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boston copsIt is well-known that I am somewhat of what is called a “conspiracy theorist”. I say “somewhat” because I do not aspire to many of the theories of those such as Alex Jones (Info Wars) and many of the sites that see a conspiracy if a squirrel is born without claws. I do not believe that aliens will take over the earth, that dead people will walk around the living (zombies) or that those trails left by jets when hot fuel mixes with a frozen atmosphere contain chemicals that are designed to destroy the earth, or deflect signals from a sophisticated weather machine in Alaska that is capable of producing controlled storms.

However, there are some theories that I believe common sense must lead one to conclude that somethings just don’t add up. While many theories abound about the JFK assassination, the one thing that seems to be forgotten  by those that oppose the conspiracy theories surrounding his death was the fact that somebody got away with killing the president of the United States in broad daylight.

Not all conspiracy “theories” are theories. The reason most don’t believe them is because we fail to understand the depravity of human nature and consider it unfathomable that a blessed country such as the United States could be guilty of manufacturing the well-known atrocities that the nation has endured. But mankind is inherently evil, and there is no doubt that there is a power struggle for world domination. Yet that is precisely what the Bible predicted.

The Bible makes it clear that at some point, a demon possessed leader will take over as a world dictator. But how will that be accomplished if Americans believe it is a sovereign nation accountable to no one? When conspiracies theories are judged in light of Bible prophecy, they begin to make a little more sense; that man’s desire for power and control and his greed will cause one to kill their own mother if it means accomplishing a goal of globalization and a one world order. Even the most conservative politicians spoke regularly about the need for a “one world order” (George Bush, Sr).

It stands to reason that there can not possibly be global cooperation and submission to the antichrist by all nations without some sort of elaborate conspiracies to knock down all the necessary dominoes.

I firmly believe that recent policies about gun control and the push for certain “rights” are designed to accomplish just that; deprive citizens of constitutional rights they have enjoyed for centuries because those rights are an obstacle to bringing America into a one world government. How can you control several hundred million people if they are not “on board” with the idea of having a fascist nation dictating their laws and policies when they own guns? The Second Amendment was designed to secure the American people from tyrants who may abuse the power of government and force its citizen back into oppression. I believe that the current liberal policy makers have every intention of depriving American citizens of their right to bear arms for the purpose of implementing restrictive laws that will prepare the way for America to submit to a one world government. When the guns are gone, the remaining liberties will follow, and I believe that there are men in government that are evil enough to manufacture any crisis necessary to carry out those goals, including carefully orchestrated plots to murder its own citizens.

Manufactured crisis are not uncommon in history among countries like Rome, China, Russia. Leaders of nations have risen and fallen due to conspiracies within their own governments (assassination of Caesar by his own staff). Muslims have used citizens as human shields against military attacks. Stalin, Lenin, Tung, Hitler et al, murdered millions of their own people to exact total control of their subjects. They were all mere mortals with the same evil intentions that sinful humans in the US government are capable of.

I will not go into the theories I believe that prove that the Batman theater shootings, the World Trade Center attacks, and subsequent shootings all over the country were orchestrated to create a crisis to justify the promulgation of dictatorial laws, and the agencies behind them. But in the recent bombing in Boston, I wanted to point out a few things that to me just do not make sense.

*Immediately after the attacks, Russian president Vladimir Putin offered his assistance to the US government. Since when has Putin offered to assist the US in anything? Now keep in mind, during the presidential re-election campaign, Obama told a Russian minister that ” I will have more leeway after the election”.

*It is no secret that Putin would like to regain control of Chechnya. It would strengthen ties even further between Iran and Russia and be an extremely lucrative move due to the amount of wealthy bankers that occupy the area, and would give Russian more security by its capability of monitoring Turkish borders (a bone of contention between US and Russia regarding US defense systems housed on Turkish borders with defensive missiles aimed at Russia).

*A few months ago, Russian spy planes (nuclear capable bombers) were seen flying over Guam where US special forces military exercises take place.

*In the Moscow times, Russian Deputy Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated he knew the bombings were the work of Islamic extremists and that America was to blame for their actions [1] This was published BEFORE that photos of the suspects were released and before the suspects were identified as Russians.

*Attacks by extremists are normally well planned out. It is odd that these 2 suspects had no pre-planned escape route, and needed to steal a car and rob a 7/11 store for money. Furthermore, the reports state that they stole the car at knife point when they had just shot an MIT security officer. If one is on the run from the law, it would make sense that they would be in haste, why use a knife to steal a car if you have a gun?

*When the first suspect was shot, several of the witnesses that called news stations to report the fired shots said they did not see a body or a black Mercedes.

*Approximately 60 shots were fired two different times in the span of a few hours after a tip was called in that a man had been seen crawling into a canvase covered boat with blood on it, who was ultimately captured and taken alive. Now I have not seen all the reports yet, but it just doesn’t seem plausible that a man obviously bleeding from the night before, and shot at 60 times survived.

*The FBI had interview Tamerlan Tsarnaev [suspect #1] in 2011 but apparently released him for lack of confirmation any suspicious intentions or plots. [2]

*The coroner determined that Tsarnaev died of bullet wounds and fragments from an explosion due to a bomb strapped to his chest. No reports indicated that there was an explosion during that shootout. Initial reports were that he was on the ground lying face down. The photo leaked does not appear to verify that story, and there appears to be the Holter EKG monitoring devices on his torso which seems unlikely if a person was deemed dead at the scene. [3] *WARNING: Picture is graphic

*Even during 9/11, New York was not under the same type of “martial law” that Boston and 6 other surrounding cities were under whileDHS seattle police went door-to-door.  Seemed more like practice (like the Homeland Security officials presently occupying  certain cities in Washington State, even traveling with ambulances to non-critical calls).

Call me paranoid, but some things just don’t add up.

Whether the conspiracy theories can be proven or not, one thing is clear: with every crisis that emerges, the laws of the US become more oppressive and resemble communism and a move toward a totalitarian dictatorship. I personally do  not see how the nations that are predicted to align against Israel (Zech 12-14) can do so with the US being a staunch supporter, which leads me to believe that either the US will be successfully attacked and rendered incapable of assisting Israel, or that the US will be complicit in the conspiracies against Israel (and with Obama’s attitude toward Israel, I tend to think the latter. Click here for a report that shows US sentiment toward Israel). Either way, the countdown to the end of days is fast approaching, and it is no time for Christians to be complacent. Christ is coming soon!

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