If God Permits Gay Marriage, He Has Pulled The Funniest Prank EVER On Homosexuals

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Apologetics, Homosexuality

Dr. James A, PhD

One of the arguments that “Christian Gays” such as Matthew Vines make is that a positive argument against homosexuality in the Bible can not be made against the absence of specific statements by Jesus that mandate such proscriptions (which is really a use of the fallacy known as argumentum ad ingorantium). However, that logic works both ways, and as we shall see, if God intended to permit gay marriage, He has played the greatest joke ever on the homosexual “community”. What follows are the results of gay marriage if the “logic” of Christian gay advocates were taken seriously.


*There are no proscriptions against divorce in the Bible for homosexuals. If a man marries a man, he must be stuck with him no matter what. Not even “adultery” or death can separate. 1 Corinthians 7 only permits a man to divorce a woman, and Romans 7 only permits remarriage after the death of a female spouse who was married to a male.

*There is no definition of adultery that includes members of the same-sex, thus a gay couple has no grounds in which to define “cheating”. Thus a gay couple can never accuse the other of being unfaithful.

*There is no guide on how to treat your “spouse”. Thus a gay couple does not have to submit as there is no “head” of family, which results in either couple having the ability to pull rank and with the possibility of creating a permanent impasse.

*A gay person does not have to properly understand his/her “spouse” by dwelling with them “according to knowledge” as Peter admonishes of straight couples. Peter’s rule is for a MAN to understand his WIFE. Therefore no gay person can ever complain that his spouse is mistreating him and/or fails to understand him.

*Gay males can’t stay home to raise children (that’s a whole other problem) since Paul limits that role to the mother (Titus 2:3-5), and 2 gay women can’t to work, since that role is relegated to the man. Granted, modern society has made it nearly impossible to achieve this with the burdens placed on the nuclear family, but BIBLICALLY that is the model family.

*Gay couples are not even under any obligation to love their spouse. Paul tells WIVES to submit to their HUSBANDS, and for the HUSBAND to love his WIFE. There is no Biblical mandate for a gay partner to love his other gay partner, and thus gay couples are under no Biblical obligation to love each other.

*Gay couples are under no obligation to refrain from being bitter against their “spouse” since Paul’s command is to the HUSBAND not to be bitter against his WIFE. Col 3:19. Therefore a gay partner may stay angry at his/her “spouse” as long as he/she wants to.

*A husband can’t get bailed out by a wife’s good conversation (1 Peter 3:1). Therefore, both gay couples will have to be on the same level theologically.

*Obviously, no gay couple could ever enter the ministry considering that of the 2 offices described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:6, the qualifications are that a bishop and/or deacon must be the HUSBAND of one WIFE.

*A gay couple does not have to love their spouse AS they love themselves since this model is only for the HUSBAND to love his WIFE as himself. Eph 5:28

*The church will never be under any obligation to care for them if they ever become “widowed” since the duty of the church toward widows applies ONLY to a WIFE of one MAN. 1 Tim 5:9

*A gay couple can not even get engaged. The only models in scripture for a betrothal before marriage are between a male and female. Thus gay couples can just skip the betrothal altogether.

*A gay couple can refrain from sexual relations with his “partner” as a means of revenge since the proscription against using sex as a weapon only applies to male and female marriages. 1 Cor 7:4

*If the gay couple ever adopts, their children are never under any obligation to leave their house if the children should marry. Scripture holds that the cause of marriage begins with the spouse leaving FATHER and MOTHER. Thus, if you have a father and father, or mother and mother, then you are under no obligation to leave, and can mooch off of your gay parents forever!

*And finally, the biggest joke of all, is that there’s not one single example in the Bible of any prince, prophet, priest, pastor, parishioner, or even pedestrian of the same sex married to one another. So gays can just scratch out marriage altogether.

In summary, there’s absolutely no handbook on how to treat your gay spouse. If you are a so-called Christian gay, you can cheat on each other, lie, steal, and even beat each other into submission (and the best fighter will have to decide who submits since submission is not a requirement of either couple). You don’t have to love, respect, cherish or nurture your “partner”. That is the most miserable relationship criteria at worst, and the funniest joke God has ever played on humanity at best if God actually permitted “loving committed same-sex relationships”.


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  1. Jeffrey_M says:

    Amen, great post! I’ve often wondered the same thing, about how “Christian” sodomites that stand for same-sex “marriage”, got around these verse. How do they reconcile the words “husband” or “wife”, as scripture clearly delineates a difference in the two. And not only that, the word “husband” is always in reference to a man, and “wife” is always in reference to a woman. Go figure. Regardless, it’s common sense stuff like this (your post) that destroys any scriptural grounds for defending sodomite unions. Those that attempt to do so are fools.

  2. Laura says:

    Lol Very good points!

  3. I think the way Sodomites would respond is by saying one of them is the male and another is the female. Obviously it wouldn’t be correct at all since they are of the same sex. Typically one of the Sodomites is the dominant one.

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