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Dr James Ach, J/A

James White did not fail to disparage Chris Pinto all throughout the debate while Chris Pinto was polite and reasonable throughout the debate and never returned White’s insults. White accuses Pinto of being an ignorant conspiracy theorist that claims that there is a Jesuit behind every bush. White adds a plethora of accusations against Pinto that Pinto has never said or claimed, and in White’s closing he even accused Pinto of using arguments for the sole purpose of “getting people to watch his film” (Tares Among the Wheat).

Something interesting about White’s cross-examination is he spends virtually all 15 minutes of his cross-examination of Pinto in attempting to prove that Pinto had a bias in favor of the Received Text in producing the film. Almost every question White asked was directed toward this end. SO WHAT IF HE DID? Does James White have a biased against the Majority Text and in favor of the Sinaiticus? Of course he does, HE WROTE A BOOK ABOUT IT. In fact, James White has even gone so far as to accuse us of not being able to fashion reasonable arguments and dialogue based upon the sole fact that we are King James Bible only adherents, and he said this on a radio program in response to an article that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE KING JAMES CONTROVERSY (See our article, Response to James White for evidence of this and links).

James White and others (like Fred Butler) have criticized even our own understanding of Biblical doctrine (because we are opposed to Calvinism) simply because we hold to a King James Bible only position, and yet one of our largest contributors to this website on the King James issue (Will Kinney) is a Calvinist. Yet White never criticizes Kinney’s personal beliefs because he is “KJVO”. James White has therefore absolutely no room whatsoever to offer one scintilla of criticism against Chris Pinto over any “bias” he may have had. Considering that White I believe would deem himself  a presuppositional apologist, how can a presuppositional apologist accuse anyone of having a bias when having presuppositions in itself means a bias that underwrites ones beliefs? White spent almost 15 minutes chasing a rabbit trail that proved futile and hypocritical.

White then attempts to attack Chris’s scholarship, which since White has touted himself as the “worlds leading apologist to Muslims”, we knew that was coming. A common tactic of White and his ilk: do as the Pharisees did to Christ and attack their education (John 7:15). However, Chris masterfully responded to White by saying that in a court of law, a juror is called upon to determine the credibility of experts and examine consistencies in testimony and whether it makes sense even though the juror themselves are not experts in the field being examined. Brilliant response from Chris on this attack from White. White presumes that only an expert in the collation of manuscripts can properly appreciate the time needed to invest in the kind of project that Simonides claimed to have achieved, and yet White himself is appealing to an audience of non experts expecting them to simply take his word for it. By the way, White never mentioned what experience HE HAS in collating manuscripts either, or that he has ever done so. White is merely quoting whom he considers experts in collations, which in essence is merely the same kind of evaluation of textual scholars that he does not afford Pinto the same courtesy of evaluating.

White then attempts to show that Pinto’s theory about Jesuit involvement is a figment of Pinto’s imagination. Pinto did attempt to show quotes from scholars which even included John Calvin to refute this, but White cut him off and did not allow Pinto to finish his rebuttal. Pinto mentioned Spurgeon and I wish that Pinto would have quoted what Spurgeon said, because Spurgeon is relied upon more by contemporary Calvinists as proof that Baptists have strong ties to Calvinism than by referring to John Calvin (Calvin, ironically, was a classmate of Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order.)

Spurgeon himself an admitted Calvinist, would likely be considered by White to be a conspiracy theory nutcase. Consider the following quotes by Spurgeon about the Jesuits and Rome,

[Spurgeon commenting on Westcott & Hort] “With those who treat the Bible as waste paper, and regard the death of Christ as no substitution, we have no desire for fellowship. After the gospel has been found effectual in the eternal salvation of untold multitudes, it seems rather late in the day to alter it; and , since it is the revelation of the all-wise and unchanging God, it appears somewhat audacious to attempt its improvement. When we call up before our mind’s eye the gentlemen who have set themselves this presumptuous task….. Their gigantic intellects are to hatch out the meanings of the Infinite. Hitherto they have not hatched out much worth reading. Their chickens are so much of the Roman breed, that we sometimes seriously suspect that, after all, Jesuitical craft may be at the bottom of this “modern thought”

White’s main argument is to explain how all of the additional scribal markings were introduced into the text, and why are the text type and penmanship apparently different from the manuscripts that Simonides claimed to have used, but this is easily answered. First of all, Did White get this information from the ORIGINAL TEXT that Tischendorf presented to the Westcott & Hort Revision Committee? Or is the manuscript White referring to the product of the Sinaiticus AFTER it had been in the possession of Westcott & Hort for twenty years? At least White does agree with Pinto (and all textual scholars) that Sinaiticus has 23,000 changes.

