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Steven Anderson is proudly one of the most controversial “pastors” of the decade. With his rants against Navy SEAL Chris Kyle calling him a coward, and his recent remarks about praying for the death of president Obama and Bruce Jenner, as well as preaching that all homosexuals should be put to death by the government (a sentiment that he refuses to cast the first javelin on), Anderson has certainly riled up the ire of the anti-Christian communities, including gaining a recent spot on the Dr. Drew show as an example of what a nutcase Christian looks like.

Anderson is well-known for his rants against the nation of Israel, but recently, he took his venom one step further when he traveled from Arizona to Dearborn, Michigan to pass out anti-Jewish propaganda to Muslims. Of course, this mission was labeled as “winning Muslims to Christ” but let’s be realistic here; if you’re going to drive all the way from Tempe, Arizona, over a thousand miles to the greatest known population of Muslims in the United States and wear “Free Palestine” t-shirts (which I’m sure the PA and Hamas were grateful for considering the shirts Arabic dedication to Allah), and pass out his Holocaust-denying “Marching to Zion” DVDs, you are not there to win anyone to Christ, but to cause hatred and violence toward Jewish people.  Anderson even admits the potential for violent reactions by warning his followers that “wearing this shirt will protect you while we’re in Dearborn”. So obviously Anderson knew there was a potential for violent reactions, so certainly he is well aware of the kind of response his DVDs would provoke from the same community against Jews.

What is strangely ironic about this is that while Anderson agrees with Iran, that Israel should be wiped off the map and our history rejected as well as our right to live and exist in Israel, he supports the fictional state of “Palestine” that has NEVER had a state in Israel. While Anderson claims that Israel was not a nation brought forth again in 1948, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (now PA or, “Palestinian Authority”) had no “Palestinians” until 1964. Palestine was/is a LATIN term used by Romans to ridicule JEWS after the Romans sacked Jerusalem under Titus in AD 70 with the final ousting of Jews from Jerusalem around AD 100. Palestine is a form of the word “Philistine” of which Israel has a history of conflict with (Goliath was a Philistine whom David slew). Philistine was used as a pejorative term for Jews. Thus, the ORIGINAL “Palestinians” were actually EXILED JEWS, not ARABS from surrounding Arabic countries. So while Anderson attempts to disassociate modern Jews from Israel as legitimate occupiers, he adopts a mantra based on a nation of fiction. There has never been a state, or religion called “Palestine”. Even Hamas officials admission of this fact.

Israel was a desolate land that didn’t even bear fruit or trees until the Jews came back to the land. It is therefore quite humorous to see Anderson show his support for some fictional state that never took care of the land, and never made any claims to the land until many years after Israel’s reoccupation of the land as a nation. See our article on prophecies fulfilled by modern Israel.

Hal Lindsey has thoroughly demonstrated how that anti-Jewish theology such as Replacement Theology, and more recently Theonomy (another rehashed version of Christian Reconstructionism and Dominion Theology), are indirectly, and often directly responsible for the violence that Jews have experienced throughout history (See The Road To Holocaust and ignore the idiotic rants from the DeMar crowds). Even the Aryan Brotherhood likes Anderson’s literature. Steven Anderson is antidispensational, anti-Jewish, and adheres to the same Old Testament theocratic concepts of the modern-day theonomists, so while not outright admitting that he is in fact, a theonomist, or a Roman Catholic Dominionist, his theology is crystal clear that that is exactly what he teaches (with a few hints of Herbert Armstrong’s British Israelite arguments against the established nation of Israel). Anderson is certainly familiar with the violent history against Jews by those who have adopted these theologies (Hitler quoted Martin Luther’s antiSemitic sentiments as justification for persecuting Jews), and it can not be ignored that he must have had this in mind when spreading his propaganda in Dearborn to a hostile Muslim community.


We haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of his motives for promoting his racist theology, but we do note that Anderson’s father was lead to Christ by Roland Rasmussen (anti pre tribulation and known for his mid-tribulation theology), and that he married a German lady who he’d led to Christ (supposedly) on their way to Reno for a shotgun wedding. Now we are certainly glad that Anderson chose to marry a woman “in the Lord” (1 Cor 7:39), but when you put a woman on the spot and tell her “Look, I love you but I can’t marry you unless you are a Christian. So before we go to Reno, you’re going to have to pray this prayer so we can get married”, I’d have to really question the authenticity of not only your marriage but both of your conversions (hers based on that experience, and his based on the belief that such a conversion is a bona fide way to witness by pressuring someone into believing in Christ: considering that she’d flown from Germany to the U.S. to marry him, what was she supposed to say?). We haven’t quite connected the dots between his connection with Germany and his anti-Semitic views, but eventually we will find it if there’s even the slightest connection.


