Online Baptist Forum Falls To Heretics

Posted: June 19, 2014 in IFB
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Dr. James Ach

For several years now, the Online Baptist forum seemed to be a place where independent fundamental Baptists could meet and discuss issues germane to other IFB churches.  There were a few clashes here and there, but for the most part, everyone held fundamentals in common that are shared by all other IFB churches.

However, within the last year, the forum moderators (one of them a mid tribulation proponent and one a defender of the Do Right Hyles Anderson Facebook Group) have permitted blatant false doctrine including but not limited to: Hyper Calvinism, Calvinism, Anti King James Only adherents, 7th Day Adventism, Preterism, Covenant/Replacement Theology, down to the moderators themselves being unable to identify what a fundamental Baptist is. The forum has no longer become a place for IFB believers to congregate and enjoy conversations about the Bible, fellowship, and learning from each other, but having to constantly police the threads putting out fires of false doctrine, and then putting up with the moderators when members complained to them to do something about it.

Those of us on Twitter have seen the vast amount of fake IFB parody accounts that have flooded IFB preacher’s feeds. I have personally blocked 76 such accounts from following me on Twitter. Most of these are members of the Stuff Fundies Like forums and followers of James White and JD Hall (and we know of at least one account ran by Fred Butler). They have an agenda of infiltrating forums and groups of known KJVO independent fundamental Baptists for the sole purpose of causing chaos, confusion, disruption.  The infiltrators used tactics that I am all too familiar with after seeing them used by terrorists in Israel for so long where “Palestinians” would lob fire bombs over our borders, and then blame the IDF for being cruel when they defending our land and people in retaliation. The infiltrators deliberately targeted me, and a host of other knowledgeable Bible defenders, and then complained to the moderators about how hateful we were in “attacking them” when we sternly corrected their false doctrine as Paul told us to in Titus 1. The moderators ate it up like politicians eating LGBT persecution cookies, banned me, and caused those who USED to care about the forum to leave.

Today, I’d personally had enough. After warning the moderators repeatedly about the recent influx of heretics, a warning that was echoed by countless other members (many who have already made the exodus from the forum) I told the moderators they could shove the forum between a Catholic “Bible” like an Apocrypha. Enough is enough. The Online Baptist forum is neither fundamental nor Baptist, and will continue down its path of a diminished influential forum until someone steps up and cleans house.

It is truly sad that in this day we are seeing more fundamental Baptist churches compromise with their CCM music, and their entertainment programs and their watered down standards, and their tails tucked between their legs whenever a hint of controversy arises where they might actually have to make a stand and defend what they profess to believe in. It’s sad to see something as simple as the maintaining of a forum and letting it fall so hard to heretics, but I’m afraid it’s just one more small sign of bigger things to come among the ranks of professing fundamental Baptists.

  1. Molly Egan Toth says:

    Dr. Ach, I just read the rest of the thread on OB. Online Baptist has been losing strong IFB’s for awhile now. It has been turned over to Protestants and those who don’t stand strong in the IFB faith, regarding the issues you mentioned above. Sadly, the moderators and owner does (do) nothing about it.

    If you should start an IFB site in the future, please let me know. I would like to join, as I have always enjoyed your comments and how you remained strong in the midst of all the turmoil on OB.

    Your sister in Christ ~


  2. DaveW says:

    To be fair, they were pretty quick on the SDA’s – but the rest of it………….

    I am sorry to see you go from there but I understand your frustration.

    I hope it is not too late for OB, but we will wait and see.

    I would love to get the info we talked about Brother.


    • drjamesa says:

      Sometimes they were quick on the SDA’s, but having run a few of my own forums, I know how simple it is to ban a user by IP, even if they attempt to use a proxy server, even our free forum has this feature, and one of the 7DA guys kept coming back repeatedly at least 20-30 different times.

      I can’t retrieve any of my messages on there since they banned me from logging in, so I will have to check my email archives because I think the email notices have the same messages saved as those sent on the forum. I do believe I know what you are referring to though, and I will have more time now that our move is virtually done.

