Picture Proof That James White Hates The KJV

Posted: August 7, 2014 in King James Only Debate
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I have quite a few debates over the issue of whether or not James White, author of the King James Only Controversy, actually shares the same sentiment as his heroes Westcott & Hort, who proclaimed that the Textus Receptus underlying the King James Bible was vile.

James White and his defenders claims that White only hates King James Only exclusivism, not the King James Bible itself. Although we beg to differ, there’s picture perfect proof of this now with James White’s recent reply on Twitter to a person asking if White would sign his KJV’s.

White KJV Burn - Copy

White did try to “clean up” a little after realizing it was probably too late to delete the comment because there were too many responses to it already, and he does so by this crazy reply:

BTW, my comment had nothing to do with the KJV…it had to do with FREEZING TO DEATH. 🙂

OK. Considering that James White lives in ARIZONA, I highly doubt he is ever concerned about “freezing to death”, and the weather had absolutely nothing to do with the context of the initial question nor his initial response. If he’s referring to Norway, well it’s 77 degrees there. He can’t blame it on being a “Jack Hyles” version either, remember, his clean up statement was about “freezing to death” not about the edition of the KJV. James White has always been a good professional liar, but I expected a little better of him in his clean up attempt because *that* one was pathetic.

Now even though James White’s hand has been caught in the cookie jar, he will likely figure out additional ways to spin this, the number one being that he will call us dooky faces for being King James Only advocates, and utter something along the lines of how incapable we are of reason and rational thinking, the usual pejoratives…

…but it’s James White’s own words that clearly demonstrate that he would prefer to burn the KJV “for warmth”.  Do you think he would have said that about the NASB or ESV? I’m sure Muslim ‘scholar’ Shabir Ally just texted White, “that’s right, burn em.. burn em..”



Waiting to see how many people catch the “January” reference. Averages about 30-35 degrees F for U.S. citizens (we use C in the east) Better bring LOTS of KJVs for that freezing 35 degree weather. And of course, White’s rebuttal will be he’s so used to Arizona that anything below 70 is a freeze advisory. Anything to burn them KJVs I tell you 🙂

  1. Steven Avery says:

    Occasionally those that despise the pure Bible let down the masks. They have a moment of honesty in rebellion. That is what we see above.

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