Is God Judging Us By “Giving” Us Donald Trump??

Posted: May 10, 2016 in NEWS
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Dr. James A, PhD

James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries (example) and his ilk have made repeated claims that Donald Trump is evidence of the judgment of God on America for our wickedness. There’s no question our country has shown the fullness of Amorite iniquity, but this has got to be one of the most illogical statements he’s ever said for the following reasons:

1) When God gave Israel wicked leaders, it was normally in the Northern tribes where the entire population had given themselves over to wickedness and rebelled against the laws they were bound to. There is no precedent for God JUDGING the wicked with the righteous. Genesis 18:25, Psalm 18:26.

2) Did God judge America and give us Bill Clinton, and then bless us by giving us George Bush, Jr, and then judge us again by giving us Obama? What did America do better to “deserve” getting blessed between Bush Sr, only to be judged with Clinton, then blessed again with Jr, and then judged again with Obama? If Donald Trump is the judgment of God on America, how on earth do you explain Obama? If the church and country as a whole has been in a consistent downgrade, can someone please explain those intervals of conservative Republicans in between the Democrats, and what possible reason God may have had for the back and forth?

3) Hello? TRUMP ISN’T EVEN PRESIDENT!! How on earth is God using Trump to judge America when the man hasn’t even won the election? Does White know something the rest of us don’t know? Ironically, there’s more talk of judgment on America viz Trump then there is if Hillary gets elected. Someone has truly forgotten to lock the stable doors.

Probably the biggest reason for this blunder is that White and his ilk who’ve repeated this mantra do not have a Biblical eschatology, they are Amillennialists. Therefore they reject the Biblical view of the rapture, and that God will not be judging the church with the rest of the world, including any “judgment” on the United States, particularly when there are still more than 10 righteous people (Genesis 18) fighting to preserve our heritage under natural law (what some deem Jeffersonianism), and winning souls to Christ. This is just another example of the kind of warped mentality you get from the Calvinist amillennial crowd.


I have some very serious issues with Trump. The transgender bathroom comments he made recently are very disturbing, but at this point, it’s Trump or Hillary. Here’s an interesting take on it from Geoffrey Grider ~Why a Bible Believer Is Supporting Trump and The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Was Chosen

  1. Gabe Hughes says:

    1) Your assessment of Israel and Judah is incorrect. Between the two kingdoms, there were 40 kings. Only 8 of them were righteous kings, and they were all in Judah. That means 20 unrighteous kings in Israel and 12 unrighteous kings in Judah. But even the righteous kings couldn’t save Judah because of how wicked the people had become (see Josiah, 2 Kings 23:26-27). Likewise, there were righteous people in Israel, but the people did not listen to them. There are righteous teachers in America, but they aren’t being listened to even among the majority of those who call themselves Christians, let alone the greater populace.

    2) No one was more into abortion than Clinton until Obama came along. But when Clinton ran for president, there was a conservative alternative. In this next election, there won’t be (unless something changes between now and November). Our hearts have become so darkened, we can’t even raise up a viable moral option. It’s downright ludicrous to say Trump was the best option on the table.

    3) See my second answer.

    • James A, PhD says:

      1) I never said that there were not any wicked rulers among Judah, I stated that NORMALLY in the Northern tribes (which you even tacitly agreed with). However, the issue was whether God GAVE them wicked leaders which you can only point to a few that fit that bill (Rehoboam, Jeroboam, 2 Chron 10). When God judged Israel, He did so by leading them into captivity of OTHER nations, and even then, the obedient Jews were permitted to rebuild their walls, and were given favor among the pagan kings.

      And again, when Abraham asked God in Genesis 18 if he would judge the wicked with the righteous, God permitted Abraham to “make a deal”.

      2) You can not compare any corporate judgment or punishment on Israel who was told they would be cursed (Deut 32) for refusing to obey ALL of THE LAW as analogous to America (unless of course you are a theonomist). America is not under the same obligations as the Israelites. Furthermore, when God judged a pagan nation for their iniquity, he didn’t give them evil leaders, He simply wiped them out.

      3) Your second point does not address my second point at all. It does not answer the disparity between George Bush Sr, then Clinton, then Bush, Jr., and then Obama. If having a wicked leader is an indication of judgment, it is wholly irrelevant whether or not there is a conservative alternative. The problem here is why is Trump considered judgment-especially since he hasn’t even been elected president-but that same standard was never applied to Clinton or Obama?

