Fake IFB Parody Accounts


Below is a list of accounts from Twitter, Facebook, Web Blogs, etc…that are either fake, parody, or just simply exist to harass other fundamental Baptist accounts and/or remain in cahoots and follow those who do. We are still adding to the list, so if you are aware of any such accounts or even suspect one, please feel free to add them in the comment section below. Most of these accounts are members of the ex-fundamentalist/atheist/progressive “Christian” (etc..) website, Stuff Fundies Like, and then others are devout followers of James White, and many other popular Calvinist authors, pastors and bloggers TWITTER Jesuits and Bloggers of Baal. There are no denominational barriers although most of them are Calvinists. But there are Calvinists, Catholics, Charistmatics, etc.. all working together as Anons. (Below is just one of many anonymous accounts supported and endorsed by James White).


This list will be updated in the near future. There have been literally HUNDREDS more. Anyone can see their harassment of Independent Baptists on the Twitter hashtag #Oldpaths.

  • Breaking Baptist @BreakngBaptist , Real name is Kevin Crozier (https://twitter.com/kevcrozier) and his wife, Lindsey Crozier https://twitter.com/LindseyCrozier
  • Hacim Ramalla @HakimMB (Account used by James White to feed him dirt on Ergun Caner) Real Name Jonathon Autry
  • Turretan Fan (Another favorite of James White’s) Real Name Peter Flanagan, a copy right litigation attorney
  • Shaun Minnix @shaunminnix -Professes to be a KJVO Baptist pastor but supports, yokes with and promotes all of the mentioned Anons here. Headless Unicorn Guy
  • Christian Farris @NextLevelLive Pastor of Next Level Church
  • Aaron Coe @sheepdog1015
  • Daniel Cooper @imdancoop (Bearded Baptist accounts)
  • Chris Linzey @chrislinzey- Runs the  Xian Satirist account, Pastor of Central Community Church in Mattoon, IL
  • Fake James White @DrOakley1611
  • Jeremy Hunt @DucainHIH
  • Dr. Josh McDonald @popejoshclii
  • Calvinist Colson @XpCoulson (Scott Schultz)
  • Kim Reed @Coffeemomma77
  • Samuel Sievert @SammyJUni
  • Saul Goodman IFB @SaulTGoodman
  • Jon Michael Hunt @jon_mhunt
  • Jayson York @jaysonyork -Reverend Snarky
  • PartTimeYouthPastor@PartTime_YP
  • Mr. Apologist ‏@jtapologetics
  • Youth Group Problems @youthgroupprobs
  • Perfect Homeschooler @PerfectHSMom
  • Nurse Randy @rshauter
  • Branny #7 @Branny
  • james fountain @founty79
  • TheFirstLady316 ‏@TheFirstLady316
  • Kid Min Wife ‏@incognitoCPwife
  • Homeschooled pk ‏@homeschooledpk
  • Rev. J. Frank Norris @oldpathsfundie
  • Gov Pappy O’Dan @GovPappy
  • OG Saint Augistine @StOGistine
  • Headless Xian @headlessxian
  • DrHammerinHamblin @HammerinHamblin
  • Dr. Jim Nobles @JimNobles11
  • Blazed Fundy @blazedfundy
  • Pastor’s Wife 2020 @pastorswife2020
  • Calvinist Chewbacda @CalvinistChewy
  • Calvinist Rocky @CalvinistRocky
  • Calvinist Mulder @CalvinistMulder
  • Calvinist Vader @VaderCalvinist
  • Calvinist Batgirl @CalvBatgirl
  • Calvinist Strawman @CalvinStrawman
  • Calvinist Godzilla @GojiCalvinist
  • CalvinistQuicksilver@ReformedQuickAg
  • CalvinistQuicksilver@ReformedQuickAg
  • Calvinist Gandalf @gandalfclvinist
  • Dr Not John Hamblin @drfakehamblin
  • Calvinist Aslan @CalvinistAslan
  • The Reformed Pug @ReformedPug
  • Calvinist Brony @calvinist_brony
  • Calvinist Han Solo @CalvinistSolo
  • Calvinist Flash @CalvinistFlash_
  • Reformed Rey @ReformedRey
  • arminian? RACCOON @ArminianRaccoon
  • Reformed Arrow @ReformedGrnArrw
  • Luke Cage Calvinist @blackxenos
  • Calvin Ellis @SolaFyed
  • Depraved DareDevil @BereanDareDevil
  • Calvinist Toothless @depraveddragon
  • Calvinist Peeta @calvinistpeeta
  • Calvinist Hawkeye @calvinsthawkeye
  • Calvinist Supermommy @5pointsupermom
  • Reformed Pope @ReformedPope
  • Calvinist Neo @Neo_Calvinist
  • Reformed Spider-Man @SpideyReformed
  • Calvinist Worf @CalvinistWorf
  • Calvinist Jack Bauer @CalvinistJBauer
  • Calvinist Spindoctor @CSpindoctor
  • Anon Calvnist UthGuy @anoncalvinistyp
  • Calvinist Warrior @5pointWarrior
  • Calvinist Hipster @CalvinHipster
  • Calvinist Tom Servo @CalvinistServo
  • Kal El @CalvinistKalEl
  • Calvinist Catwoman @CalvinistCatwmn
  • Calvinist Wolverine @calvinwolverine
  • Calvinist Groot ‏@CalvinistGroot
