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Dr. James A., PhD

Let me write the songs of a nation, I care not who writes their laws” ~ Andrew Fletcher

As a former musician and DJ, though I no longer listen to rock and country music, I still follow their trends. There is no better critic of the dangers of secular music (and even most contemporary Christian music) than a former participant of it. In the last few years, I have noticed a trend in country music. That trend has been the slow integration of musicians adopting, encouraging, and promoting the LGBT lifestyle, something that has traditionally been a verboten practice among country music aficionados.

Before I explain why I believe Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dating, let me first explain why the LGBT and Globalists need to infiltrate country music.

It’s not that country music is a bastion of orthodoxy and morality, it certainly is not, but the globalist agenda is about eliminating patriotism and nationalism, and there is no bigger strong hold on that ideology outside of Christian conservatives and country music fans. One of the most popular country anthems is by a country artist named Lee Greenwood, God Bless the USA. During times of war, country stars have written the rally themes like Toby Keith’s American Soldier and Red, White and Blue, Alan Jackson’s Remember When, Daryl Worley, Have You Forgotten. And who can forget the fighting songs written by Merle Haggard who quipped, “If you’re runnin’ down my country, you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me”. Country music is replete with pro-American themes, hence “country” music.

Then there’s the reaction from the country crowd when the Dixie Chicks chose to criticize Republican George Bush which essentially stuck a fork in their career over the next two decades. Country music fans are most known for their patriotism and the 2nd Amendment; and that’s a sentiment that the globalists need to overcome if they are to get such a large conservative voter base on board with their agenda. The majority of the people who oppose liberal laws and therefore vote Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian (anything but Democrat) are southern conservatives who listen to country music.

Although country music is loaded with songs about cheating, beer, Jack Daniels, country fans have still maintained a loose sense of traditional old-fashioned values. Those values have been weakened through the acceptance of gay marriage among some of country music’s most popular voices like Carrie Underwood, Ty Herndon, Little Big Town, Dolly Parton, Kelly Clarkson (pop and country), Kasey Musgraves, et al. Country music has slowly integrated different styles of music to where traditional country fans admit that “country” is no longer “country”. But why has the sound changed so dramatically? Why has it been so popular to mash rap and country artists together? Why has the music industry created a “Crossroads” program to blend the musical genres? That’s fairly simple. The record companies behind them have an agenda, and they are well aware of the power of the arts in any culture to influence trends and lifestyles.

Blake Shelton is arguably the most popular figure in country music today. Gwen Stefani is probably one of the more popular figures in pop music. After Blake dumped Miranda Lambert, and Gwen jettisoned rock singer, Gavin Rossdale, the last couple anyone would have expected to see would be Blake and Gwen. However, Gwen is an outspoken advocate of gay rights. What better way to get country fans on board than by having a relationship with one of the largest voices in country music! Yes, there are a lot of women who’ve been blurring the lines, but men still tend to stand their ground, unless they have another male figure chiding them over their “hate”.

Recently, Blake was criticized for “homophobic” and “racist” tweets he made SEVEN YEARS AGO. These tweets had long since been deleted, but were saved by others. Now think about that….why does the liberal media make an issue out of seven year old forgotten and deleted tweets? making sure they are forwarded to Gwen Stefani? That answer is simple. If Blake is hooked on Gwen, he will make a public statement that will somehow be viewed as a capitulation on gay marriage and LGBTism that he has previously been vague and ambiguous about, and it will send a message to the male country fans that he is somehow OK with the gay agenda, something he has not been vocal about prior to dating Gwen Stefani. It’s how the liberal dishonest media and globalists are pushing their agenda. Blake stands to lose his girlfriend and possibly his career if he doesn’t kowtow to pressure to become tolerant in the way Gwen is.

It is ironic that so much of country music also has many religious oriented themes. Men in country music have lost their backbones and simple add a Bible reference or two to their songs to ensure a few deluded Christians buy their albums. The men in country music that refuse to uphold the LGBT agenda, haven’t been heard from.

If Taylor Swift tweets “boo”, 10 million teenagers would start making t-shirts on them that read “Taylor said, ‘boo'”. That’s how dumbed-down our culture has become in allowing the influences of musicians and other “artists” to dictate social mores. It’s a phenomena that the globalists are well aware of, and they are using every opportunity they can to integrate the last bastions of patriotism with influences that will continue to erode whatever is left of nationalist sentiment. This is why Andrew Fletcher wrote that if he were able to write the songs of the nation, it doesn’t matter who writes the laws because well-crafted music has the ability to tug on hearts in such an emotional way that it bypasses logic and reason resulting in its gullible sycophants to eschew any sense of truth and point of reference for judging what is objectively right.

