James White Lies About Peter Ruckman and Sam Gipp

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Calvinism, King James Only Debate
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James A., Ph.D

I’m beginning to think anyone that listens to James White is as brainwashed and lacking in proper cerebral oxygen flow as the liberal anti-morality mafias. White is simply a flat-out nutcase. And I really don’t care how many of his followers criticize the manner in which I address his character because he treats those who disagree with him in the EXACT same manner, if not worse. White normally takes what he considers the “radicals” of KJVO advocates, and uses them to broad-brush the entire group. He tries to use the “gotcha” moments to paint the worst caricature of any KJVO believer. White is one of the most dishonest and disingenuous critics I have ever encountered.

On 5/19/16, White discussed a video by Brian Denlinger that claimed James White was a Jesuit. Now I agree with Brian that James White is a Jesuit, but not for the reasons that Brian gives such as his book The King James Only Controversy being endorsed by Norman Geisler, who graduated from Loyola University-a known Jesuit college- in the late 1960s. However, where White sticks his foot in his mouth is that in the video, White admits that he always wondered about Geisler’s Jesuit connections, and that it bothered him. He also attributes Geisler’s rejection of Reformed Theology to Geisler’s training at Loyola (William Craig and Geisler both graduated from Wheaton, so does White attribute Craig’s rejection of Reformed Theology on Wheaton? White just did the exact same thing he accused Brian of. So should we attribute White’s rejection of the KJV on his degree from Fuller Seminary!). Did anyone catch that? Of course not. White’s followers rarely think through anything he says. If you KNEW Geisler was so influenced by a Jesuit university that it affected his view of your precious Reformed Theology, why would you have him endorse your book anyway? 

Anyway, on to the issue.

At the 1:10:00 mark, White made his normal spew against King James Only believers, with the exception that this time, he qualified that not all King James Only believers are “cultic”, which is quite ironic because that’s not what he said just a little over a month ago when he addressed yours truly on his radio show over the racist issues and once on what started as a joke I made about his bike riding stats that White took to a new level of crazy.

I challenged White to debate that KJVO advocates are cultists, and posted for all to see, and that my debate partner would be a KJVO Calvinist. Of course, White would never accept such a challenge because I win the moment I walk in the door with a person who holds to the same 1689 LBC confession that he does. So White has to modify his rhetoric to fit the topic of the day. So how does White “prove” that there are “KJVO Cultists”?….here it is….ready!!!

Because Peter Ruckman and Sam Gipp make the KJV CENTRAL to their theology, and believe if you don’t believe and use the KJV you’re going to hell!!!

Here’s an excerpt from Sam Gipp’s Answer Book , Question #35, that proves James White is a bald-faced liar.

QUESTION: Can someone get saved if you are using a bible other than the King James? ANSWER: Yes.

EXPLANATION: Generally, the facts surrounding the gospel of Jesus Christ and the simplicity of salvation are found intact even in the grossest perversions of Scripture. It must be remembered though that the Bible is a weapon in the hand of the Christian. See Hebrews 4:12, Job 40:19 and II Timothy 3:16. It is also food that a new Christian might grow properly. See I Peter 2:2. It is in these areas that new bibles are weakened. In fact, the very verses given above are altered in many new versions, thus weakening Scripture. It is therefore possible to get saved through other versions, but you will never be a threat to the devil by growing.

Anyone who has ever read a few of Ruckman’s books knows he has NEVER said that a person who does not use the KJV is “going to hell”. Ruckman has given testimony on several occasions of entering Catholic homes and using their own Bible’s to lead them to Christ. The only thing White is ever consistent about is consistently foisting straw man arguments on to KJVO advocates.

Furthermore, White also made the comment that Ruckman, Gipp, etc…never “debate” Roman Catholics. Here’s Peter Ruckman debating Catholic apologist, Karl Keating . White seems to make “debating” the criteria for spreading the gospel, even though Paul makes it clear that it’s PREACHING (1 Cor 1). So I guess we could say that since James White never preached in the streets like Ruckman did (even at 93 years old), he’s a phony.

To add more fuel to the fire, White said that KJVO Baptists don’t have philosophy degrees. I have an earned PhD (not honorary) from Calvary Christian College & Seminary. Furthermore, I know quite a few KJVO Baptists with earned PhD’s (Waite, Sorenson, Brown, et al), and linguistic scholars who have demolished White-among other modern version proponents-regarding textual criticism (Pickering, Letis, Robinson). However, this is an interesting critique since White criticizes William Lane Craig, Jerry Walls, David Allen, and Leighton Flowers for their emphasis on philosophical attacks on Calvinism.