Pinto introduced other manuscripts that Simonides claimed to have used, of which White calls a speculative argument. But White’s argument itself is speculative. The only way to truly know whether or not White’s assumptions are valid is that if White himself is basing his evaluation off of the original text that Tischendorf had before it was used by Westcott & Hort. All of the differences that White alleges that separate the Sinaiticus from the manuscripts that Simonides claimed to have were clearly made by the Westcott & Hort committee who were in possession of these manuscripts for twenty years prior to their publication of the Revised Version of 1881-1885.

The documented evidence that White seems to ignore is that Simonides challenged Tischendorf to a public debate and told the public that he could PROVE that he was the author of the manuscripts. The most compelling part of this history is the fact-ignored by White-that SIMONIDES SHOWED UP TO THE DEBATE, Tischendorf DID NOT. Tischendorf had every opportunity to publicly denounce and humiliate Simonides for the several years that Simonides made his claims, and refused. Tischendorf had previously had to retract an accusation against Simonides when Simonides had also claimed authorship to a Greek version of The Sheperd of Hermas. Yet White did not address this glaring confirmation that if the Sheperd of Hermes was proven to be the work of Simonides, when no other scholar had  seen a Greek version of this, then why is it such a stretch to believe Simonides did not have the manuscripts available for the production of the Sinaiticus? Tischendorf was wrong about his accusation about Hermes, but then failed to show up to defend his accusations about the Sinaiticus, obviously because he wanted to avoid the embarrassment that Simonides was RIGHT.

White then cites manuscripts such as P46 that agree with Sinaiticus to show that Simonides could not have authored the Sinaiticus because those readings were unknown at the time of his claims. Isn’t it just ironic that these manuscripts magically appear out of nowhere after the publication of the RV and ASV of 1901? (The Catholic Church also did this with Erasmus in offering manuscripts unknown to anyone else, which Erasmus rejected) Furthermore, scholars themselves do not even agree on the veracity of the origins of P46 considering that there are DIFFERENT COPIES OF THEM. One version of P46 has 56 leaves to it (The Cheaster Beatty collection in Dublin, Ireland), and the other (6238) 30 leaves at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. P46 was initially found with only 10 leaves, but when their authenticity was questioned, all of a sudden more leaves began to appear. This is the spurious scholarship that White and all anti KJVO “scholars” use as a basis for promoting the critical text theories and what White uses to validate the supposed early origin of the Sinaiticus. White emphasizes spurious verses where numerous variants agree with Sinaiticus, but does not discuss all of the numerous places they DISAGREE with each other as well as their frequent misspellings. (Eph 1:1, Sinaiticus reads JESUS CHRIST where P46 reads CHRIST JESUS, and omits “which are”; Philippians 1:14, the Sinaiticus and P46 do not agree on “to speak the word without fear”, P46 and Sinaiticus fight each other on “death is swallowed up in victory” in 1 Cor 15. In 2 Corinthians 2:14, Sinaiticus reads “OUR Lord Jesus Christ” whereas P46 reads “THE Lord Jesus Christ”. etc…etc…)

White even admits that one of the verses he cited as a proof text (Mark 14:30 “boisterous” which is actually in Matthew 14:30 not Mark 14;30) was itself A CORRECTION. Thus if this verse is cited as evidence that “proves” that Simonides could not have written Sinaiticus, but the verse itself is an ADMITTED CORRECTION, then how can White claim that this verse reflects a more ancient text type that was unavailable to Simonides?

Pinto pointed out that Simonides uncle had assisted in the collation of the  manuscripts and there is no reason to believe that this could not have been done by the time that Simonides made his manuscript. White claims that they had to have been collated during Simonides era, but that is simply not stated in the sources cited. White bases this on one single quote that states that Simonides “helped collate the manuscripts”, but that does not mean that Simonides collated ALL of the manuscripts that were used. There is no evidence that the majority of the manuscripts used by Simonides were not already collated for him, and that he only helped with the remaining manuscripts. White’s accusation on this point is even more speculative than that of which he accuses Pinto of. Considering the mount of manuscripts that are known to exist at Mount Athos where Simonides claimed to have written Sinaiticus as well as the fact that evidence does show that manuscripts were actually collated for Simonides regardless of whether or not White LIKES this fact, the weight of the evidence is in favor of Pinto’s assertion.

