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James A., Ph.D

On December 13, 2018, The Daily Caller (“DC”) (founded by Tucker Carlson of FOX News) published an article claiming that Dr. Jerome Corsi helped raise $25,000 for a doctor that didn’t exist. I will direct the reader to the article so as to not take credit for their work and to avoid redundancy in repeating the same claims.

Corsi’s lawyer, Larry Klaymen, posted a response to the article here. 

For the following reasons, I believe Jerome Corsi knowingly and intentionally engaged in wire fraud, theft, conspiracy to defraud,  and assisted in a scam that bilked $25,000 from his followers to endorse a cause he knew to be fraudulent. I do not say this lightly. I have been a fan of Corsi’s for several years, and own some of his well-researched books. I supported and defended Jerome Corsi when he was attacked by the “Q Anon” crowd in April of 2018 [I believe Q Anon is an absolute fraud and have posted quite a bit of evidence on my Twitter page to prove it]

Let me address why I think every excuse that Corsi and Larry Klaymen-who I have a lot of respect for-have made in their defense against the Daily Caller article are absurd.

The Daily Caller Article Is Based On A Mueller Leak?

Corsi is the target of a Robert Mueller probe where Mueller is seeking to connect Corsi to Roger Stone and Wikileaks. I do not think Mueller can prove that, nor do I think Wikileaks got any of their information from Russian agents, so the entire premise of Mueller’s witch hunt is based on a question begging presupposition. Nevertheless, Corsi has asserted that Mueller tried to set him up to lie against president Trump, and the information obtained by the Daily Caller is just another one of those attempts to vilify Corsi. At most, I think that’s a half truth.

However, let’s assume arguendo that Mueller did leak the information. So what? That doesn’t prove that the content of the DC article is inaccurate. In fact, most conservatives point out that the attacks on Wikileaks should not detract from what’s revealed in them. Criticizing the DC article based solely on HOW the DC obtained is known as a pyschogenetic fallacy, and dismissing it based solely on its source is a classic genetic fallacy. The response offered by Klaymen does nothing to address the merits of the facts and arguments raised by the DC, and therefore the arguments Klaymen and Corsi raise against the DC article that are based solely on its source and how it was obtained are fallacious and erroneous.

Furthermore, what exactly did Mueller leak? Corsi published several videos endorsing the Go Fund Me campaign, offered several links to the “doctor’s” website, publicly named the person (Thomas Sickler) he was raising funds for and even had some fancy campaign videos made for him and publicly stated that his wife’s cousin was treated by this doctor (“Mendelsohn”) in Israel. So what exactly did Mueller convey to Chuck Ross (the author of the DC article) that wasn’t already open source, public information? All of these facts are listed in the DC article with the links where they can be verified.

It is interesting that of all the public appearances Corsi made on FOX and Youtube following his Mueller interrogation, which included the claims that Mueller was targeting his stepson, Corsi never mentioned that Mueller was also looking into his Go Fund Me campaign reference by the DC article. In my opinion, Mueller likely didn’t know about the Go Fund Me (given what Corsi himself told us about the interrogation) but now, Corsi is attempting to insert a peremptory defense in the event the Mueller uses it against him. In other words, if Mueller can’t charge Corsi with collusion, he’ll turn to the Go Fund Me fiasco, and when he does, Corsi can say “we told you so”. It’s kind of a round-about way of preventing Mueller from using the Go Fund Me campaign against him, but if he does, it will be bootstrapped to his argument as proof that Mueller leaked the information to Chuck Ross.

Corsi Endorsed The Campaign With A Personal Testimony

Jerome Corsi claimed that his wife’s cousin was treated by this doctor in Israel. Even if the “doctor” (“Mendelsohn”) and the “cancer victim” (“Sickler”) (who may be the same person given that the organization’s medical practice website in Florida is registered in the “cancer victim’s” name) had “misled” Corsi, and were the ones scamming him, Corsi would’ve known that the practice was a scam once his wife’s cousin arrived in Israel and realized that no such doctor existed. That would likely make for one very angry cousin if she was truly suffering from cancer and traveled from Argentina to Israel only to find that no such treatment is available at the hospital where it is claimed to be practiced at, nor does the doctor exist who is claimed to be its champion.

Corsi’s followers may have been reluctant to contribute to this campaign, but given Corsi’s endorsement of the treatment, and his claim that the doctor cured his wife’s cousin, Corsi put any doubt to rest and put his potential contributors at ease by vouching for the cancer treatment.

Was Corsi Duped and Mislead by Dr. Mendelsohn and Thomas Sickler?

Corsi asserts that it’s possible that he was mislead or “bamboozled” by Sickler and the doctor, but that he genuinely believed that Sickler was a cancer patient and the Dr. Mendelsohn was a real doctor. HOWEVER, keep in mind it was Corsi’s claim that this doctor healed his wife’s cousin that gave credence to the claims of the medical treatment, and therefore, for the endorsement of Sicker’s campaign. That means that the narrative about Corsi’s cousin came BEFORE the campaign was started for Thomas Sickler. Hence, Corsi knew it was fraud before he started the campaign on Sickler’s behalf.

Moreover, how ironic is it that the “cancer patient” Corsi was raising funds for just happens to also be the same patient who owns the website for one Dr. Eliad Mendelsohn? If the doctor was a fraud when Corsi sent his wife’s cousin to Israel (if THAT is even true: we haven’t heard from the cousin), he was a fraud when Corsi established the campaign for Sickler, and Corsi knew it. But my, what a coincidence that Corsi just happens to run into the very person who created Dr. Mendelsohn after his cousin returning from Israel would’ve told him that no such doctor exists! This clearly implies that not only did Corsi know that Dr. Mendelsohn did not exist, but implies he knew who was behind the fraud because the odds that he would start a Go Fund Me campaign for the very person who created Dr. Mendelsohn after knowing that his wife’s cousin was not treated by any such person, while not being suspect about the person approaching him for the need to be treated by this “doctor” would be astronomical.

Therefore, it appears to me that Jerome Corsi knew all along that the Dr. Mendelsohn “cancer treatment” was fraudulent, and he compounded the scam by lying about the treatment of his wife’s cousin which gave the campaign a veridical appearance, when in fact, it resulted in defrauding hundreds of people who contributed to what they thought was a genuine campaign to treat a cancer patient.


I am not only disappointed in Jerome Corsi as a long time faithful follower of his, but I am angry. Corsi has given the impression that he is a Christian, and has declared that he would not accept Robert Mueller’s plea agreement because he could not “lie before God and country” to something he knows to be a lie. And yet, it is obvious to me that Corsi lied about the Sickler/Mendelsohn Go Fund Me campaign. These kind of actions give other Christians a bad name, and it should be called out.

Corsi owes his followers an apology. He owes his followers reimbursement for their contributions to this campaign. Corsi should also be criminally prosecuted for theft and conspiracy to defraud the contributors (note: Corsi denies receiving any of the proceeds of the campaign, but at this point, I believe even that needs to be investigated).

One of my biggest complaints against the current Trump presidency is that not enough has been done to drain the swamp. I believe Mueller’s inquisition is a witch hunt, and good people like Mike Flynn are being destroyed while crooks and liars like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Eric Holder, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein and the rest of the Deep State cabal seem to get away with murder. It’s obvious that there’s one standard of justice and another for conservatives. Nevertheless, it numbs the mind to think that Corsi should be exonerated merely because Deep State actors aren’t held accountable for their actions. Corsi should be held to the same standards as anyone else, and any defense of Corsi’s actions are inexcusable. I pray Corsi seek’s the counsel of the Lord, and after some long reflection comes to repentance.