      I would like to see OB back to where it was too, but it’s not going to happen so long as they have the mentality that it’s a “testimony” driven site where you must tone it down to avoid offending visitors. If a person isn’t offended about their sin, then how can they ever expect to be witnesses? Because of this new mentality, being member driven instead of content & quality, they have compromised too much.

  3. I would agree, DrAch.

    The theme at OB has seemed to become more member driven than Bible-based. ANd, sadly, it has been, as you said, more and more over the last year.

    That is the reason I have not been posting as much on the board myself. I will await my upcoming debate with Pastor Scott Markle and I may be out of there for good myself.

    Two specific moderators were constantly closing my threads because their beliefs were contrary to mine.

    Sad thing is, they are doing an injustice to the cause of Christ and don’t even realize it.

  4. DontBanMeBro says:

    I can’t believe she banned you for that comment when it was pretty apparent that she goaded you into going off knowing how you would respond to her sarcastic smack talk. Not that I agree with you on everything, but I’ve learned a whole lot more from you than anyone else on any forum I’ve been on, and you were the reason I joined that forum in the first place.

    I will stay tuned here, because that place if coming apart.

    Peace brother.

  5. EK says:

    Here’s a good one that shows how ignorant “Happy Christian” is:

    “I know I didnt talk a lot about Ruckman. Noone did, and that is why James’ post had me scratching my head. Not that it surprised me, just that it sermed odd to say when the man’s name is in the title.

    You know, I don’t like calvinism either. But there are a lot of Baptists who subscribe to it, or close to it, anyway. But it isn’t Replacement Theology, it’s Reformed Theology. The two are quite different but for some reason people tend to confuse them”

    I went back and read your thread and how many times did you say that the post was about King James Onlyism before Ruckman? Too many, and she never figured that out. That shows she is clueless about what others say toward King James believers that she didn’t get why that was posted the way it was.

    Then she comments about Candlelight that “Baptists aren’t protestants”. And that’s exactly what Candlelight was complaining about.

    Plus, doesn’t Happy Christian understand that replacement theology is a huge part of Calvinism???

    How they ever let that woman be a moderator on a Baptist forum, I’ll never for the life of me figure out, but you are better off away from that hot mess over there. Love ya man, keep it up.

  6. LiBaiJia says:

    Thanks for trying to get OB back on the right track. When I joined, I was looking forward to fellowshipping with like minded Baptists, but I quickly found that the like minded folks rarely post and when they do, are usually bashed or berated for ‘stirring the pot’, yet so many are allowed to mock the KJV, our beliefs, opinions, etc…

    I’m sorry you were banned, but it has shown that the moderators value controversy over truth.

  7. Wow! One of the Mods just referred to Dr Ach as, “the late Dr Ach.”

    I hadn’t even heard that he was sick (other than being sick of the shenanigans on OB, that is)

    • drjamesa says:

      That’s a new one on me. He’s passed out on the futon but as far as I know he’s still alive!

      We’re going to work on getting different user accounts so the admins don’t have to keep commenting from one user. I am still reading all of the threads so I have to catch up on everything that happened. I just heard about it when I logged on to my Facebook.

      -Admin Elisha Weismann

      • Blessings, my Brother Elisha!

        Yes, it was a new one on me. I knew Dr Ach was very much alive. I just thought it humorous that S posted “the late Dr Ach”.

        Truly sad the situation going on there on OB. Dr Ach was the voice of reason and, might I add, intelligence.

        Blessings to you and yours. May God continue to smile on you, Dr Ach, and your families as you endeavor to do His Work there in Israel.

  8. OK, I just saw the comment you were referring to. This Salyan gal is something else. From my understanding and what appears to be painfully obvious is that an enormous amount of people have complained about the same issues for over a year, and the mods not only knew about it, but have continued to put it off, right? I see her saying that members should bring complaints by PM but it looks like that’s what they’ve been doing and that is what everyone is so upset about. I mean goodness, just how long beyond a year does this moderator expect people to wait for action to be taken on a forum that claims to be fundamentalists?

