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UPDATED 3/22/16 Screenshot at Bottom of Page Showing White’s Own Follower Admitting Post Not Altered

UPDATED 3/19/16 With James White’s Contradictory Facebook Posts At the End of This Article

UPDATE: 3/19/16 11:13 PM: James White has now accused me of altering the original Facebook post. The post was copied and pasted in its entirety with no alterations whatsoever. How convenient that he deleted it, and then accused me of altering it. Since I know White goes through about 5 edits before posting anything, I’m sure he kept a copy of the original draft. His ego is too big to trash something like this. Screenshot at the end shows one of his own followers admitting that my article includes White’s original post.


Dr. James A, Ph.D

“”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” No that wasn’t James White that said that, even though he uses the tactic frequently. That was none other than Joseph Goebells, Hitlers minister of propaganda.

It is well known that I can’t stand race baiting. I think the #BlackLivesMatter “movement” is one of the most despicable establishment-created groups out there.  It does far more harm than the attention they attempt to bring to some of the corruption they have bona fide complaints about, and vilifies good police officers. Moreover, it minimizes the plight of whites, and other minorities, that have suffered the same fate at the hands of abusive authority figures (Waco, Randy Weaver, unarmed homeless white shot in New Mexico, etc…). The elite globalists want an excuse to take our guns, and get Americans fighting each other, and Black Lives Matters is a Soros engine duping blacks into thinking it’s a Luther-type movement (a fact even recently and surprisingly admitted to by Louis Farrakhan) setting the stage for the government to justify all of the oppressive edicts they have prepared to take our freedoms.

But fact is, it wasn’t that long ago that blacks were still fighting to have any kind of rights recognized. Even after a civil war, and an emancipation proclamation, blacks were still eating at White Only restaurants a hundred years later, and still struggling with racism in the South. And as much as I can’t stand a so-called “oppressed minority” of any stripe broad-brushing an entire culture over the actions of a few idiots, I can’t stand those who give them a valid reason to do so. James White did exactly that today in a Facebook post.

I’m going to post the note in its entirety and highlight all of the racist comments made simply because the kid he is referring to is black.

I bought a dash cam recently. Seems everyone in Russia has one (I guess you have to for insurance purposes), and I thought it would be pretty good to have to document some of the crazy things that happen while driving. So I was coming home this evening and happened to be the first car at Glendale and 35th Avenue in Phoenix. And as you will see, a young black kid, looks to be 15 years old or so, was crossing the street. Now if you watch, you will see a police SUV cross in front of me first going east. The kid then comes into the screen, and though he sort of hid it under his elbow, he plainly flips off the police vehicle. Then he is emptying the drink he is consuming as he walks out of the frame. What you can’t see is that he then simply tossed the bottle into the bush in the corner of the gas station. I happened to notice the two ladies in the car next to me had seen the same thing. We just looked at each other, put up our hands in exasperation, and shook our heads.

As I drove away I thought about that boy. There is a more than 70% chance he has never met this father. In all probabilities he has no guidance, has no example. He is filled with arrogance and disrespect for authority. He lives in a land where he is told lies every day—the lie that he cannot, through hard work and discipline, get ahead, get a good education, and succeed at life. He is lied to and told the rest of the world owes him. And the result is predictable: in his generation, that 70% number will only rise. He may well father a number of childrenmost of which will be murdered in the womb, padding the pockets of Planned Parenthood, [Blacks make up the majority of aborted babies, and White knows that] and those that survive will themselves be raised without a natural family, without the God-ordained structure that is so important for teaching respect, and true manhood or womanhood.

It never crossed my mind to flip off a police car as it passed me by when I was his age. Of course, it never crossed my mind to walk around with my butt hanging out of my pants, either, as if the entire world needed to see what kind of underwear I was sporting that day. I know I would have been mighty guilty had I tossed my drink bottle into a bush—and I never would have dreamed of doing that in front of everyone like this young man did. But I had a father [that molested your sister, Patty Bonds, whom you threatened*See Comment Section Why This Matters]. And a mother. And I was taught to respect others, and myself. If I had not had those things, I still would not have acted as he [that’s not what your theology claims], simply because times have changed, and not for the better. There was simply more restraint in my day. It surely makes me wonder what the future holds [simple, John 3:18]. Oh, I know—this is nothing. There are videos on line of kids like this shooting guns in the air and robbing people and doing car jackings. I know. But you need to understand: those folks didn’t get there without first finding it “fun” to strut, flip, toss, and live an attitude of disrespect.

