Twitter Permanently Suspends My Account For Reporting To Senators That Trump Is Being Censored

Posted: February 13, 2019 in NEWS
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James A., PhD

Twitter has now permanently suspended my account. No reason was given, but the last tweets that I published were screenshots sent to Trump, and several Republican senators with evidence that Trump’s Twitter feed was being censored.

On February 13, 2019, Trump had a yuge rally in El Paso Texas. Much of his speech echoed his epic State of the Union address. Immediately after the rally, Trump tweeted a photo of the massive audience which included several video excerpts from his speech at the rally. Since mainstream media always takes truncated clips of Trump’s speeches out of context, using Twitter has been Trump’s way of reporting what HE actually said, and last night, Twitter was trying to prevent Trump’s tweet from going viral, and I had proof.

Not only was “El Paso” not trending even though it had over 400 thousand tweets ascribed to the subject, but Trump’s tweet showed up ONLY on the El Paso hashtag, but did NOT show up on his own timeline. Within 30 minutes of sending the evidence for this to several FOX News reporters and US Senators, my account was permanently banned without explanation.

Part of my recent tweets also included criticism of Democrat Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, for her antisemitic rhetoric. Given that I am half Native American and Jewish ethnically, Omar’s comments were particularly offensive. Omar also cause Jewish journalist, Laura Loomer, to be banned from Twitter.


I’m just one more Christian conservative in a long line of other conservatives who have been censored by Twitter.



One thing I discovered with my new Twitter account is just how bad I was shadow banned on the suspended account. Below is the “tale of 2 screenshots”. The first one is my suspended account. My last tweet generated only 100+ impressions, which should be MUCH, MUCH higher given that I had @26 thousand followers, and the hashtags and names tagged. The new account, which barely has any followers, generated nearly twice as many impressions. fff

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