    Looks to me like the mods themselves could be in on it. Perhaps this Salyan and Happy Christian are not really IFB? I did read that they appointed a mid-tribulation proponent as a moderator which is kind of strange for a professing independent Baptist forum.

    It doesn’t seem like it took them that long to make a decision on banning my brother. In other words, if it takes them a year or longer to ban heretics, just be patient, but sound biblical teachers that oppose the mods and pin-point false doctrine can be banned immediately? That’s pretty lame, and I can see why there’s so much ire about this forum. I did talk to James the other night asking why he puts up with some of the people that he does on that forum, looks like he decided to take my advice LoL 🙂

    Elisha Weismann
    DRC Co-Founder/Admin

  9. drjamesa says:

    Elisha said, “It doesn’t seem like it took them that long to make a decision on banning my brother. In other words, if it takes them a year or longer to ban heretics, just be patient, but sound biblical teachers that oppose the mods and pin-point false doctrine can be banned immediately?”

    אני לא חשבתי על זה. זו נקודה טובה

    • Molly Egan Toth says:

      I am right behind you Dr. Ach. I just received my first warning from Salyan. I am disputing it, as I never said one more thing about the moderators, after her first verbal warning to me, in that thread. Alimantado, egged me on to talk about my attitude, when I didn’t want to. I am certain he never got a warning. I don’t expect BroMatt or Salyan to write me back via private message, as they didn’t the two last times. BroMatt even sent me a message, awhile ago, and didn’t return his own message. 😉 BTW, I know the dispute will go nowhere. I am banned from posting on OB, until I acknowledge it or just leave. Does anyone know of a good IFB site, anywhere? Below is the warning I got:

      “As expressed in my recent comment, any further ‘talking back’ to the mods or putting down them or OB in the forum discussions will not be tolerated. By anyone. This is not meant as a personal attack – please don’t think I’m getting onto you and letting others slide. This is not about doctrine or personal antagonisms – just the need to emphasize correct behavior towards the mods when they are moderating and a good attitude about the site.

      Warning issued by Salyan from Reformed Theology Is Replacement Theology.
      Given 1 points.”

      • drjamesa says:

        I was sent the link to that thread and you do know that “Ali Mantado” is ADMITTEDLY not IFB named after a pot smoking Jamaican Rastafarian?. Funny that Ali waits until I am banned from the forum to lie about me when he could have addressed ANY of his accusations ‘to my face’ when I was on the forum. But, cowards have a habit of displaying that kind of acting . Ali Mantado is more than welcome to attempt to prove his allegations here, but he won’t because he’s a bald faced liar, and is probably high as we speak.

  10. I believe Brother Elisha has nailed it.

    They want us to be patient with the heretics while they are impatient with those who stand for truth and the fundamentals of the Bible and the Baptist faith.

    Sad when those who should be tending the sheep token the gate and let wolves in.

    Be blessed my Brothers. I pray for your peace

    • Molly Egan Toth says:

      I wasn’t aware of that, Dr. Ach. Too funny! I never knew he didn’t engage you in a conversation. Yep. A true coward is what he is! Alimantado certainly did go after me, though. Saldy, Haile Selassie tried to tell the Jamaican Rastafarian’s that he was not Jesus Christ. They didn’t believe him, as they were so high on pot. What a messed up religion that is!

      Well, this my whole thing is currently under dispute. I will not cave, and agree with something that I did not do. I know NN has an IFB site. Linda told me that. However, there is not much activity on it. I might just join the Ruckmanites as they have a Facebook site.

  11. Molly Egan Toth says:

    LOL! I didn’t know that about “Ali Mantado.” Sadly, Haile Selassie, did tell the Jamaican Rastafarians that he was not Jesus Christ, but they didn’t believe him. I suppose the weed they were smoking all the time impaired their judgement. That is one messed up religion.