White also argues that Simonides age of 19 (or maybe he was 20, but who’s counting months!) prevented him from being such an expert. Pinto solidly refuted this by offering testimony given from Simonides contemporaries that knew him. However, would James White question the ability and intelligence of his own Calvinist theologians such as Jonathon Edwards who went to Yale at age 13? While White railed on Pinto for arguing certain possibilities, White himself creates his own assumptions about the possibilities of Simonides abilities which if White were honest, he would have to admit unless he can prove beyond the same doubt that he demanded of Pinto, that Simonides could not have possibly done the work he claimed, that his argument was also speculative.

In closing White wants to know “what the Bible really says” but White admits that the Codex Sinaiticus readings were “utterly unknown” to any of the contemporaries of Tischendorf of Simonides day. This brings up a great question for the anti KJV proponents like White who snidely ask KJVO proponents “where was the Bible before 1611?”. Where was the Bible before Codex Sinaiticus? If White admits that thousands of readings were “utterly unknown” to anyone, and yet his Reformation beliefs were developed by people using the Majority Text, does that mean that all of the beliefs derived from the Received Text of the Reformation should be re-examined now (including White’s Calvinism!)? It is ironic that White assails the Majority Text, but scholars like White, Wallace, McDowell, et al. will use the 5000 plus manuscripts that support the King James when arguing against atheists, and then criticize those same texts and give more weight to the critical text (less than 100 total manuscripts) when debating a King James Onlyist. THAT is some lopsided apologetics!

White as all critical text scholars, adopt the Darwinian theory that “things are evolving and getting better everyday”. That with the passage of time, more manuscripts become available that shed light on what God told us He would preserve when the texts were written. Thus, we will never know if what we have now is really the word of God because the issue is never settled. Just as some new scientific discovery may surface to disprove creation, so too, may some new variant arise that shows that Christians throughout the ages have all been wrong. There is never a time when the Christian can simply say, “I believe God created the world” and thus relax that no amount of new discoveries will disprove that. No professing Christian holding to the critical text theories of White can ever be sure that what they call a Bible today may have doubt cast on it tomorrow by some new discovery.

It is ironic that as much as White believes that God predetermined all of the “elect” from the foundation of the world, and believes that such persons are held in perseverance by God (which we at least sort of agree with although we disagree that our view of eternal security and perseverance of the saints are the same thing), that the very source of which that belief is based on can not be held to that same assurance. Common sense should tell anyone without having to have one hour of “scholarly training in textual criticism” that TWENTY THREE THOUSAND CHANGES to a manuscript can not possibly be similar enough to the Bible that has been accepted throughout the centuries by fundamental Christians to be called the word of God. As Pinto rightly pointed out, there are numerous Muslim and atheist websites that use this as an argument against the validity of the Bible, and have even quoted James White confessing that Luke 24:34 and John 7 readings are not in the Bible.

Of course, James White piously states that he debates Muslims all the time and this is not an issue. HOGWASH. We’ve heard the debates James and we know better. Shabir Ally used it quite a bit, and if James White ever spent an hour knocking on doors or going into Muslim neighborhoods WITNESSING instead of DEBATING all of the time, he would see these arguments up close and personal. While James White is bragging about being the “leading apologist to the Muslims”, I know of dozens of missionaries, and would even include my own daily discussions with Muslims, that I can guarantee you have personally led more Muslims to a personal relationship with Christ then White ever has from a 2 hour debate with a Muslim scholar, using a plain old King James Bible. This is where even though I disagree vehemently with the doctrines of Calvinism, I will at least give credit to some of their adherents like William Carey and others who were personal soul winners (even though Carey’s own pastor opposed him on using “means” in salvation presentations). Even while defending their views, and writing books about doctrine, they never forgot what their purpose was as sojourners on this temporary earth, and that was and is for us- taking the gospel door to door, street to street, person to person-what should be every Bible believers objective. I can’t say for sure I know who listens to White’s debates, but I can tell you I know for sure that the Jews and Muslims I have personally talked to today heard the gospel! as well as those missionaries who are in present danger doing the same. However, I can also tell you that “scholarship” like White’s has made it all the more difficult to convince skeptics, critics and various religions that the source of my beliefs is valid. Things that are different are not the same, which seems to be the most elementary and simple concept that bloated egotistical “scholars” bent on trying to prove their intellectual superiority neglect.