That’s not the only anomaly within the history of Andersonism. Anderson is a renegade pastor with no sending church which is quite uncommon among IFB churches. Baptists have long held that there is a succession of independent churches that can be traced all the way back to the churches in Jerusalem, and although there can not be traced an absolute unbroken line (contrary to some Landmarkists), part of the way we preserve the integrity of that line is by ordaining pastors. Trying to maintain churches that are sent out from the authority of other Bible believing churches is one of the ways to prevent the infiltration of heretics. Now of course, the church is sort of “chartered” under the authority of another church, but once established is fully independent. This never occurred with Anderson as far as we know. We do know that he was supposedly sent from a Baptist church in Sacramento, California, but we have never been able to confirm that Anderson was ever sent out from their church.


Anderson has also employed the services of Paul Wittenberger in the production of his videos, including the most recent antiSemitic “Marching to Zion” film. Paul Wittenberg has helped in the production of some of the most ungodly entertainment known to man, including the production of LESBIAN ORIENTED MOVIES.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a feminist, lesbian-related comedy film directed by Jamie Babbit. It was released on September 28, 2007

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a feminist, lesbian-related comedy film directed by Jamie Babbit. It was released on September 28, 2007

Now we certainly agree that homosexuality is godless, wicked, sinful, and will be judged by God along with the nations that sanction it, but isn’t it just a bit odd to advocate for the murder of homosexuals while your production artist helps produce gay movies? 

One wonders just how much money his church members and other supporters inadvertently (or perhaps even blatantly) gave to Islamic terrorist networks upon the purchase of their “Free Palestine” t-shirts for their “witnessing” mission to Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan.  You have to have the discernment of a 12-year-old space cadet to follow this cultic charlatan, and rumor has it that Dr. Sam Gipp has produced a new video that actually demonstrates Steven Anderson is in fact, stuck on 12.

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See our article on “Not All Israel Are Of Israel?” establishing the validity of modern-day Israel and her role in future prophecy, and our most recent article on Andersonism Theology debunking his view of the 144,000 Jews of Revelation 7, which addresses quite a bit more than the 144,000 demonstrating the utter fallacious nature of his methods of Biblical interpretation.  And our article refuting “After the Tribulation” with a  little bit more commentary on some of his other odd mannerisms.

See also Dr. Michael Brown’s “Is Israel An Evil Occupier?

UPDATE: Anderson’s followers have blocked us on almost every social media outlet they they are located, and have even accused us of supporting homosexuality because we disagree with executing sodomites. Please look to the left of the website and see our recent articles on “gay” marriage for proof of what complete idiots Anderson’s followers are. This is Westboro “Baptist” Church logic: if you don’t kowtow to their definition of perverts, you are therefore a pervert supporter.

  1. n says:

    He didn’t drive to Dearborn, he flew by plane! Come on, at least get that right

    • drjamesa says:

      Well, since we’re using allegorical methods of interpretation, we can say that fly is to drive as Anderson’s view of church is to Israel 🙂

    • Jon says:

      And when he started faithful word Baptist church he did have a sending church

      • drjamesa says:

        No, he did not. He told everybody he did, but he wanted to do things his own way, did not want to wait to get ordained, and so he started his church anyway. The very fact that Anderson tells the story on other blogs and in his “defense” videos about the conflict with Nichols over his ordination, and knowing that Nichols did not want to ordain him shows you that Nichols version of the story is far more consistent and credible than Anderson’s. Anderson was too young and did not finish college, and no IFB pastor knowing what Scripture says about the novice in Timothy, and the qualifications that Anderson lacks, would have ordained him, and everyone but Anderson’s followers get that.

        And as I have asked Anderson and his followers over and over again, show me the certificate of ordination signed by Steve Nichols from Regency Baptist Church. That would shut us all up over this issue as to whether Nichols’ church sent Anderson out. Yet neither Anderson nor anyone else who could have simply taken a picture of it, have bothered to take this simple little step, but instead of chosen to play semantics with minor insignificant issues.

        Once again, if Regency Baptist Church sent out Anderson and ordained him, simply produce the certificate of ordination signed by Nichols. If can’t and won’t do that….