      4) And regarding the “conservative alternative”, Mitt Romney was the only conservative alternative to Obama in the primaries, and yet Christians who attack Trump’s world view (or lack thereof) had no problem voting for a Mormon (one whos own state health care system resembled Obamacare).

      5) Furthermore, there are a lot of God-fearing Christians voting for Trump. If you attempt to discount their Christianity merely on the grounds of who they’re voting for, then would you do the same for the Southern Baptist Armininians who supported Cruz and Rubio? James White in particular-among many other Calvinists-thing that Cruz, Rubio, supporters like Russell Moore, Rhainer, Warren, et al, are heretics: how did they suddenly become orthodox when running for office?

      Virtually every criteria that has been used to dismiss Trump can be equally said of some of the “conservative” candidates. And even those who may not exhibit the same level of immorality as Trump (jury’s still out on that one with Cruz), they have shown support for globalist policies (Cruz signed the fast tracked bill for the NWO TTP which is a policy that will enslave America to globalist agendas).

      And if you hadn’t noticed, those “dark hearts”, rather the darkest of them, are attacking TRUMP rallies. You don’t see them rioting at Cruz rallies. George Soros isn’t paying activists to disrupt any other Republican candidate. Why is that?

      IF something changes between now and November, it would only be because the GOP rigs the game and changes the rules in a contested convention which is a dishonest abuse of the systems in place and slaps the voters in the face. How could you want that kind of result where a party takes over the votes of those who voted for Trump? That’s the very totalitarian actions those among you claim to be opposed to.

      If the gates of hell can’t prevail against the church, then it is silly to claim that God will judge the church with the unbelievers of America. When God judges individuals, He does so in the context of the local church and sometimes even death (1 Jn 5, Acts 5, 1 Cor 11). But the body of Christ that is not under condemnation does not get judged in the same way that the rest of the world gets judged. Even immoral Lot was removed from Sodom & Gomorrah before God lit it up (2 Peter 2:7).

      Bottom line is that is presumptuous and illogical to say that God *IS* judging America by a man who hasn’t even been elected president.

  2. sage_brush says:

    Trump is a symptom. I agree with you. We are living in the lukewarm church age. It’s a wonder we even have a candidate that wants to put up a wall and put a pause on Muslim immigration. It seems to me that most church goers are so wishy-washy, they don’t even understand the seriousness of the issues. Like the SUPREME COURT!!!!

    The United States is not Israel. We do not have a covenant with God as a nation.

    James White does nothing but crusade against the King James Bible. That testifies to his gross lack of spiritual discernment.

  3. Daniel Lynem says:

    Donald Trump? James A, I believe we see eye to eye. I find it amazing how Christians are tripping on Donald and tying his behavior to the judgment of God. I see a pattern in America that mirrors Rom. 1:18-32. I also think of people like Obama and Hillary. If I was going to tie God’s judgment to anyone, it would be Obama and Hillary Clinton. Trump has only been on the political scene for less than a yr. And as James A. pointed out, he hasn’t even been elected yet. So far all he’s done is run off at the mouth. Obama set out to bring “A change that matters?”.. And he has kept his campaign promise. He is literally destroying this county, as we knew it, just 8 short yrs ago, step by evil step. And he isn’t finished yet. Watch him over the next 6-8 mos. You ain’t seen nutin yet. Then will people say, ” God is judging us by giving us Obama”(should have said that 8 yrs ago, if it was to be said)an if Clinton moves into the White House, will we say “God is judging us by giving us Hillary”.. It sure didn’t just start with this current political season. If God is judging the heathens(are we in the 1st or the second”God gave them up’s(Rom 1:24-27) or are we at the ” God gave them “over” stage..vs 28)? I would roll with vs 28-32, looks like a debased mind kinda stuff to me. But can’t past generation’s claim the same wicked, vile and sinful behavior? I mean, there’s nothing new under the sun, right(Ecclesiastes 1:9c). Is it possible God is chasichastising/disiplining the church and using that evil political candidate, Trump, as His tool for that purpose? So, is Trump to the church what Babylon was to Israel? Just asking. I guess what I’m saying or asking, shouldn’t the church, regardless how God is or isn’t using Trump or whoever, shouldn’t we be focused on making disciples, and reaching out to the lost? How about edifying, building up and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. And as I believe James A is doing, rebuking and correcting bad stuff and contending for the faith. Don’t the secret things belong to the Lord, and what He’s revealed belong to us forever? I think if we focus on obeying His revealed will(our business)we won’t have time to be sticking our nose in His secret things(His Business). In other words, Church, mind your own business.

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