KJV Defense Sites


Index to Will Kinney’s articles defending the KJV


Brandon Staggs AV1611.Com

Dean Burgon Society

The Answer Book

Forever Settled-Jack Moorman


Course on the Doctrine of Verbal Plenary Inspiration

Articles Defending the KJV from Far Eastern Bible College

The Bible For Today

Defending the KJV

King James Bible Defense Page

Bible Believers

Bible Doug

Rightly Dividing (users for this site will have to use Google and type in “cache:_________________[type in url for article in the blank]”)

Tares Among the Wheat Excellent video on the history behind the corruption of Siniaticus and Vaticanus

Bible Protector Good list of additional resources on defending the KJV

  1. Sam Shamoun says:

    I am trying to find your email and can’t do so. Could you mail me?

  2. John Davis says:

    Great site! You’re doing a wonderful work, the Lord bless you & protect you.
    John Davis

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