    I wasn’t aware that Alimantado, never talked with you on the OB, Dr. Ach. Yes, what a coward he is. He sure came down on me, though. He is probably high as we speak? Hehe! If this doesn’t get resolved with me, as I am protesting this warning, I am not going back to OB. I will join the Ruckmanites on Facebook.

  12. Mods OFB, HC & S just chewed me out for making a true statement in the “Reformation” thread. Truly pathetic bunch they are.

    • drjamesa says:

      I got your email saved and I took care of the problem 🙂 (my way)

      Also, That Alimontado on OB is an Anon Church account called Killer Tortilla. There’s no telling how many accounts they have there just laying dormant. I am willing to contact Matt in private to share IPs so that he has a list of those who have already infiltrated the forum.

  13. TheGloryLand just got banned.

  14. Molly Egan Toth says:

    I saw where they banned, Jeffrey, the day after I got my warning. I kind of thought that the Glory Land would get banned. I don’t believe he will be back, Dr. Ach. OB had no rules until they banned you, Dr. Ach, and have a warning on me that shows up under my name? I have never seen that on OB before with any member. Now, the mods have become like Nazis. There was no rhyme or reason on how the threads were run. Happy Christian said you could take the topic anywhere you wanted to, unless the OP did not want that. Now, she is power hungry? That makes no sense, whatsoever. If the rules, change, then the members should be notified, immediately! It has been crazy since I have been on there since, October, 2013, when I joined. I am logging in to look at topics, but I won’t cave in.

  15. Damon Gang says:

    What forums would anyone recommend? If not OB then …. ?

    • drjamesa says:

      Brother, if you figure that out let me know. It’s a real shame that Matt did all the work to put that site together and maintain, and then it falls apart under some very questionable mods. I had applied to be a mod once they were looking for mods, but one of the criteria had something to do about Ruckman, and I’m not throwing Ruckman under the bus just to be help moderate a forum.

  16. steven says:

    you believe in OSAS when clearly the bible warns repeatedly against falling away from the faith. You believe in KJV only which also divides the body of Christ to believe God would only have 1 translation of the bible …not given till 1611 that is valid is preposterous. you believe in pre-trib rapture something not taught until the 1800s when many great errors were introduced .. and many other errors as well so although Calvinism and the sda are heretical ..what you believe is also just as heretical study the scriptures without any preconceived notions and see what God is really saying..

    • drjamesa says:

      I normally don’t approve of totally stupid comments but I’m doing so on this one just to prove a point of how idiotic some people (in this case you) can be.

      1. OSAS is based on the most simple concept: eternal life means eternal life. Passing over FROM death TO life IN THIS LIFE either means that you have passed over or you have not, if you have not then Jesus lied to us all. The “falling away” of Galations 5:4 has nothing to do with having salvation and then losing it, it has to do with JEWS do not obtain grace by falling away from what Paul is teaching about it and instead, relying on the law. Read the verse, it says “ye WHO ARE JUSTIFIED BY THE LAW”. So if you are one who thinks you can “fall from grace” then you are obviously also one who thinks they are justified by the law because that’s exactly who Paul was talking to.

      2. How many translations were there of the OT for 2000 years before Christ?? You claim it’s ludicrous to honor a 400 year old translation when God maintained the OT in ONE LANGUAGE for nearly 2000 years. In Acts 2 when the universal language was Greek, you see many speaking several different languages, so why didn’t the apostles write all of the epistles in their languages? Instead, it was all written in Greek.

      And your stupid claim that we KJVO’s think the word of God was not produced until 1611 is one of the most absurd straw man from the James White crowd I’ve ever heard. But since you can’t quote one single KJVO advocate that ever said or claimed that, I’m not going to bother giving you my response to it even though I’ve answered that question ten million times. Now why don’t you tell us where the word of God before 1881, you know, the year Westcott & Hort put out the RSV in which all modern translations rely on, in which the claim is made that it is based on the “oldest manuscript”, Codex Sinaiticus, which is a known 19th century forgery with several thousand deliberate alterations made.