Furthermore, a factor that White and his ilk also neglect is that while White accuses KJVOs of propagating “conspiracies”, the apostles themselves claimed that the Bible was being attacked. Should we not expect those corrupt manuscripts to be somewhere today? If altering manuscripts was a problem then, why would it be a conspiracy theory to believe it is occurring now? Although scholars have argued “where are the good manuscripts”, “which ones are closer to the ‘originals'”, I think a neglected question is “where are the corruptions?”. Sure we know of “Bibles” such as the Watchtower’s New World Translation that are corrupt (which of course, is based on the texts of Westcott & Hort that White defends), but Paul and Peter seemed to be concerned about this problem among PROFESSING FUNDAMENTAL BELIEVERS WITHIN THE CHURCH. So if there were corrupt manuscripts, WHERE ARE THEY? The oh so obvious answer to that is what men like White spend a life time denying.

In  one comment in another video White made about the KJV’s archaic language (in which he pronounced the word “ado” as “adoh” as one crazy Baptist pointed out), White said we shouldn’t make people have to carry around a big 19th century dictionary with our Bibles to have to understand the KJV. Well I would posit Mr. White that we shouldn’t have to have 20 different translations on our desk when preparing an article or sermon, or have to figure out which “Bible” we are going to preach from on Sonday investing the same amount of time in figuring that out as to which bow tie one will wear to church.

God breathed the Scriptures for the common and simple man. Men like John Bunyon who couldn’t read, the drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless, for the simple and even the retarded. It was the scholars that Christ had the most problems with (Malachi 2:12) and the so-called intellectuals of the day (1 Corinthians chapter 1). God never intended for the Bible to be so difficult that you had to consult a priest to tell you if it was a Bible or not (anyone remember the Dark Ages?). Sure, the Ethiopian Eunuch asked “how can I understand except some man teach me” but he wasn’t questioning whether what he was reading was God’s word, and I bet he was reading ONE translation. Could you imagine if the Eunuch had 50 translations in his buggy? His question would have been different. He would have been asking, “which one of these is God’s word”. Of course, White would say “all of them”, 23,000 changes and all.

The reason “scholars” like this defend such trash is because their livelihoods DEPEND on it. Not only that, but they set themselves up as authorities on the Bible like a mechanic is to a car. The average person can’t possibly know “what God said” without an exhaustive knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and then textual criticism and all of its variations. He must consult 50 translations or so until he finds what he thinks is an accurate representation of what God said. The greatest revivals in history happened with ONE BOOK-ONE TRANSLATION. The believer in today’s world of scholarship can never be certain that what he reads is actually what God said. There is constant and consistent doubt cast on that premise by CHRISTIAN “scholars”, and because of this modern phenomena, many a believer’s faith have been shipwrecked.

Men like White are like showboat trial lawyers paid to convince the world that the Emperor is actually dressed when the reality is he’s standing stark naked in front of everyone. Let the Bible believer take his King James Bible and his “simple faith” and continue to win souls for Christ while the “scholars” pat themselves on the back for “winning debates” (as White so adamantly reminded Pinto).

One positive thing about the debate though, even though it wasn’t nearly long enough to get to all of the issues (which of course, White blames on Pinto’s video being 3 hours long. Ironcially, White has debates that are virtually just as long: James White’s debate with Jehovah’s Witness Greg Stafford is 2 hours and 55 minutes long. His debate with Michael Brown on Calvinism is 2 hours and 22 minutes long. His debate with Yusuf Ismail is 2 hours 59 minutes which is 2 minutes longer than Pinto’s documentary) at least the moderator kept the time right and never interrupted.

In addition to our expose of Fred Butler’s non-sense in our recent article, How James White Helps Spread Islam, we bring our readers attention to some additional sinister slander that Butler has made against Laurence Vance, popular author of several fundamentalist publications.

In a radio interview hosted by “Theology Matters”, Fred Butler claims that all “KJVOs hate the doctrines of grace” and claimed that Laurence Vance was one of just such people. Butler opined that Vance’s book, “The Dark Side of Calvinism” was an eerie looking book with pentagrams on it. First of all, Laurence Vance’s book is called, “The Other Side of Calvinism”, not “The Dark Side of Calvinism” which was written by George Bryson.

Now keep in mind, in our recent article cited above, Butler referred to Chris Pinto’s research as “sloppy scholarship”.


On Butler’s Hips and Thighs website, where he links to this radio interview, he rebuts a blogger who points out some of Fred’s inconsistencies. Butler replies as follows,

Curious that you think there isn’t a falling out, because folks who are more aware of the situation say otherwise. But I could really care less. Needless to say, in the first edition of his anti-Calvinist rag, Vance opens his fifth chapter with a long odd ball study on the number 5 and how it represents death and how the 5 points of Calvinism equate death.

The following is from Laurence Vance’s FIRST EDITION:


The doctrines of Calvinism are usually defined and discussed as the Five Points of Calvinism. These five points are the sum and substance of the Calvinistic system: the distinguishing mark which separates Calvinists from all other Christians. This is stated in no uncertain terms by all Calvinists.

