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UPDATE: The prosecutor that questioned Christine Ford before Congress has released her findings in a memorandum to Republicans. Here is the Gateway Pundit article and for whatever reason, some Republican gave the Washington Post a full copy of the memo. It covers many of the same arguments I’ve made below, but it systematically and thoroughly debunks Ford’s claims.

UPDATE: Evidence has been uncovered that Christine Ford is familiar with counter measures and passing polygraph tests.


James A., PhD

I’m going to lay out several arguments against Christine Blasey Ford’s (hereinafter, “Ford”) story to show she is either outright lying against Brett Kavanaugh, or there isn’t enough information concerning her allegations to deem her statements credible. I’m not going to give a lengthy introduction to the controversy and just assume that most of the audience reading this has already heard enough of the facts.

How Did She Know It Was Kavanaugh and Mark Judge Walking Down the Stairs?

Ford claims that after Mark Judge jumped on top of Kavanaugh and Ford, she ran into a bathroom and locked the door. She then claims that she heard Kavanaugh and Ford walking down the stairs and knew it was safe to exit the bathroom. Ford never mentions that there were ONLY two people upstairs with her (this was a party, after all), and certainly, if she was pushed into a room immediately upon taking the stairs to the second floor, there’s no possible way for her to have assessed how many people were upstairs. Therefore, how did she know whether it was someone coming UP the stairs, or going down? Furthermore, if the bathroom door was closed, how could she know it was Kavanaugh and Mark Judge walking down the stairs? Ford never mentioned the ability to see through doors in her testimony.

Ford also claims that the music was turned UP to drown out her screams. If that’s the case, then how could she have heard anyone walking up or down the stairs? How could she have recognized the voices of two people she did not know, especially with loud music? Furthermore, what made Ford think leaving the bathroom was safe? How did she know they weren’t waiting downstairs for her, or outside of the bathroom?

It’s also interesting to note that she left her best friend behind with a group of boys neither of them knew of whom she claimed had just tried to rape her. Even if she didn’t mention calling the police for herself, you would think that she’d at least call the police because her best friend was still in that same house with those same boys.

Why Did Ford Use the Second Floor Bathroom In the First Place?

Most houses also have a bathroom on the first floor. Why did she initially go up the stairs to use the second floor bathroom? She never mentioned whether the downstairs bathroom was in use or whether it was closer.

Why Did Ford and Her Friend Attend a Party With Only Six People Of Whom They Did Not Know?

Although there are different versions of exactly how many people were at this party, what we do know is that Ford and her best friend did not know any of the boys that were there. Most women would be uncomfortable being invited to a party (and the invitation is another problem) only to find out upon arrival that there’s only a handful of boys there that they do not know. I’ve never known anyone in their party days that wanted to go to or stay at a “dead party”, especially when they didn’t know the few people that were there.

Who Invited Ford and Her Friend?

Ford claims she was at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where she claims she was swimming prior to the party. Why she left a wet bathing suit on under her clothing is strange, given that most women try to “look their best” before going to a party (in my party days, my girlfriend always took 3 hours to “get ready”). If she took the time to put make up on, and “do her hair”, it would likely be reasonable to think she would have changed her clothes as well, especially a wet bathing suit. She claims she went to the party with her best friend so that suggests she either went to her friends house first, or her friend met her at the country club. But the friend never mentions meeting Ford at the country club, so we must assume Ford went to her friends house first where she would’ve had time to dry off and change her clothes.

But if she was at Columbia Country Club (a members only club which is by invitation only), how did she hear about the party? where’d she get the address? If the boys that were there didn’t know her, it couldn’t have been them. It couldn’t be the case that they met her somewhere else to invite her because she never mentions running into any of the boys at a different location, and her best friend said she didn’t know Kavanaugh. Her best friend also never mentions how Ford would’ve came to know of this party. So hid did Ford even know this party was going on, who would be there, what the event would be like. Who invited her?

Who Turned Up The Music?

Ford claims that when she went upstairs she was immediately shoved into a room and thrown on the bed by Kavanaugh, followed by Mark Judge shutting the door behind them and turning UP the music. That distinction is important between “up” and “on” because if the music was already on, that begs the question as to why? If this was a party, you’d have to assume that music was already playing, and at a party, it normally plays from the first/main floor. If nobody was in that room until Kavanaugh and Judge allegedly pushed Ford into the room, that means a radio was already playing in a room that was unoccupied during a party where music was already playing downstairs. Having two radios playing at once at a party would be pretty annoying.

How Did Ford Topple Out From Under Kavanaugh?

Ford claims that Mark Judge jumped on Kavanaugh and Ford and then they all “toppled over” and she escaped. If Ford was underneath Kavanaugh on a bed, I find it highly unlikely that a person adding more weight to the pile would cause the person on the bottom to “topple over”. Toppling over usually describes people falling over who are standing, not a description of someone lying down on a bed. Furthermore, Ford gave the impression that Mark Judge was helping Kavanaugh rape Ford. If that was truly Judge’s intention, he didn’t much help Kavanaugh by jumping on him. This story is simply unbelievable.

Why Did Ford Keep Going Back To These Parties For Two Years?

According to Ford’s yearbook, she was part of a group of girls that targeted younger boys for sexual escapades and played “pass out” games. The yearbook in question was here SENIOR year. Ford claims Kavanaugh attacked her during her SOPHOMORE year. That means Ford continued going back to these parties for two years after claiming she was traumatized by Kavanaugh and Judge.