      3. The rapture was taught long before the 1800s. If you don’t agree with the Pseudo Ephraim, that doesn’t change the fact that it was still a 5th century document that details the rapture, let alone other early 2 century writings. Darby and Larkin made it popular, they didn’t invent it, and the person that made the bogus 1800 century claims was Dave MacPherson who made up half of his claims based on pure speculation with absolutely zero documentary support (a fact we have detailed in our numerous articles on the rapture and end times prophecy).

      4. Everyone studies the Scriptures with preconceived notions, it’s how they develop doctrine. Did you study the Bible without a preconceived notion that it was God’s word? Did you study it without believing that God said let there be light and there was light? Did you study it without believing that the historical content was accurate?

      I do not have PRE conceived notions, I have POST conceived convictions having read all the way through the Bible 120 times cover to cover, memorizing Genesis-Deuteronomy in Hebrew by the time I was 13 and then the book of Daniel, Proverbs and Zechariah, and memorized the New Testament in December of 2012, after spending over 8 years earning a doctorate in theology. When was the last time you went without food to study a book of the Bible? So don’t tell me about “study” when you have no clue what I have studied.

      The “body of Christ” all used the KJV before the modern versions came along so who really caused the division? Come back later after YOU have done some study and grown a brain.

  17. Maria says:

    I’ve been on OB for 2.5 years and I really enjoyed it the first 2 years but I don’t like it as much last few months. If it was for IFB ONLY it’d be great. But letting liberal lawyers spread their garbage (Jeffrey) and advance his own agenda on OB is disheartening.
    Genevean preacher quit last couple days and so did Arbo.
    Maybe no women mods on there would work a lot better (and I’m a woman). They threaten to close threads all the time if they don’t like the comments. They react emotionally when it’s not needed.
    Saylan seems to be somewhat of a feminist, condoning of pants on women.

  18. Eston H. says:

    I must say that I was sad to see you banned Bro. James. I have been on OB for more than a decade and what it has become is far different then what it was at that time. Even back then we would have trolls and false teachers come on the boards, but they were usually dealt with quickly and not allowed to continue posting their false doctrines. Sadly, I have watched the boards and many of those who have been on there long as I slip away from the biblical standards they once held to.

    I will be checking out your forum and look forward to possibly having a place to once again fellowship with like-minded believers.

    In Christ,

  19. Maria says:

    Did the new forum Online baptist believers get off the ground? I looked and it looked like the last comments were from August 2014. Unless I can’t see them until my registration completed.

    • drjamesa says:

      We haven’t really got had the time to promote it or keep up with it. It’s done, and those we trusted from some other forums are there, but we just don’t have the time to dedicate to it right now 😦

  20. faithfullymade says:

    I have been a member of both the and the forums and I have left both of them. I witnessed the things that you spoke of in this article and finally left when a female, Calvinist-leaning moderator began deleting my posts and attempted to publicly correct and reprimand me on the OnlineBaptist forum.

    I left the KJVBibleForums forum because they seem to have turned into a small group of outspoken hyper-patriotic ex-military men who would rather ridicule and humiliate people with honest questions, rather than teach them with compassion and charity. They seem to turn everything into hateful arguments and even seem to favor political ratings over edifying study of scripture.

    I would very much like to be a part of your new forum. Is there a way that I might be able to join that one?

    • drjamesa says:

      The only thing that I can think of as to why their moderators would allow such is if the moderation allowances are deliberate. No real Bible believer permits that kind of heresy to run rampant, and does so in the face of their own brethren who vehemently object to it on a daily basis.

      DaveW can point you to the other forum or go here I haven’t had the time to really promote and develop, and probably won’t for quite some time, but it’s there for others to use if they want a place to meet where everyone is IFB, and IFB ONLY.

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