        S-H-U-T ….U-P

        Furthermore, listen to Anderson’s own conflicting logic:

        “I was prayed for in the Biblical sense” which means, instead of what he knows that church believes to be a proper ordination before OFFICIALLY sending someone out, Anderson settles for an unofficials version, and what constitutes his ordination is that Nichols put his hand on his shoulder (as opposed to how hands are land on him at an ordination service) in his OFFICE, and that he prayer FOR HIM instead of praying OVER HIM for the specification purpose of ordaining him. Anderson’s view and description of an ordination is not like any other ordination in the history of Baptist churches, and yet he expects everyone including gullible people like his church members to swallow this?

        And what? A pastor does not have the right to change his mind and must stick to his decision to ordain him even if in the mean time he discovers doctrinal error? That’s like telling a fiance “Hey, I cheated on you with another woman, but you said you’d marry me so the fornication doesn’t matter!”. That’s what ordination is for is to prevent wolves from pastoring churches. Nichols had every right (and duty) to refrain from ordaining Anderson, and it is not up to Anderson simply brush that off and pursue his own authority, and then falsely claim that Nichols and RBC ordained him and sent him out. That’s not how any fundamental Baptist church in the world does it, Anderson knows it, we all know it, but folks like you let him get away with it.

  2. A real christian says:

    You buffoons can never refute anything anderson has to say with scripture or fact so you come up with all these crazy railing accusations. You’re a wicked false accuser. His church has done way more for the cause of Christ and won thousands more to the Lord than you can ever dream of doing while sitting in your butt writing all kinds of garbage that has no basis in reality. Sam gipp is the one who is the 12 year old. Pastor Anderson made that senile fool like a real idiot. You all need to grow up. It’s like Cain and abel. His works are righteous, you’re lazy and dont do anything for God. That’s why you hate him. The truth upsets you. That’s why you hate him. And yes, he was sent out by an ifb church in sacramento. Such slanderous garbage. Completely sinful, all because he gets work done for the kingdom of God and you don’t do jack squat but blah blah blah

    • drjamesa says:

      Um….we’ve got articles refuting Anderson’s position WITH SCRIPTURE all over this website: look at the links provided in the article you weirdo. You didn’t use any Scripture in your idiotic response either.

      And “thousands” of souls saved? Where are they? What church are they going to now, and when were they baptized? Oh you mean that they repeated a quick prayer and he wrote their name down and said they were saved, like HE DID WITH HIS WIFE!

      ****And on another note******

      Hey did you that “Jews” (whatever THAT means) were just some off the wall race of people wandering through the hills of Russia and one day decided that that would travel to the land of Israel and adopt the name “Jew” and volunteer to become tortured, persecuted, enslaved, and murdered.

      Yeah, if you believe this load of crap Anderson puts out. Who in their right mind would put up with everything Jews have experienced when they could have simply said, “OK, enough is enough, we’re not really Jewish so stop bombing us all the time, stop stabbing our citizens, stop playing knock out games, stop vilifying us to the whole world”.

      Who were the Jews persecuted under Domitian? Who were the Jews persecuted under Augustine? What Jews was Martin Luther talking about in the 1500s? What Jews was Napolean referring to? What “Jews” were being murdered by the Ottoman empire and persecuted during the Crusades? OH WAIT, Anderson has the Anderson!! The Jews that history has well documented were actually created by Rockefeller in the late 19th century, and traveled back in time to be persecuted under all of the afore mentioned regimes.

      If you buy into Anderson’s rehashed MEIN KAMPF non sense you deserve every bit of brain damage you get from walking into one to many telephone polls.

      For the record, telling little kids, “If you prayer this prayer to receive Christ as Saviour I’ll buy you an ice cream cone” is not Biblical salvation, and frankly is a little creepy (OK….A LOT creepy). Or, “Pray this prayer and I’ll get you tickets to the Lakers games” is not witnessing.

    • Samuel says:

      You are dilusional if you think Andersnake is working for the “cause of Christ”. I doubt the man is even saved. I saw this guy close up in Dearborn. He’s nothing but a fake and a fraud.

      He sure does now how to deceive the heart of the simple. The pastor worship and respecter of persons is sickening.

  3. Jesse says:

    The retard who wrote this trash article has got to be trolling or is just another brainwashed moron.