  • John Calvin @CalvinistJohn
  • Calvinizzy @Calvinizzy
  • Coolvinism @coolvinism
  • Closet Calvinist @closetcalvin
  • Calvinist Janeway @NeoCalJaneway
  • Grieved Calvinist @GrievdCalvinist
  • Beardless Calvinist @BeardlessCalvin
  • Captain Calvinist @CaptCalvinist
  • CalvinistProbs @CalvinistProbs
  • Calvinist Robin @CalvinistRobin
  • Calvinist Picard @CalvinistPicard
  • Arminian Superman @ArminianSuper
  • Calvinist Caveman @CavemanCalvin
  • Calvinist Batman @CalvinistBatman
  • Calvinist Girl @CalvinistG
  • Southern Calvinist @SBC_Calvinist
  • John Calvin @CalvinistJohn
  • Closet Calvinist @closetcalvin
  • UltraCalvinistPastor @UltraCalvinist
  • Calvinist Rocky ‏@CalvinistRocky
  • Caretaker Man @baptistfixer
  • New Geneva @NewGeneva
  • Pastor Church Norris @ChurchNorris
  • ABA Pastor @ABAPastor
  • Catholic Thinker @ThinkerCatholic
  • Oversaved Girl @OversavedGirl
  • Complementarian Jedi @CompJedi
  • Your Church IT @TheChurchIT
  • Stuff Christians Say @StuffXiansSay
  • Church Husher @churchhusher
  • Donna from Florida @DonnaGeee
  • Holiest Man @holyholyholiest
  • Anon Reformer @churchclaptrap
  • GrumpyCalvinist @calvinist_grump
  • Bro. Rocky T @BroRockyT
  • Fundy Fred, H.D. @Fundy_Fred
  • The Bitter Pastor™ @TheBitterPastor
  • Bitter Pastor’s Bro™ @TheBitterBro
  • Frightened Fundy ‏@FrightenedFundy
  • Dr. IFB College Guy ‏@IFBCollegeGuy
  • Bad Sam @badsamaritan13
  • The Anon Church™ @TheAnonChurch
  • Pastor Bubba, Rev.Dr @bubba_pastor
  • #2 Pastor @TheAssocPasto
  • Standard PK @UnappreciatedPK
  • MinistreeWife @AnonMinistryWi
  • Fair IC Trophywife @fairictrophy
  • Xian Satirist @TheXianSatirist
  • Sith Pastor @DarthBaptis
  • Prof. Christianese @ProChristianese
  • Darach Conneely @ConneelyD
  • Evangelical Pope @EvangelicalPope
  • UTwit@U_of_Twit
  • Fundy Pope @FundyPope
  • Jesse Pinkman @PastorPinkman
  • Relevant Church Guy @MrChurchGuy
  • Li’l Brudder ‏@The_Lil_Brudder
  • D.M. Coe @yo_rocky
  • Christian Filmmaker ‏@biblefilmmaker
  • Fair IC Baptist B.S. @fairicbaptist
  • Filter Free Pastor @unpastorized
  • Stacey Lawson @staceylawson74
  • Greta Burck @BurckGreta
  • IFB Memes @IFBmemes
  • Church Member Anon @Anonchurchmembr
  • Traditional Fool @DoubleGAHoot [Fred Butler]
  • Rob grady @Robwgrady
  • King James @ifbkjb1611
  • ThePastorsWife_Life ‏@ThePastors_Wife
  • The Celebrevangelist @celebrevangel
  • Billy Sunday® @WilliamASunday
  • Billy Sunday @WilliamASunday
  • curtis sheidler @TigerBotEdge
  • Dr. Old Paths Pope @OldPathsPope
  • Oldpaths Guide ‏@oldpathsguide
  • Killer Tortilla @killerTortilla
  • Dr. Brutally Honest @pastor_honest
  • Preacher’s Kid Probs @pkproblem
  • Doctor Van Itty @doctorvannity
  • Chet Churchpain @Churchpain
  • Church Curmudgeon @ChrchCurmudgeon
  • Brutally Honest YP @YPHonest
  • Bad Chruch Secretary @ChruchSecretary
  • Church Secretary ‏@AnonChurchSec
  • Snarky YpWife @snarkypwife
  • Reverend Snarky @pastorsnark
  • DeconstructingLizzy@LzbethRachae
  • IFB Logic @IFBLogic
  • Pastor Problems @Pastorsproblems
  • Anonymous Baptist @anonbaptist
  • Teen Worship Leader @teenwrshpldr
  • Jack KingJames Hyles @King_Jack74
  • Pastors Wifey @Mrs_PW_
  • The Church Sofa @TheChurchSofa
  • Volunteer Wrshp Ldr @VoluntrWrshpLdr
  • Unappreciated Pastor @Rev_Norespect
  • Worship Wife @musicleaderwife
  • Funny Christian Girl @FunnyXtianGal
  • Lloyd Legalist @LloydLegalist
  • Young Pastor’s Wife @YoungPastorWife
  • Christian Counselor @ChristianDSM5
  • Holiest University @HoliestU
  • Billy Sunday® @WilliamASunday
  • Dr. ShamelesslyHappy @pastorjoyful
  • First Row Baptist @FirstRowBaptist
  • RecentPastor @RecentPastor
  • Reformed Ron Swanson @ReformedSwanson
  • Politikin Pastor @PolitikinPastor
  • Presby Deadpool @Presby_Deadpool
  • Evangelist Perfect @EvangelistPrfct
  • Calvinist Ramsay @CalvinistRamsay
  • Boring Pastor @BoringPastor
  • Reformed Kakarot @CalvinistGoku
  • Most Holy Woman ‏@holiestwoman
  • GirlOnFire@CalvinistKatnis
  • Replacement Pastor @replacepastor
  • The Super Theologian @SuperTheologian
  • Mental Fundy ‏@MentalFundy
  • Pastor’s Wife 2020 @pastorswife2020
  • Church Plant Guy @ChurchPlantGuy
  • Poor ol Pastor @PoorOlPastor
  • Fundy 5-0 @fundyfiveo
  • Hans The Baptist @HansTheBaptist
  • Pastor’s Wife @pwpains
  • WattaPastor @WattaPastor