Vance then goes on to cite several popular Calvinist theologians who agree with his opening statement. Not one mention of a pentagram and a comparison to the 5 points as synonymous with the number of death. Butler mentioned this in context with a comment about Gail Riplinger, whose book, “New Age Bible Versions” DOES have a sinister look to its cover. Thus it is obvious that Butler attempted to lump Vance in with Riplinger whom he knows that even many other KJVO are not in agreement with.

In a review of books on Calvinism, Butler writes in 2007 the following about Vance (and actually got the name of the book right this time),

    Thus, in order to assuage the swell of Calvinistic teaching surging through out the Church, several books have been published as a wall of defense against what is perceived to be grievous error that has flooded the congregations of God’s people.  Oddly, the authors of these polemics roam diverse theological territories in American Christianity.  For instance, Larry Vance, a King James Only, separatist fundamentalist, wrote The Other Side of Calvinism, a book that is saturated in conspiratorial nonsense and radical, historical revisionism.

Anyone that has ever read Vance’s book, The Other Side of Calvinism, knows that what makes this such a classic work on Calvinism is the lengths that Vance goes into quoting from primary source material of Calvinist authors and theologians. His book has literally thousands of quotes and excerpts from hundreds of Calvinist authors so that no detractor of Vance could ever honestly say that he misrepresented Calvinism. There’s not one single hint in Vance’s book of any conspiracy theories. Every rebuttal Vance makes against a tenet of Calvinist doctrine begins with the assessment of something  Calvinist themselves wrote.

Considering that Laurence Vance has a PhD in HISTORY and theology, the burden of proof should be on Fred Butler to show where Vance “revised history” in his book. It is obvious that Fred Butler has never even read this book.

We have shown on this website numerous times the debate tactics that Butler employs against his detractors and these accusations against Laurence Vance are no exception. Fred Butler has shown that he is willing to lie, and recklessly misrepresent those he disagrees with to paint the ugliest possible picture of anyone he considers antagonist to his views. And to think this guy works for John MacArthur at “GRACE to you”. As much as I loathe most of MacArthur’s theology, I at least give him credit for not having the nastiness and lying tactics of one of his employees.

Fred Butler and James White’s portrayal of King James Onlyist is just downright evil and dishonest. Although we don’t agree with Calvinists, we don’t stoop to the level of brandishing our detractors with the same hateful and lying rhetoric as Butler and White. Anyone that looks at the side of our website can see that we even recommend a counseling agency that are CALVINIST in doctrine (IBCD). One of my text books in Bible college was Wayne Grudem’s (a Calvinist), Systematic Theology, and Arthur Pink’s Sovereignty of God. After leaving Judaism, I spent several years in a Presbyterian church and read every book I could find on Calvinism, beginning with Loraine Boettner’s, Reformed Doctrine of Predestination. In all, I have probably read 120-125 books written by Calvinist authors. It just pains some Calvinists that a person could disagree with Calvinism so they must not have truly studied it (as James White so readily accuses Dave Hunt). Yet to deliberately misrepresent WHY a person disagrees with Calvinism position as Butler has done is an egregious wickedness.

But some things that Butler is right about, I absolutely HATE doctrines that are created in synods, confessions and creeds. I make no apologies for my stand against Calvinism, nor do I sugarcoat it, but there are at least several Calvinist friends that I have in which we get along great, and agree to disagree on Calvinism. Fred Butler has a very distorted view of reality, and an obvious total inability to represent the views of his detractors with honesty even if he doesn’t agree with them.

Perhaps if Butler spent more time actually reading what he rebuts, instead of consulting his Wookie dictionary to see if Chewbacca has an opinion on the matter, his assessments of his critics wouldn’t be so full of flagrant fouls. When was the last time Butler got off of his swivel chair, put his light saber down and won a soul to Christ? I believe Butler would rather suck up to so-called “scholars” so that he can feel the warmth and embrace of the Iammyowngod club, tickle some ears in hopes that perhaps someone will praise him and send him free tickets to the next Batman movie.



By Dr. James Ach and Dr. Elisha Weismann

James White recently produced a response to Chris Pinto’s documentary, “Tares Among the Wheat”, criticizing Pinto with a variety of rather silly attacks. Tares Among the Wheat is a documentary about the untold history behind the Codex Sinaiticus, one of minority texts used by liberal Bible “scholars” to undermine the King James Bible.