Not a single word about this mans lost condition even after assuming how bad of an upbringing he may have had. Not one word was said about this kids need for the gospel of Christ. How on earth does White know how many kids he’s fathered? How does White know if he has a dad or not? How does he know nobody ever taught him that work is valuable instead of having everything handed to him? Those are all notorious assumptions about blacks. White has said some ridiculous things about me, but he’s never even made those connections as he’s done with this black kid. Maybe that kid DID have parents that taught him right (I did) and got in with the wrong crowd (I did). There are white preachers kids who have taught their children right, who ended up committing suicide, turned gay, or rebelled against Christianity. Proverbs certainly gives timed truths for rearing children, but those are general axioms, it doesn’t always work out the way we’d like. Nevertheless, as right as White is about the things that can and do contribute to delinquency, it is wrong to make that kind of assumption from a stereotype that is clearly based on this kid’s color.

For someone who believes in total depravity, why is White surprised that an unsaved sinner acts like, well…and unsaved sinner. For someone who believes in exhaustive determinism, it sure is interesting to see how White points to human restraint of the older days. Although this isn’t the first time White has taken potshots at blacks (see our article on James White’s “Culturally Black Churches Don’t Preach the Gospel”). Are actions like this kid took silly, foolish? Of course they are. But it makes Christians everywhere look foolish when a popular professing Christian explains this kids behavior because of his color, instead of his condition-Romans 3:23, Romans 5:12. White just gave this kid, and every other Black Lives Matter advocate another reason to hate white people, and white Christians.


UPDATE 3/19/16

James White deleted the original Facebook post, and it’s a good thing we saved it. White offered two separated defenses of his original post, and not only do both posts contradict each other, they contradict the original post.

The first response is here

The second response is here (And these responses are in the order shown on his FB page, not necessarily the date they were posted. Thus the first response is the latest, and the second response was what he wrote first)

In the first response, White states,

OK, I just deleted “the post.” It was about how judgment is coming upon our land, about how restraint once existed that exists no longer, and it was a lament about what happens when the God-ordained structure of the family breaks down

Notice the problem? His original post doesn’t say a single word about the “observation” being about “judgment coming upon our land”. White is simply misleading his followers about his post because it received so much negative attention and is creating an entirely new narrative from what he actually said in the original post. His observation was one based on pure stereotype of a young black male, period. There was no lament about break down of family structure, in fact, White said he probably didn’t even have one.It was an attack on a black family. There is a huge difference between a lament, and a blatant pejorative racial stereotype.

Furthermore, White proves in both responses that the issue WAS about race. White says that,

Well, I got the message loud and clear today: I am not allowed to notice those things, or, at least, I cannot comment on them. See, I am the wrong color. The amount of melanin I have in my skin does not reach a sufficient level to allow me to speak to any such issue. As long as the kid strutting in front of my car flipping off the police has more melanin than I do—I must shut up, because I don’t get the “narrative.

And yet his second reply claimed that the post wasn’t about race, but about statistical probabilities of families in general (an assumption that most of his followers made). Here’s the problem with that. If it wasn’t about race, then why did White go to great lengths to complain about the color of HIS skin disqualifying him from discussing “SUCH ISSUE[s]”?  If it wasn’t about race, then it would have been unnecessary for White to make that contrast. He was attempting to defend his original position by implying that white people should be able to talk about black issues without being labeled racist. I agree with that, but that’s not what he said and that wasn’t the issue, at all. However, the very fact that he’s even attempting to defend that point of view reveals that he knew it was about race all along, and now he’s gauging his follower’s responses and morphing into a different narrative than the one he created in the first place. This is a habit that White has that often goes unnoticed. He does this  regularly with his responses to King James Only advocates as well as Non Calvinist opponents (Here’s a list of examples)

White blames the response of his own followers (and this is important) for “racial gnosticism”

For those wondering, gnostics believed you were saved through the acquisition of knowledge [Editor: HOW DID THIS ISSUE TURN INTO ONE ABOUT SALVATION WHEN YOUR CRITICS ARE BLACK REFORMERS???]. Racial gnostics believe that unless you walk in racial shoes—experience what they experience—you cannot have anything meaningful to say. Of course, it would never cross my mind to go back to how my ancestors were treated and create some “narrative” and demand you “understand” it before you could talk to me, but hey—I also think it is ridiculous to blame your parents for your own life choices, too. But I’m now an old fogie, out of step with modern times, irrelevant.

First of all, the majority of the flack he was getting over this was from his own followers, not the radical, left wing BLM type crowd, but his own loyal black following that affirmed over and over again to him that he had been a great help to them on many issues, and that they loved him. Yet White blasts them with the accusation of racial gnosticism which makes a very gross category error let alone is down right insulting.

