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Dr. James Ach

For several years now, the Online Baptist forum seemed to be a place where independent fundamental Baptists could meet and discuss issues germane to other IFB churches.  There were a few clashes here and there, but for the most part, everyone held fundamentals in common that are shared by all other IFB churches.

However, within the last year, the forum moderators (one of them a mid tribulation proponent and one a defender of the Do Right Hyles Anderson Facebook Group) have permitted blatant false doctrine including but not limited to: Hyper Calvinism, Calvinism, Anti King James Only adherents, 7th Day Adventism, Preterism, Covenant/Replacement Theology, down to the moderators themselves being unable to identify what a fundamental Baptist is. The forum has no longer become a place for IFB believers to congregate and enjoy conversations about the Bible, fellowship, and learning from each other, but having to constantly police the threads putting out fires of false doctrine, and then putting up with the moderators when members complained to them to do something about it.

Those of us on Twitter have seen the vast amount of fake IFB parody accounts that have flooded IFB preacher’s feeds. I have personally blocked 76 such accounts from following me on Twitter. Most of these are members of the Stuff Fundies Like forums and followers of James White and JD Hall (and we know of at least one account ran by Fred Butler). They have an agenda of infiltrating forums and groups of known KJVO independent fundamental Baptists for the sole purpose of causing chaos, confusion, disruption.  The infiltrators used tactics that I am all too familiar with after seeing them used by terrorists in Israel for so long where “Palestinians” would lob fire bombs over our borders, and then blame the IDF for being cruel when they defending our land and people in retaliation. The infiltrators deliberately targeted me, and a host of other knowledgeable Bible defenders, and then complained to the moderators about how hateful we were in “attacking them” when we sternly corrected their false doctrine as Paul told us to in Titus 1. The moderators ate it up like politicians eating LGBT persecution cookies, banned me, and caused those who USED to care about the forum to leave.

Today, I’d personally had enough. After warning the moderators repeatedly about the recent influx of heretics, a warning that was echoed by countless other members (many who have already made the exodus from the forum) I told the moderators they could shove the forum between a Catholic “Bible” like an Apocrypha. Enough is enough. The Online Baptist forum is neither fundamental nor Baptist, and will continue down its path of a diminished influential forum until someone steps up and cleans house.

It is truly sad that in this day we are seeing more fundamental Baptist churches compromise with their CCM music, and their entertainment programs and their watered down standards, and their tails tucked between their legs whenever a hint of controversy arises where they might actually have to make a stand and defend what they profess to believe in. It’s sad to see something as simple as the maintaining of a forum and letting it fall so hard to heretics, but I’m afraid it’s just one more small sign of bigger things to come among the ranks of professing fundamental Baptists.