Was Trump Controlled Opposition?

Posted: January 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

By James A., PhD

What is controlled opposition? Lenin said, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it”. Controlled opposition is when a third party controls the resistance of people rising against the status quo of the current parties in power. America has been dominated by a two-party system, both of who are on the same side. In fact, there’s a standing joke among Harvard Skull & Bones members about who will volunteer to be a Republican, and who wants to be a Democrat. With the rise of independent media, more patriots were waking up to the false dichotomy system of Republican Democrat, and started to rebel. The awakening among conservative Republicans probably began when George Bush, Sr gave his “New World Order” speech in 1990.

Let me explain why the Democrat vs Republican duopoly is so effective in controlling the masses before I explain why I believe Trump is controlled opposition. It’s easier to control a large group of people if you keep them divided and get them to fight among themselves. That way, they turn on each other, and not the government. The Deep State did that with blacks. When it was obvious that blacks would no longer tolerate being enslaved, Democrats with the help of Republicans that brought Nazis to America, created a plan called COINTELPRO that created a religious gang rivalry among blacks in Chicago. First, they pumped drugs into Chicago neighborhoods that would be controlled by a new face of Black Panther resistance called VICE LORDS. Vice Lords are ISLAMIC. After the VL was established, the CIA created a rivalry by giving drugs to Larry Hoover who founded the Black Gangster Disciples. The BGD are “Hebrew Israelites” or in other words, JEWISH. Can you see where the conflict arises! The Deep State created a rivalry that most of the current gang members haven’t even thought of, and to this day, those gangs still kill each other.

Every 4 years, when a Democrat is control of the presidency, there’s a Republican majority in the House or Senate. Liberals relax. Conservatives rage. Four years later, a Republican takes office, Democrats get the House and Senate, the liberals rage, and the conservatives relax. This relaxation every 4-8 years is based on HOPE. If you don’t like the current political atmosphere, JUST WAIT 4 YEARS and vote them out. As long as people have HOPE, THEY DON’T REVOLT.

HOWEVER, once people catch on to the fact that the two party system is rigged, and they’re both really on the same side, a middle opposition begins to rise that threatens the establishment. The Tea Party was a temporary answer to that, but Glenn Beck was no more a real conservative than the Bush Empire. The Deep State knew that something needed to be done to prevent an angry, patriotic middle party from rising up, gaining momentum, and possibly engaging in a 1776 part 2 style revolution. It’s that middle party that owns all the guns, after all. So how do you accomplish this? By getting someone who speaks out against the corruption of the Shadow Government, and promises to make America great again. Someone who attended the exact same Jesuit school as John Brennan: Fordham (even wonder why Trump’s SCOTUS appointees were ALL CATHOLIC, 2 of them, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, are both Jesuits as well. Trump’s wife is Roman Catholic and Trump praised Pope John Paul II at the anniversary of his death).

Trump was used to not only control the rising middle opposition, but was so obnoxious that defending him discredited many Christians. Try witnessing to someone who finds out you voted for Trump these days. You won’t get passed Romans 3:23. But after all, WHO ELSE was there that talked about defending capitalist and American values? Sure, he was a whoremonger, adulterer, foul mouthed, but he made the country prosper, didn’t he? Or was that all part of the show?

The 2 things that bothered about labeling Trump controlled opposition was the economy, and the opposition from the media. However, opposition from the media is what caused us to defend Trump! Why! Because conservatives have a general aversion to false accusations and we like to defend the innocent. The media purposely attacked Trump to provoke conservatives in to defending him. It also worked with Kavanaugh. How many protestant Christians would normally defend a Jesuit for the Supreme Court? Yet we ALL defended Kavanaugh because of the “persecution” he was getting. It was a slick trick, and we all fell for it.

But what about the economy? Wasn’t it a great economy? Sure. But who benefited the most? With a planned COVID crisis coming, the economy was never going to recover, but it DID benefit certain classes of people. If you KNOW a crisis is coming, you want to start prepping and building a nest egg, right? Trump’s economy benefited all of the Big Tech giants, Amazon, Elon Musk, and thousands of other moguls who are part of the Deep State, all who can ride out the storm now in spite of an impending recession or depression. The “booming economy” guaranteed that all of our overseers will not need to worry about their bills or obligations when the rest of the country is out of work. It’s a way to create a permanent slave class while guaranteeing that the tech giants can build a BEAST system unscathed by the COVID plandemic. Keep in mind, that it was Trump that approved of the initial lockdowns in the first place that led to the first wave of job losses.

So long as Trump told us what we wanted to hear, and Q Anon suckered everyone into “trusting the plan”, nobody revolted, or at least thought about revolting until it was too late. That’s controlled opposition. Trump has been loyal to his Rockefeller sock puppets the entire time. I’ll save the Nazi connections with Richard Nixon and Trump’s uncle, John Trump and the connection to Tesla, Elon Musk, and Nazi technology for another article.

Trump is now pushing a vaccine that will permanently alter your DNA. He endorsed vaccines that are experimental, and which gives the global government a perfect opportunity to use this is a test run for mark of the beast technology (I’m not saying vaccines are the mark, they are not in spite well-meaning prophecy teachers, but they do open the door for the tracking and mandatory receipt of unwanted bodily intrusions that you will either get or be unable to travel and eventually buy or sell without proof of vaccination, and in the future, proof of a mark).

Trump also helped negotiate a two-state solution in Israel in the recent Abraham Accords, which is dividing God’s land: one of the reasons He judges the nations (Joel 3:2).

This doesn’t mean that Christians were wrong to vote for him. We can only vote on the information we have. We may not have liked some things about him, but our plight was about saving America from Communism. It was about saving our Constitution, not about a shady past and potty mouthed hedonist, so for patriotic Americans, it wasn’t about the person, but about the document that expresses our rights and liberties, and Trump just happened to be the only person available that we HOPED would make that happen. But that HOPE is what kept the people from revolting, and now the Deep State and Big Tech are so enriched and coordinated that a revolt is almost impossible to mount.

There’s a LOT more reasons to think Trump is controlled opposition given by my friend, Scott Johnson on ContendingForTruth.Com . Now I don’t agree with all of Scott’s arguments or conclusions because, in my opinion, some of the sources are too mainstream to be credible, and those from Wayne Marsden I believe are so bogus that even Snopes debunked them. But overall, I think Scott makes a good case for Trump being controlled opposition.

I voted for Trump. Twice. But Trump threw in the towel and gave up. That’s what a controlled puppet would do. Let people have hope right up until the clock runs out.

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