We are going to let Chris Pinto speak for himself by posting the links to his 2 responses to James White, as Pinto does a more than adequate job of addressing White’s “critiques”.  But there three things that we want to address before posting the links. First of all, James White and his sidekick, Fred Butler (Hip and Thigh) criticize the MUSIC used by Pinto in his documentary as “eerie” and argue that Pinto is using the music to prove a point in his documentary. James White claimed to have laughed hysterically when he heard the music. We here at DoRightChristians laughed hysterically when we heard James White use this as an argument against Pinto’s documentary, particularly when James White has done the exact same thing to Dave Hunt in his opening musical prelogue to his Radio Free Geneva show in cherry picking statements from Hunt about the Reformers and Calvinism while playing “eerie music” behind the quotes. Not only this, but James White has referred to the Ergun Caner controversy as “Caner’s JIHAD against Christianity”. Now we have already stated that we believe criticism against Caner has validity to it, but for White to call it a JIHAD AGAINST CHRISTIANS, and then claim that humble men like Pinto are painting false caricatures of historical characters such as Tischendorf is patently obnoxious and hypocritical. Of course, White has also done the same to us in that, since we are King James Only, we must not have the ability to understand the Trinity, Eternal Security, the virgin birth, Creation, the Resurrection, etc. According to James White, if you are not a Critical Text proponent, you can’t possibly have an accurate view of historical and Biblical Christianity.

Secondly, James White opens his show with comments that Pinto’s scholarship is not as good or as responsible as CNN journalism. So now when anyone critiques James White, they must be able to present scholarship that is as “good and responsible” as a liberal communist news organization. (Chris also addresses a hypocritical assessment White makes about a quote Pinto made from a BBC reporter which conflicts with White’s earlier CNN comment.)

This is the arrogant “Scholarship Only” attitude that men like White, Butler and practically all anti KJVO “scholars” take. If you don’t agree with them, you must not have “scholarship”. This is the same attitude that the Pharisees had against Christ: “How knoweth this man letters HAVING NEVER LEARNED” John 7:15. It is a deceptive tactic that White uses to inoculate his listeners before beginning his tirade against any KJVO apologist or those who support the Majority Text against the Critical Text. Butler uses the same tactics as well. He begins his articles with personal insults so that his readers begin with the idea that he is critiquing an absolute nut job and heretic before he even begins to address why he disagrees with the premise of his detractor’s arguments.

Here is just one comment Butler (five pointer) says about Pinto on his “Hip and Thigh” website,

The fact that Chris passes off his cherry-picked citations and sloppy research as “scholarship” and then reacts with hostility when people who know better challenge him also troubles me when you say he is a godly guy. 1

First of all, Chris Pinto never made the claim that his documentary was to be viewed as “scholarship”. But, since that is the criteria in which occult lovers like Butler base their judgments, thus the accusation follows. Considering that Butler himself has NEVER addressed the issue of Constantine Simonides on any of his anti KJV articles, and has only addressed it for the first time after Pinto’s documentary, shows that Butler himself never did the research on this issue before his unwarranted critique of Pinto’s video. Furthermore, Butler offered several opinions about Pinto’s documentary PRIOR to actually watching it, which he admits he just recently watched it for the first time in late November, 2013. Should we call that “sloppy scholarship” since Butler obviously “answered a matter before he heard it”? (Proverbs 18:13.) Then you will notice at the bottom of Butler’s comment he asks about finding Pinto’s church, denomination and pastor, matters which he could have easily  simply asked Pinto himself about, but instead, posts it to someone he really has no clue if they know this information or not, simply to give the reader the impression that there’s probably something even more sinister about Pinto if we all knew what his denomination was. A truly snake-in-the-grass tactic. Ironically enough, Butler recently posted an article about evangelism where he stated, “First, they mistakenly believe apologetics and evangelism is a discipline only carried out by trained professional like pastors, seminary grads, or those who have studied in some apologetic program.” Doesn’t seem like Butler practices what he preaches.

Chris never responded in hostility to White or Butler. According to Butler, anyone who disagrees with him and White are “hostile”, but yet would he consider himself “hostile” by his personal attacks on Pinto? Of course not, because he’s a hypocritical windbag. (And yes, you can call us hostile, we don’t mind 🙂 ) We have also shown how Butler does the exact same “cherry picking” that he accused Pinto of (although Butler and White’s accusation of “cherry picking” amounts to not presenting the Critical Text view in support of their arguments in which Pinto’s objective was rather to show history that has been neglected and has never been addressed by even White or Butler themselves until this documentary by Pinto was produced).