  4. James says:

    Steven Anderson is most likely lost…seeing that he rejects Biblical repentance. His hatred for the Hebrew people is also another evidence of being anti Christ. The Hebrew people have been set apart while the Church age rolls on toward the tribulation period. Once the Church is “raptured” out the “Time of Jacob’s trouble” begins (Daniel’s 70th week otherwise known as the tribulation period) and that is when God goes BACK to dealing with the Hebrew people again….the “veil” that is over their national eyes will be removed and they will be saved in a day…as a nation…many will be saved during the tribulation period also…tribulation saints. <<<(Those who have not heard the Gospel because of the Church's failure in the day of grace) II Thessalonians 2

    My prayed is for Steven Anderson to repent and be born again and then stop spreading his dogmas. That poor soul is delusional. II Thessalonians 2.

    • Issac says:

      Please give me a clear verse(s) where Christ or the Apostled taught a pre-trib rapture.

      • drjamesa says:

        Please find our article debunking Anderson’s After The Tribulation video where this question has already been answered instead of continuing to spam this article with a question that is irrelevant to the content therein. I don’t expect much from the ignorant Anderson crowd but I would at least hope you had enough common sense to understand why we’re not going to post questions that have nothing to do with the subject of the article you are responding to.

        And no, there is no clear verse that says “pre-tribulation” rapture anymore than there is a clear verse that says there is a POST tribulation rapture, or a MID tribulation rapture, neither is the word “Bible” in the Bible, nor “Trinity” even though it is clearly taught in Scripture. Show me a clear verse that says that Israel is the church? Tell me how Anderson preaches against dispensationalism yet ignores the fact that his post-tribulation theory is still a dispensational position (dispensationalism includes all futurism doctrines which simply shows that there will be a future tribulation followed by a thousand year reign, as opposed to covenant theology or replacement theology most of which are amillennial or post millennial).

        So do some more homework before you come back here with more of your idiotic kindergarten questions.

  5. Issac says:

    [Editor Note: If you can not ask a question that is relevant to the actual content of the article you will be blocked and your IP banned. I’m not running a day care center here. The article is about Anderson deliberately attempting to rouse the ire of Muslims against Jews, among a few other issues that have nothing to do with your questions.

    Furthermore, how about I ask you a question that has nothing to do with the article! Since you believe all homosexuals should be executed according to Leviticus 20:13-22, why do you skip verse 2 where it says that the PEOPLE OF THE LAND are the ones who carried out the punishment????? In other words, it was not the governments job to carry out the execution, it was the ISRAELI CITIZENS. So why are you demanding that the SECULAR government do your job for you? I mean come on..Anderson isn’t afraid to get tazed at a checkpoint, so why can’t you practice what you preach and execute your OWN homosexuals instead of demanding an unsaved government do it.

    I’ll answer that for you, because you don’t know Scripture from a boot on cowboy.

  6. Issac says:

    Editors Note: Look here idiot, I’ve told you 20 times I have already answered ANderson on these issues, you are not going to dictate to me on MY website where you post your answers. Post them on the article I’ve written ABOUT his anti pre-trib views, not on articles that are NOT about his views and I will gladly rip apart every idiotic and pathetic argument you make.

    Furthermore, I did not say Trinity isn’t scriptural, I even said “it IS TAUGHT IN THE BIBLE” , I said the WORD “Trinity” isn’t in the Bible because you contend that the WORD “rapture” isn’t in the Bible. Good night man, take a phonics class or 10.

    And you failed to address the issue about dispensationalism. Why can’t you address the issue that post-tribulation is STILL A DISPENSATIONAL VIEW?? Are you that stupid? Do you not understand that dispensationalism has more than just pre-tribulation views in its field? Of course not. You simply took Anderson’s word and went with it without researching it for yourself just what exactly IS dispensationalism. The only others that oppose dispensational are Calvinists and Catholics which is where Anderson gets his dominion/theonomy/replacement theology form. So chew on that for a while


  7. Just a FYI I know that the Baptist church in Sacramento did not send him out nor do they endorse him. They helped him go to Crown Baptist College. But he didn’t finish there because he didn’t agree with their views. He then went and started his church in Arizona on his own. I know the pastor of that church very well and I know that he doesn’t hold the same beliefs as Anderson.

    • drjamesa says:

      The church Anderson claims sent him out was Regency Baptist Church, Pastor Steve Nichols, and the college he went to for a little under 2 years was Hyles-Anderson. He got into an argument with Jack Schaap and quit. Nichols didn’t want him to go to H/A because of own disagreements with Schaap but Anderson had a habit of doing whatever he wanted without considering counsel. His disdain for any type of authority is pretty obvious when you see how he acts on his border patrol videos.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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