Transgender Bathroom Solution!

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Homosexuality

Dr. James A, PhD

My wife and I have decided to self-identify as ‘One Flesh’. After all, that is a sincerely held belief by most Christians (Matthew 19:5). If a transgender can self-identify as a monopersonal character with two genders, then why can’t two genders self-identify as one person?

Therefore when my wife and I enter any establishment where transgender bathrooms are in use, we are going in to the same bathroom together… as one flesh 🙂

Furthermore, we’ve had it with stores discriminating against our pets. Generally, pets are not allowed in stores unless a person is blind. Not only  is that discriminatory against those with good vision, but it vitiates the rights of our K-9 that self-identifies as a transgender human. So if our dog wants to use the bathroom, it would be a hate crime to prohibit our German Shepherd -who has self-identified as a transgender human- from entering the bathroom with my wife & I.

Of course, there may be some women who object to a man entering the restroom with his wife and dog, but who are you bigots to refer to me as a man instead of what I choose to self-identify as? It would be hateful to object to my presence as a man in a women’s or transgender bathroom when I have self-identified with my wife as one flesh. If she is my “other half”, then who dares to prohibit her from using the restroom without being whole? Isn’t that why we’re catering to other transgenders? so that they can “be whole”?  And why aren’t animal rights activists standing up for the rights of my dog?

If you think this is ridiculous, just wait.

  1. LOU C. FEHR says:

    1. You are a moron. 2. Pets can’t self identify without speaking, if you dog speaks, please put that shit on TV, it would be awesome. 3. You are still a moron.

    • James A, PhD says:

      1. That is the typical response I expect from a crowd that doesn’t know how to think logically.

      2. You are a bigot. Why does my dog have to speak in order to self-identify as a human? Who made that rule up? YOU? Show me anywhere in some manual on transgenderism where the self-identification must be expressed in verbal terms? How would a deaf-dumb person express their identity? Are they any less human than a speaking human? So would you now discriminate against other humans disabled by muteness?

      Furthermore, there are humans who MARRY their pets, so obviously they attribute some kind of human qualities to their “animals”. Moreover, there are animated movies made all of the time with speaking animals with human abilities and characteristics (like Alvin and the Chipmunks or Mr. Ed), not to mention that the theories behind the atheism you espouse to says that humans are merely the product of monkeys and other animals anyway. So isn’t a dog simply the evolutionary result somewhere down the line of a human in different form? I mean come on, if other transgenders don’t have to abide by any particular set of standards to determine their gender, why should my wife or my dog and I have to?

      3. That’s still the typical response I expect from a crowd that doesn’t know how to think logically (you hateful bigot!).

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