The Anons keep moving their master “church” list, which means they have to keep starting over. Here is their current 3 lists of users: Since they keep trying to change the url on their Master List, those who want a Master Copy may send me a request. I will only send it by e-mail because there is a code that updates the list whenever the Anons try to change the url and when new users are added to the list. https://twitter.com/TheAnonChurch/lists/church-anon-index https://twitter.com/TheAnonChurch/tac-anons/members https://twitter.com/TheAnonChurch/church-parody-index/members

The Anons continue to move the list every time we post the links, which really doesn’t help them because we have a master list that keeps track of every change they make and auto-adds updates. However, we want to leave the links as-is so people can see for themselves their attempts to cover their tracks.

  1. Church Husher says:

    It’s cute that you put us all in a big list. Do some homework though, I never claimed to be a Calvinist or an ex fundy.

    • drjamesa says:

      Apparently, you also can’t read “and/or” statements. Thanks for continuing to confirm my assertions that your crowd is brain dead.

      • drjamesa says:

        Aren’t you just a sweetheart! God bless your bitter soul. Speaking of Westboro, we’ve got an article on here just for you about them. https://dorightchristians.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/westboro-baptist-calvinists/

        I do appreciate you showing your hand though and proving to our followers additional confidence that we weren’t kidding about the mentality of those who made the list.