Why Did Ford Give Two Different Ages?

When Ford’s story was first told, she claimed that Kavanaugh was 17 and she was 17. The story later changed to she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17. Although sometimes small details can be obscure, it is important factor in determining whether an explanation is ad hoc. In other words, all of the flaws and inconsistencies in her story show more of a rushed statement rather than one that can be recalled with accuracy based on reflection of actually memories and genuine historical events.

What this shows is that Ford had an idea on derailing Kavanaugh, at least enough to delay the confirmation, but never thought she’d have to give a detailed account, and therefore her subsequent explanations weren’t well thought out and show a gross inconsistency with the initial claims.

These are just a few observations that I would ask Ford if I were representing Kavanaugh. Many other conservative pundits have raised other valid questions and objections (like the most recent one here) so I won’t repeat them here. Tell me what you think below, and add any comments you think add to these arguments. Ford can’t remember basic details of her allegations and based on the foregoing arguments and conclusion, I do not believe she is telling the truth, and given her past involvement in anti-Trump events and her assistance with an ACLU lawsuit against Trump, her motivation seems clearly political.






James A., PhD

During the Senate hearings for the confirmation of Brent Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, it was only 11 seconds into the introduction of Kavanaugh by Chuck Grassley that Kamala Harris interrupted him, followed by several other senators who then demanded an adjournment. Not to be outdone, a circus act then erupted by multiple shouting protesters, one after the other, reminiscent of the followers of Charles Manson shouting at his murder trial. That this event was staged in order to derail the hearing was admitted by Illinois rep, Dick Durbin.

However, the scene that made headlines was when the father of a Parkland school shooting victim, Fred Guttenberg, attempted to sneak past secret service and shake Kavanaugh’s hand. When security intervened, the narrative created by the media (and Guttenberg himself) was that Kavanaugh purposely ignored Guttenberg (as if Kavanaugh knew who he was) and refused to shake the hand of a shooting victim’s father. Ergo, Kavanaugh should not be appointed SCOTUS since he shows no sensitivity to victims of gun violence according to the Goebbels media.

Guttenberg denies this was staged. But for the following reasons, I call nonsense.

First of all, Guttenberg admits he was invited to the hearing by Diane Feinstein. What would her motive be in inviting a shooting victim’s father? Kavanaugh, as a judge, would not be permitted to give his opinion on a gun shooting case prior to its submission to the Supreme Court for review. Kavanaugh is not a legislator, and neither are the other justices on the Supreme Court. Thus, it appears that Feinstein’s logic was to use emotionalism to intimidate Kavanaugh into becoming a “legislator from the bench”, which as Feinstein is well aware, is not the role of the Supreme Court.

Secondly, Guttenberg was positioned close to Kavanaugh’s seat, knowing that the melee in the room would likely lead to an adjournment that would give him an opportunity to stage this photo-op of him attempting to shake Kavanaugh’s hand. Why was Guttenberg placed so close to Kavanaugh if this wasn’t the intention of liberals in Congress to stage a still-shot “gotcha” scene?

Thirdly, given that Guttenberg, along with all of the other “gun control now” liberals, believes that those defending the Second Amendment are responsible for the deaths of their children, it bewilders me why any grieving father would want to shake the hand of someone he believes is responsible for the death of his daughter. But, to know whether or not that’s how Guttenberg really felt about Kavanaugh, we’d have to show that Guttenberg expressed such a disdain for Kavanaugh PRIOR to the confirmation hearing, and that brings us to point Four…he did




So is this like Peter Strzok claiming that he wasn’t “bias” in his investigation into Trump even when his texts stated, “We will stop him”? Are we supposed to believe that Fred Guttenberg had honorable intentions in attempting to meet Kavanaugh and shake his hand? Are we supposed to believe that with Guttenberg making NUMEROUS tweets about “no chance we give [the Supreme Court] another justice like Kavanaugh”, that he wasn’t there for a publicity stunt? Are we supposed to take the media seriously when they defend his presence at the hearing as being some genuine attempt to “start a conversation about gun laws” when it is obvious from Guttenberg’s tweets that he had already made up his mind that Kavanaugh shouldn’t be confirmed?

Are we really supposed to think that Guttenberg had no intention of playing a part in disrupting the confirmation hearing when he’s tweeting support to “STOP THE KAVANAUGH HEARINGS NOW”?? More of these anti-Kavanaugh tweets can be found on this search thread.

In summary, we know the uprising was staged. That much was obvious. We know Diane Feinstein was aware of the plotted obstruction. Feinstein invited Guttenberg to be a part of that disruption because there would be no other reason for Guttenberg to be there given that Kavanaugh would not be in a position to do anything about Guttenberg’s gun violence complaints whether he was confirmed or not. That is the legislator’s jobs, not the judiciary, and it is unlawful to attempt to persuade a judge to rule according to your liberal presuppositions. Guttenberg’s plethora of anti-Kavanaugh tweets prior to the hearing show precisely what his intent was in showing up at the hearing, and this must be kept in mind when viewing the video that the crooked mainstream media is using to promote a slanderous and false narrative against one of the most qualified judges to ever be considered for a position on the Supreme Court.

This is why Trump calls the media the “enemy of the people”, because they are willing to do any underhanded tactic imaginable to foist their socialist agendas upon our great country.