Fred Butler Uses The Force to Fight KJVO

Fred Butler Uses The Force to Fight KJVO

The LORD will cut off the man that doeth this, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and him that offereth an offering unto the LORD of hosts.” Malachi 2:12

Finally, the critical point that Pinto makes in his response is how the Codex Sinaiticus is used by skeptics and critics against Christians. Will Kinney recently demonstrated this in an article about the reading of Luke 23:34 where Muslims argue that the reading of “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” is not found in any of the so-called “earliest manuscripts”, and in support of their arguments, they QUOTE JAMES WHITE. (See article here). Pinto explains how the “scholarship” of James White and Butler actually help bolster Muslim and atheist attacks against the Bible, and how James White actually agrees with atheists like Bart Ehrman against Christians who believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God.  Thus so-called “scholarship” by White and Butler actually serves to embolden the beliefs that Muslims and atheists have against the Bible which in turn serves to create more confidence that Islam is right, and that Christianity is based upon a book that is full of forged documents and variants.

While James White and Butler think they are actually apologists defending Christianity, they have either by willful actions or just shear ignorance caused MORE harm to the belief in the validity and authenticity of the Scriptures and have rather helped to encourage the spread of Islam.



Additional Interesting Facts About White and Pinto

By the way, before James White changed over to the new Alpha & Omega Ministries website, we had document pictures of James White in the Caymen Islands donning a Scottish Kilt that had what appeared as a clear Freemason sporran (the purse like attachment worn in the front over the kilt). This photo has now been removed. It is also interesting that as an apologist, James White has never produced a definitive work on Freemasonry but makes only casual references to it in books and articles about Mormonism. In one article, (now removed) he merely shows how some of Mormonisms rituals were borrowed from Freemasons. However, this merely shows that the Mormon ritual was not original, it doesn’t make the case that Freemasonry in itself is inherently evil. Considering that White opposes Pinto’s view of possible Jesuit conspiracies, and Jesuits and Freemasonry have a very strong connection, it does not surprise us that White says very little publicly about Freemasonry.

White has also still refused to respond to us about the accusations that his sister leveled against him where she claims that he threatened her when she told them about their father sexually molesting her for several years. Response to James White.

Also read our article on how Muslims quote James White to prove that Luke 23:34 is not part of the Bible.


On Fred Butler’s older website, he gives a review of the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”. The article hosts a picture of Batman with the occultic Phoenix over Batman’s head. It is no wonder that the theme of the picture itself is titled “A Fire Will Rise” based on the Phoenix slogan “Out of the Ashes Beauty Will Rise”. This is the blatantly occultic theme of Freemasonry and other pagan religions that the Phoenix will one day arise from the ashes (bottomless pit, Rev 9:1) and recapture the world which he once lost because some angelic being (Christ!) stuffed him in this hole after burning him up in battle. Don’t believe us? See the explanation from a Masonic website for yourself. Or the following explanation from an admitted Illuminati website in the section, “New Word Order, Phoenix Resurgum“. The Phoenix is a very common occultic symbol which has been used in symbols everywhere from Freemasonry, the Roman Catholic Church, the US dollar bill, and even John Calvin’s college in Geneva.

Symbol of John Calvin's College with the Catholic Key, Phoenix and IHS Logo

Symbol of John Calvin’s College with the Catholic Key, Phoenix and IHS Logo

Butler gives the following rave review of the movie,

Overall, the movie is outstanding.

The main villain this time is an anarchist terrorist named Bane played by Tom Hardy.  The character has a lot of great lines and Hardy delivers them well, though his modulated voice reminded me of Christopher Plummer’s “General Chang” from Star Trek 6.

Butler even refers to film critics as APOLOGISTS, a term typically reserved for those who defend the Bible and Christianity.

I’m sure there are apologists who would say the battle started around 5 pm and by the time Batman gets in the mix, dusk had already fallen.  Maybe.

So ironic that Butler criticizes the length of Pinto’s documentary, but has no problem taking his wife and himself to see TRILOGIES of OCCULT MOVIES. Butler then goes on to state that, “What about any Christian-themed motifs seen in the film? I honestly did not go to this film looking for them…..That said, I didn’t go see The Dark Knight Rises because of the conservative themes or so-called Christian “redemptive” elements, though I will say the conservative ideas made the picture that much more enjoyable.” When Hollywood starts producing films with Christian motifs through movies like Star Wars, Batman, and Star Trek, we might as well agree with Darwin that humans came from monkeys and sit down and enjoy a banana or two with Fred.