      • christianfarris says:

        Brain dead crowd? Such an iron cookie cleaner! coming from the super-spokesperson of the most brilliant drones in religious history! I don’t doubt that you’re intelligent, doc, but compared to me, so is a chimpanzee.

      • drjamesa says:

        I’m not really sure what an iron cookie cleaner is or how that is relevant to the article, but hey, if that’s what you need to lick the batter from the bowl more power to you.

        Thanks for the compliment…I think? Since drones are automated, I don’t really understand how I could be their spokesperson, and in case you haven’t been watching the news, we use Iron Dome technology to defend ourselves, not drones.

        And I do appreciate the accolades, but don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s quite possible you are more intelligent than a chimp, although you did fail to read the beginning of the book where it clearly states that if you attempt to leave stupid comments they may not end up the way you posted them.

        Have a nice day and please come again soon.

      • christianfarris says:

        Right on cue and in authentic IFB fashion. You guys can’t stand not having remote controls. I retract my first statement. You aren’t intelligent at all. You are evil Jewish scum and a manipulator. You dread my original post and changed it because my grammar was atrocious, and you know it. Have fun rating this one, “Doc”.

      • drjamesa says:

        1. I don’t have a TV.
        2. Thanks for being such a Nazi.
        3. I’m still waiting for you to make an attempt to provide specific facts with specific arguments against those facts rather than mere pejorative one-liners. I would think the pastor of a church would have much more sense. But it appears that the “next level” is DOWNWARD.
        4. I rate your comment at “1.5” because at least you spelled IFB right.

  2. Recent Pastor says:

    Sith Pastor @DarthBaptist is a little disappointed that he didn’t make the list .:(

  3. ChurchJudge says:

    Hey you self-righteous jerk, you forgot me!

  4. Samuel Lovell (@samuel_lovell) says:

    Is it bad that I follow half the people on this list?

  5. @Branny says:

    I love how you’ve managed to include accounts that haven’t tweeted in months, and/or are no longer in use… Plus, for someone who claims to be smart (or point out how others are not), you sure do have a hard time spelling user names corectly. (I’ll leave that up to you to figure out, since you have enough time to study the who’s-who of social media!)

    • drjamesa says:

      The users names were cut and pasted as plain text, so if they’re incorrect, it’s not my fault.

      Secondly, everyone of you already have a list that you are fully aware of with @400 accounts on it, but you want me to think that I did you a service by posting a shorter list. Joke’s on you moron. I’m 20 steps ahead of all 400 of your accounts.

      And why is it that every time some weirdo comments about my spelling, they spell a key part of their own sentence wrong! Isn’t “correctly” the correct spelling? And the really sad thing is English is my SECOND language, and I write it better than you do.

  6. I find it ironic that under “Leave Godly Comments” people are called moron, jerk, etc.

  7. Shrug Them Haters Off | Comments on Christianity-Matt Coker says:

    […] attacked the IFB church in any way. When I pointed this out to him and asked to be removed from a list of “Twitter IFB Offenders” he posted on his private website, that was when he began attacking […]

    • drjamesa says:

      First of all you LIAR, I never made a ‘fake account’ of you on Twitter. You claim not to be “returning evil for evil” and yet are lying about me making a fake account about you. I have never made a fake account of anyone, and I have far bigger enemies than you to waste time making fake accounts.

      I documented IN DETAIL how you attacked Baptists, and YOU ADMITTED that you “made a mistake” and ACCIDENTALLY added “Independent Fundamental KJVO Baptist” to the tags in your video. GIVE ME A BREAK man, how does a person “accidentally” add that many “mistaken” identifiers in a tag line? That sounds like evolutionists claiming that a monkey really could type out John 1:1.

      You claim “I’m not returning evil for evil” and refuse to retaliate? HELLO? that’s EXACTLY what you’ve done by writing some pious passive-aggressive article trying to make me look like some lunatic aggressor because I told the truth about you.

      And finally, you just don’t get it. I would have no problem with you being an X anything; God knows that are plenty of them to go around in my own denomination. Do you really think I would be so hypocritical as to single you out when we have Jack Schaap in our camp? (Of whom your friends have reminded us about DAILY since it happened). That’s not the point. You have failed to understand the concept of the debt collector. If you have truly repented, then you don’t go collecting the debts of others by making fun of other Christians, and being yoked with so-called professing believers who hide behind “parody” accounts with your full endorsement who terrorize Baptist believers. Your endorsement and fellowship with them makes you just as guilty of what they do to other Christians, and when you participate in such actions, you leave the door wide open for your own past to be used against you since you are in effect, using the pasts of other Christians against them in your parody and satire.