Thus we have White lying about Ruckman’s and Gipp’s position on the KJV, lying about Baptists with PhDs, lying about KJVOs debating Catholics, ad nauseum… how does anyone take this guy seriously? Of course, I don’t really expect White to repent & retract his lies. He will ignore it, repeat it again some time in the future, and his followers that harass us will find a way to excuse it. What a shameful crowd.

So while White is bragging about debates (Romans 1:29) he does once or twice a year, in luxury hotels with accommodations and air conditioning, he’s slandering those who debate with unbelievers in the  streets of Miami, Pensacola, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, etc…. every day.



  1. sage_brush says:

    Reblogged this on The Vine Vigil and commented:
    Wonderful argument regarding James White’s obsession with KJV onlyists.

    I only wish that James White would be as devoted to preaching the Gospel of Christ as he is to attacking the King James Bible.

  2. How does White keep his credibility?

  3. Good article brother. It is true White has no accountability when he unleashes his bigotry against fundamentalists. I have seen him brag about his scholarship/ 1 Cor. 8 even though he has degrees which are not accredited. And he has no problem committing fallacies.

    • James A, PhD says:

      I don’t have a problem with “unaccredited” degrees in religious areas (I actually think in some cases it can be sinful), but it’s the height of hypocrisy when White uses it as an argument against others’ “scholarship” when his aren’t accredited. White will say from one side of his neck that scholarship isn’t where you went to school but “what you DO“, but then he’ll freely criticize the source of someone’s education if they oppose him. In other words, scholarship is what you do if you are attacking White’s credibility in matters of textual criticism, but it’s where you went to college if your view is in opposition to White’s.

  4. John Boyd says:

    Are you calling a PhD a “philosophy degree”, because it stands for Doctor of Philosophy?
    Surely you don’t really think that’s what White meant?

    • James A, PhD says:

      Surely I do think that’s what White meant, because I actually pay attention to what he SAYS unlike his brainwashed followers.

      However, just like most of White’s followers, they always seem to miss the boat. The ISSUE of the article was the LIES that White made which are plain as day, and can be easily refuted. For example (I’ll slow this down and repeat it for you even though I already covered it in the article), White included Ruckman and Gipp as KJVOS that believe if you don’t use the KJV you will go to hell. I pointed out the exact time stamp in the video where White said that. You can see the section for yourself, and then read Gipp’s position on it that White has been aware of since 1995. It’s a blatant lie and he knows it, and he gets away with it because people LIKE YOU keep enabling it by refusing to hold him accountable.

  5. Adam Johnson says:

    Hey brother James, I appreciate this article greatly. I am the president of a Seminary myself (www.hbits.org) and have personally challenged Mr. White and a few others in the modern version group to debates, what I find interesting as well is that they don’t want to debate just anyone, but just ”famous” KJV’ers…sounds alot to me like ‘having men’s position in mind because of advantage’ -which of course the bible warns against.

    I have done many conferences defending the KJV and its historically accepted underlying text, and a few debates here and there. It never ceases to amaze me how much Mr. White’s logical fallacies get in the way of otherwise sound discourse.

    Anyways, just wanted to thank you for the article!

    -Dr. Adam D. Johnson, Ph.D, Th.D., D.Min, Th.M, Th.B, A.B.S. (yes, mine are earned too–what a joke Dr. White says that baptist don’t have Ph.D’s)


    • James A, PhD says:

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, White is a piece of work. It’s actually many of the not-so-popular researchers that have completely dismantled the anti KJVO critics. Notably, Steven Avery’s research on the Codex Sinaiticus forgery (http://www.purebibleforum.com/) and David Daniels from Chick Publications (of which White has not responded to ANY of his recent videos).

      I don’t care that White got his degree from a mop closet college. My final year was all correspondence, so that in itself isn’t the issue. It’s when White criticizes the education of others, and then when the light is put on his education, he’ll say scholarship isn’t where you went to school, it’s “what you DO”. But if it’s “what you DO”, then any common researcher like Steven Avery and Will Kinney should be just as qualified.

      Keep up the great work!

  6. Terry Ford says:

    Thank God that he has raised up men like James White. Who stand for the truth, against the liars and the hypocrites, and heretics of the KJV only cult. The ludicrous claims of this demonic cult, are truly from satan.

    • James A, PhD says:

      What does any of that have to do with the post? You can calls us heretics (which is odd given that there’s just as many Calvinists who are KVJO, including the guy who runs the section on the KJV articles at the top of this blog), you can call us hypocrites, or whatever suits your fancy while you’re in the middle of an obvious drunken rant, but what does any of that have to do with what’s in the article you’re responding to? Nothing, you didn’t even address it, which is what I’m used to from the James White Only Cult

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