Omarosa, Lara Trump, Secret Tapes, Death of Michael Clarke Duncan

Posted: August 17, 2018 in NEWS
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James A., PhD

Omarosa claims to have heard an “N word” used by Trump on a recording (although she doesn’t claim to know who recorded it, or when) but I’m sure if this tape existed it would’ve been used in the 2016 election. Since this tape will never be produced, she’s attempting to give credibility to that narrative by producing other tapes, and giving those recordings ad hoc explanations. The propaganda scheme here is this, if Omarosa has these tapes, she must be telling the truth about the “N word tape”.

What I believe Omarosa is doing is sharing hours of recorded conversations of Trump staff with lawyers and media, and pouring over the recordings until they find something they can spin. Each narrative of every new tape relies on Omarosa’s explanation of its content. For example, the most recent tape with Lara Trump implies that Lara Trump was attempting to bribe Omarosa. However, this assumes that Lara Trump was aware that Omarosa had tapes, and that a “back pocket” reference is a reference to these tapes. That is an ad hoc explanation that is not supported by the actual content that can be heard. The context of the excerpts all depend on whether Omarosa is telling the truth about the context of the conversation. Let me explain why she’s lying.

1. It is absolutely absurd to think that Lara Trump knew that it was tapes that Omarosa “had in her back pocket” (whether that was literal or metaphorical). What person in their right mind would try to bribe someone over secret tapes in a conversation that itself would likely be taped about the bribery? In other words, Lara would be attempting to bribe someone to keep tapes from being made public, in a conversation with a person who she knows records conversations. It stretches credulity to think Lara would put herself in that position.

2. It is equally absurd that of all the ways to bribe Omarosa over tapes, Lara would offer her a public speaking position. If Lara was trying to bribe Omarosa, why would she do so by giving her unfettered access to Trump voters, donors, and campaign strategy memorandums? I can’t imagine trying to silence someone who I believe has bribery material on me by putting them in a position to gather even more information than they already claim to have.

3. Nazi media is attempting to paint Lara as a criminal for offering campaign finances to pay Omarosa for working on the 2020 reelection campaign. I don’t know what planet these liberals are from, but on earth, campaign donations are how the workers in the campaign are paid, and if this entire conversation was about Lara Trump offering Omarosa a job for the 2020 campaign, it was a perfectly legitimate offer, and to claim it was “hush payment” takes some stretching that Rubber Man himself couldn’t pull off.

4. If Lara knew these tapes existed, then so did Donald Trump and John Kelly before Omarosa was fired. To think that they planned on bribing Omarosa after firing her would be the most strategic blunder of the millennium. Let’s think this scenario through. You know Omarosa has secret tapes, so you fire her to cover it up, then attempt to bribe her by bringing her back to the very atmosphere you terminated her from in the first place? You know she has tapes so you provoke her by firing her? Most strategic cover up artists either play the game of keep your enemies closer, or do what the Democratic Party did to Seth Rich.

5. Whatever was in Omarosa’s “back pocket”, or “up her sleeve”, there’s no evidence that it was tapes. Not every campaign operative has good or acceptable ideas all of the time. It’s likely that Omarosa thought she had a good idea for a campaign strategy (and competing for winning ideas is what she did on The Apprentice), and this idea was deemed “a lil some some I got in my back pocket”, but Lara and other campaign leaders disagreed that it would be useful, and if she were to be brought on to the 2020 reelection campaign, she’d have to abandon the “back pocket” idea. To provide this ad hoc claim that the conversation was about secret tapes is not only unsupported by what any listener can hear for themselves, but in concert with the 4 above facts is patently ridiculous.

Now on to another matter.

I personally think Omarosa should be investigated for the death of her “fiance”, actor Michael Clarke Duncan (“Duncan”). Duncan was famous for his role in The Green Mile with Tom Hanks. He was a healthy 54-year-old that did not use drugs or drink. He was worth an estimated 18 million dollars. According to TMZ, when Duncan passed, Omarosa got “almost everything“, leaving only $100,000 to his sister. It is not uncommon to leave your spouse or significant other an inheritance, but there are suspicious circumstances about the arrangements and even the very status of the relationship itself questioned by Duncan’s family.

First, there’s the matter of whether Omarosa was in fact, Duncan’s fiance. Not only does Duncan’s family dispute that they were ever enganged, but I’ve been unable to find any photos of Omarosa and Duncan where Omarosa sports an engagement ring. However, she can be seen wearing several different rings AFTER Duncan’s funeral. There’s also one of the last videos of Duncan taken just 4 months prior to his death where he refers to Omarosa as his girlfriend, not his fiance.


The photo on the left is at Duncan’s funeral. The ring has no stone. The one on the right is one month later, with a noticeable stone.




Second, according to Duncan’s family, Omarosa convinced Duncan to change his will while he was in intensive care following his heart attack. Personally-and I’m sure Duncan’s family was thinking the same thing-the last thing I’d be concerned about if my healthy partner just had a heart attack was getting them to change their will while they are likely on a large amount of medication. Depending on what kind of medications Duncan was on and how much the dosage was would certainly call into question Duncan’s legal ability to enter into any binding contractual agreements. It also begs the question as to whether Omarosa knew Duncan was about to die. Since she wasn’t legally a family member, any medical information would’ve been confidential. It’s possible Duncan revived and consented to sharing information with her, but there’s no record confirming that that I can find.

Thirdly, LaToya Jackson had once claimed she thought Omarosa “pulled the plug” on Duncan in the hospital, to which Omarosa replied with a lawsuit threat. However, the best defense that was offered by Omarosa defenders was that she “saved Duncan by giving him CPR”. In my opinion, that’s not much of a defense if the argument is that she had to wait for him to change his will and then merely exploited his weakness. At the time she provided CPR, Duncan appears not to have included her in his will, and after all, 18 million dollars is quite a motive for waiting. It appears that the same cast of Apprentice also accused Omarosa of feigning an emergency 911 call about Duncan to avoid a conflict in the board room.

Fourth, Omarosa responded to Duncan’s sister, Judy, by attacking her, and claiming that she was not in control of Duncan’s estate and therefore could not have been trying to scam Duncan. However, Omarosa was able to sell Duncan’s home which seems a legal conundrum if she was not an administrator, executor or some appointed position for Duncan’s estate.

Let me make clear, I’m not claiming this proves Omarosa is guilty of murder, but I think there’s enough circumstantial facts that an investigation should be conducted and let law enforcement decide. But one thing I am clear about is that anyone that would treat their friend like Omarosa treated Lara Trump doesn’t seem like a person who would’ve truly cared for Michael Clarke Duncan. To me, it’s simply in Omarosa’s nature to be a deceitful, conniving person willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead and grab power. She’s certainly lying about the tapes, so what else has she lied about? The mainstream media doesn’t care. Liberals are so desperate to regain control of Congress that they will invent stories out of thin air. Since 2015, it has been my contention that if Hitler and Goebbels would’ve had our American mainstream media on their side, Hitler would’ve won World War 2.

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