      So you can drop the piety act. You Anons simply haven’t engaged someone who is willing to fight you toe-to-toe, and that someone has, YOU ALL DON’T LIKE IT. I have every Biblical right to expose those who attack my brothers and sisters (Titus 1:9-12) and so long as you and your friends hide behind anonymous accounts and continue to harass IFB members, churches, and preachers, you will see my flashing lights in your rear-view mirror.

  8. Jim Nobles says:

    What do you think of IFB mogs going to a conference at Berean Baptist. Church in Fleming Island,Fl that defaulted on a ,6 million dollar loan and had their church forclosed. They are now just mear renters in the process of having to leave shortly. Psalm 37:21 calls failure to pay back.wicked. Why would these mogs participate in wickedness?

    • drjamesa says:

      You didn’t say they didn’t pay the creditors back, you simply alleged they defaulted on a mortgage; hardly the same thing. Furthermore, if the bank revoked the contract and has not sued them for any balance, and there has been an accord and satisfaction of the debt, then they don’t owe anything.

      Secondly, if they were moguls as you accuse them, I would think that a people with the financial status of a mogul would have the ability to pay off a loan, otherwise you can hardly call them moguls.

      Quite sure the tools in your shed need sharpened.

  9. Jim says:

    Come on, Jim you do better research than that, Check out Berean Baptist Church on the Clay County Florida websit…http://clayclerk.com/oncoreweb4251/Search.aspx The church had their CH 11 Bankruptcy dismissed, First Bank foreclosed on the property and has been on the market since spring of 2012.. http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/17599326/4459-US-Highway-17-Fleming-Island-FL/ . Google the peeping pastor Greg Neal. Again, why would your IFB buddies attend a conference at a church that is wicked according to Pslam 37:21.

    • drjamesa says:

      Apparently you are of the mistaken persuasion that we don’t call out our own just because their IFB. I suggest you search “JACK SCHAAP” on our website and several other Baptists that have fallen to sin and crime before you open your mouth and start spouting off about things you have no clue about. Or how about reading “Sick Of Baptist Perverts” Like I have had to say over and over again, you IFB critics have an acute case of foot-in-mouth disease. I report on issues as I become aware of them and as I have time to. I do not owe you my time to investigate every little accusation and detail of what you think is important for my website. I’m pretty sure that if I took the time and resources, I could find quite a bit of dirt on you.

      Just looked at the 2 links you gave me. Learn how to do legal research before you post some ridiculous “fact” like this. That’s not even close to the kind of documentation supporting what you accused that church of. Wow. Come back when you have actual court documents and an abstract of judgment for convictions, and not some search engine on a court website and how much money someone owes on a property.

  10. Dear Dr. Arch,

    I am a recent new OnLine Baptist contributor and I was looking at some old articles and saw your posting. I agree with your position on this website and on OnLine Baptist.

    I understand your problem with Online Baptist and there are a few left that are trying to strenghten the site.

    I have started an thread called, “Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.” In this study I am having a somewhat moderate success in standing for the correct doctrines of the scriptures that you mentioned:(1) KJV. (2) Pre-Millenial. (3) Dispensational – the proper scriptural relationship between Israel and the Church. (4) Pre-Tribulationist. (5) Non Calvinist.

    Needless to say, I have been lambasted by some, but, I feel I am slowly having some moderate success.

    I would like to invite you to check out the thread and post your comments.


    Dr. Maurice Alan Young

    • drjamesa says:

      Sorry, I am just now seeing this. Remind me to respond if you have Twitter. Twitter.com/DrJamesAch There are still some very good and strong brothers on that site, but they want to avoid drama so much that they permit too many devilish doctrines, so they lost a LOT of members. Shame because it was a really good site, but Calvinists have been on the prowl like Jesuits, infiltrating wherever and however they can.

  11. Robert says:

    Is James White possessed or what? What is it about that guy which strikes me so oddly when I watched him on video as much as I could take? I won’t say what I think it really is, but I wonder if it’s known publicly…and I could be wrong about what I think is so odd about the guy, but I do think he has some serious demon problems and needs prayer.

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