So it is clear that Butler uses “the force” to gain his insights into “Biblical scholarship”. Perhaps if Pinto played the Batman Theme as the background for his documentary, Butler and White would have taken it more seriously. Would White criticize Butler over his affinity for occultic movies? Of course not-birds of a feather (or in this case, a Phoenix)……

This is your picture of how “scholarship” treats people that actually believe we have an inspired word of God that we can see, handle and read, and that the ordinary person can digest and study without having to get permission or authoritative interpretations from a priest. Not only have men like White and Butler actually helped the spread of Islam, but have attempted to bring Christians back into the Dark Ages where only the priest or “scholar” TRULY KNEW what the Bible REALLY said. And it is with this that we admonish our believers to file the “scholarship” of White and Butler, et al,  in the same place Tischendorf claimed to have found the Sinaiticus.


UPDATE 2/12/14

On James White’s 2/11/14 radio show, and on White’s Twitter account, White referred to me as a “loon” because I criticized his use of a Star Trek excerpt he used as an illustration in critiquing the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye Creation Debate. Anyone who saw this excerpt could see that White was quoting the lines before they played which means he had watched this video numerous times before. I stated that there were plenty of examples in the Old Testament that could be used for story lines that researching such occultic TV shows like Star Trek is unnecessary.

I also criticized a Tweet that James White sent out to Albert Mohler about Hardy Boys novels:

Listening to @albertmohler talk about reading the Hardy Boys series…just as I did. Still have my old set, considering some Kindle eds!

White referred to me as an “Ultra Fundy” because I said that God’s people should ACT like God’s people and not be entertained and fascinated with Hollywood movies and novels.

When the world doesn’t see that you act any different than they do, why should they take you seriously when you tell them that living a life in Christ is so much better than what the world offers?

White had several followers comment on the matter. One named Bob Willits, identified himself as a cigar lover with a profile picture that displayed him puffing on his favorite Cuban. Another, Crododuck, displayed a picture of a naked men holding 2 cats on his shoulder, and another picture with a woman in skant clothes spreading her legs. When you fail to demand separation from the world, these are the type of followers you get.

Dr. James A, PhD


The first man fell because the Lord deemed it meet that he should” John Calvin, Institutes, III.23.8.

In Genesis 2:16-17, the Scripture says, “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”

According to the Calvinist Westminster Confession, God predetermined some to be saved, and other men and angels to be predestined for hell. WC III, 3. Yet in God’s decrees, the WC states that while God has determined from eternity all things whatsoever comes to pass, it adds a preemptive clause that follows “but that God is not the author of sin”. I don’t believe Calvinists can get away with this clause.

In order for God to have reprobated anyone, there had to be someone to reprobate. God only created ONE human, and He created that human perfect. God COULD HAVE created two men, one perfect and the other sinful (which would make God the author of sin, but as we will see, that’s what He does anyway when the implications of Calvinism on this are laid out). But, God created only one. God told Adam to be fruitful and multiply. Since Adam was created perfect, it would be logical to affirm that all of Adam’s progeny would have been expected to be as perfect as he was.

If one man was created perfect, and that man was expected to be fruitful and multiply, the only way that God could have reprobated any human being is that if He purposely intended for Adam to fall when He created him. Otherwise He could not possibly be said to have made any determination from eternity to reprobate any humans. In order for God to have planned the reprobation of any, HE HAD TO GUARANTEE THAT ADAM WOULD SIN. For if Adam does not sin, then nobody could ever be reprobated. Mankind being judged for sin is due to Adams fall (Romans 5:1-12). Therefore, For God to eternally decree reprobation, He must guarantee that men become sinful, otherwise without sin, God would cause the reprobation of perfect humans.

Thus, for Calvinism’s theology of reprobation and preterition to be valid, God MUST be the author of sin because Adam’s federal headship over sinners can not be possible without Adam sinning, so Adam MUST sin in order for God to bring to pass the condemnation of those He reprobated from eternity. If Adam fails to sin, then those whom God reprobated would have to be judged for something other than sin.

Now there are some Calvinists that actually affirm God caused Adam’s sin. However, Genesis 2:17 God specifically told Adam that of all the other trees in the garden he could freely eat, but commanded him with a hearty “thou shalt not” to refrain from eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This imperative shows clearly that God did not intend nor desire for Adam to sin. Some Calvinists will argue that there was a purpose in God “allowing” sin (Calvinists fancy way of exonerating God as the author of evil), but if God’s intention for sin was its prospective qualities toward accomplishing His will (as if He needs sin to be sovereign), then why didn’t God just make Satan evil from the beginning?

Therefore Calvinism can not escape that theological implications that reprobation makes God the author of sin.

 Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.” Ecclesiastes 7:29

He fashioneth their hearts alike; he considereth all their works” Psalm 33:15