Secondly, blacks didn’t create the stigma that they are complaining about. White’s response is basically, “slavery happened a long time ago [“my ancestors” comment], get over it”.The issue is far beyond slavery. The “narrative” that White is complaining about is one that elite, greedy globalists created for them. Chemical experiments were never practiced on whites, but they were on blacks. Diseases don’t get created on white’s in America, they do those experiments on blacks in Africa. Whites weren’t deliberately given syphilis in order to find a cure for it so that white politicians could continue whoring around without fear of their man parts falling off; but blacks were (Tuskegee Experiments). White’s don’t have their neighborhoods racially gerrymandered as many cities do to force blacks to live in selected sections of the town, the list is endless. The civil war ended in the late 1800s, and yet it took the Civil Rights Act nearly 100 years to make rights of blacks enforceable (Civil Rights Act of 1964) even though the 13th and 14th Amendments had long been passed. Yet even then, legal precedents had to be decided to determine exactly what the bill meant and how to apply it, so it wasn’t immediately effective- that’s what led to the protests of Luther and Malcom X in the first place. Then globalists capitalized on that and helped create rival gangs, and then flooded their neighborhoods with drugs (I don’t have time to spell all this out, but I have a ton of documentation on it). White politicians (mostly democrats) capitalized on the chaos simply to vie for votes from the community to secure positions of power that would help implement socialist policies (that’s another article).

The fact is there IS a stigma that most blacks still face in America. The confusion for whites is that there are sinful, selfish, greedy, sellouts that are capitalizing on the chaos and using it to their own ends. Thus, when BLM promotes looting businesses or shooting cops, our first reaction is to blame blacks for not giving whites the credit for the things we have done to help them and in turn, broad-brush the entire black community. Black Lives Matter does not represent the entire black community, and many black Christians and conservatives have opposed it.

White’s ridiculous comment that he shouldn’t have to walk a mile in their shoes to have a platform to speak about their issues is a red herring. Nobody was asking White to walk in their shoes, but to simply listen to what they had to say about why they feel the way they do, and not use the racial buzz words that normally describe the black community off of an isolated experience of a young black male that was used as proof of statistics he arbitrarily and presumptively applied to them. Instead, White threw a temper tantrum, shut down his Twitter account, and accused his own black followers of racial gnosticism. White wanted to have a monologue about the black plight, but didn’t want to listen to their side of the story about where he went wrong. When he got caught, he tried to spin the original narrative he created, and then blamed his own black followers for misrepresenting his position, and succumbing to a BLM type mentality. White marginalized and dismissed his black followers, while allowing two separate posts on the topic to be commented on by all of his white followers without objection or censorship. And these black followers of his get it. They were not the leftist liberal crowds, the Sharpton race baiters, the DeRay collaborators. They were Christians that gave him a benefit of a doubt that he refused to give to them. And yet, none dare call it racism.

Furthermore, since Calvinists in particular have a mean history of racism, it’s hard to blame the reaction of many blacks when reckless comments like this are made.



A young black  man with the user name of “Ameen” posted a video response to White that I think is worth listening to. It’s an hour long, but is a pretty fair description of what happened, and a response that in my opinion accurate reflects how most of the other blacks feel about White’s comments. I don’t agree with everything, but I think he said it far better than I could.


James White repeatedly accuses me of being a “cultist”. Although he calls me an anonymous troll, he declined my public offer to debate him to prove that KJVOs are cultists. Why? Because 1) he needs to use as many pejorative terms as he can muster to discredit me, and 2) He knows full well there are CALVINISTS who are King James Only advocates. White would NEVER even attempt to debate me on this because he loses the moment I can show that his own card carrying TULIP brandishing Calvinists are among some of the most aggressive King James Only advocates there are.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video by Will Kinney, A CALVINIST, answering the charge that King James Only Advocates are cultists.

Here’s an article by Kinney as well that addresses the same.

It’s also interesting that White calls me an unsaved heretic (and our statement of beliefs is outlined in the “About Us” section and neither White nor his followers have made an attempt to show which views are “cultic”), yet he calls Dr. Michael Brown, a charismatic, tongues speaking, eternal security rejecting Arminian, brother (in other words, since Dr. Brown gives him an occasional platform to reach Brown’s crowd so that White can address social issues, then Brown is not a heretic, even though any other charismatic would be a heretic in any of White’s circles). Folks, that is the mark of an inconsistent and dishonest man. White uses the same Nazi propaganda tactics to villify and marginalize his enemies by repeating a lie so much-without any evidence whatsoever-that others simply start believing it. This was a common tactic used by Joseph Goebells of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

UPDATE 3/22/16

White’s Charge of “Altering” His Original Facebook Post

White thanked Tom Buck for informing Thabiti Anyabwile  that my post was “altered” in an attempt to discredit the evidence I posted from White’s original article. This is not the first time that White has made this kind of unfounded claim, but below is a screenshot from one of his most devout followers, “Hacim Ramallah” (Jonathon Autry) ADMITTING “at least his post was in context”. “Hacim” was an anonymous account until he was sued by Ergun Caner for exposing him. White relied on much of Hacim’s research and White retweets Hacim’s posts quite frequently. Hence, Hacim can not be cited by White as a biased witness. Hacim has attacked me relentlessly, and thus his admission to the fact that my original post is NOT altered is a slap in the face to White’s claim.