce and send into “fundamental Baptist” churches.

Just a little reminder that the KJVO critics are wrong (as usual).

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