Please read our article on the LGBT Conspiracy and the Daniel Trap for further information on how the LGBT agenda is being used to attack Christians. And, see David Clouds free ebooks Rock and Roll’s War Against God, and Baptist Music Wars

Dr. James A., PhD

On June 10, 2016, celebrity singer, Christian Victoria Grimmie, was gunned down by a ghost “named” Kevin James Loibl *. Grimmie was a professing Christian that grew up in church, went to a Baptist school,  and was very vocal about her beliefs. As a fundamental Baptist, I have an enormous difference with her regarding her lifestyle choices and influences as a musician. But that isn’t the point. Orlando police reported that they believed the motive behind her killing was her Christian beliefs.

Within this same window, a Muslim terrorist and registered Democrat linked to ISIS opened fire at a gay night club, killing 20-50 people (reports on how many victims there were are all over the place). Not less than 24 hours, liberals started calling for gun control, and blaming Christians. A lawyer for the LGBT causes said, “The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months and people blaming Islam for this. No”. Scott Wiener, who is running for a state senate position, ranted, “Let’s be clear: Radical Islam doesn’t have a monopoly on anti- violence. Radical Christianity more than holds its own.”

Let’s repeat. A MUSLIM (and there was more than one shooter) kills LBGTs and the first people to be blamed are Christians. Not a single one of them remembered that just prior to the shooting of their club, that a Christian singer was shot for being a Christian. The left even complained that it merely was a disgruntled Muslim mad about seeing two gays kissing and that doesn’t represent all of Islam (but somehow he represented all gun owners), despite the fact that his mosque was praising the killings (of which an attempt to investigate the mosque was blocked by Hillary’s state department). Of course, that theory falls apart completely with the existence of multiple shooters.

Hillary Clinton has issued about 26 tweets since the Orlando massacre, and not a single one of them mention that Christina Grimmie was shot because of her Christian beliefs. However, she didn’t miss a beat in calling for tolerance, diversity acceptance, and gun control in the effort to give the LGBT community martyrdom status.

The liberals want the guns. The globalists have an agenda to get rid of patriotism and nationalism, and  merge us into a New World Order. Americans are not willing to give up their freedoms and national sovereignty and so it’s not going to be easy to force compliance when several hundred million Americans own a lot of guns. So these communist liberals who accept terrorist contributions use incidents like Orlando as platforms for gun grabs. Some of it is even planned. The greater the carnage, the easier it is to provoke emotional knee-jerk reactions to a crisis. It’s a lot easier for liberals to use emotionalism to convince the masses to swallow their manufactured crisis rhetoric than to encourage them to actually use logic and common sense to identify the real culprits and the real problems. But one thing is clear, Christians are always to blame for everything, and are ignored when they are the victims.

For more on why the LGBT and Gun Control debate matters to your freedoms, see our article on The LGBT Conspiracy and the Daniel Trap


  • A ghost I say because the man has no public records and no social media presence. He is said to have lived with his parents in St. Petersburg, Florida, but reports from Intellus, Spokeo, Instant Checkmate, Dirt Search, Been Verified, etc., show no such relatives living with any Loibl’s in that area.


Dr. James A., PhD

Because of spammers and trolls, I often have to browse through my recent followers list on Twitter and block accounts every day. On May 27, 11:00 am, CST, I saw an account listed as “young1” and it had a provocative profile pic of a girl that could not have been more than 6-9 years old. When I went to visit the page to block it, I was in HORROR at the pics immediately visible. It was GRAPHIC sex acts being performed on LITTLE CHILDREN. I will spare the readers any further description.

I reported the account to the FBI Twitter page as well as the Twitter Support page.  Twitter replied,

Thank you for your report. We do not tolerate child sexual exploitation on Twitter and partner with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to ensure that appropriate law enforcement agencies are notified when such content is located. We will review the content you have reported as soon as possible.” Case # 33196225

As of 5:32 pm, CST, the account has NOT been removed. In fact, some of the Tweets on the account were from May of 2015. So not only has the account not been removed within several hours of myself and many others reporting the account, it has obviously been there for OVER A YEAR.

How does Twitter “not tolerate child exploitation” when the most vile accounts like this are left to lure children and the most disgusting online predators? Twitter has time to filter content and shadow ban conservatives and Christians, but leaves an account up with graphic content of children as young as 5-6 years old?

 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

Dr. James A, PhD

James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries (example) and his ilk have made repeated claims that Donald Trump is evidence of the judgment of God on America for our wickedness. There’s no question our country has shown the fullness of Amorite iniquity, but this has got to be one of the most illogical statements he’s ever said for the following reasons:

1) When God gave Israel wicked leaders, it was normally in the Northern tribes where the entire population had given themselves over to wickedness and rebelled against the laws they were bound to. There is no precedent for God JUDGING the wicked with the righteous. Genesis 18:25, Psalm 18:26.

2) Did God judge America and give us Bill Clinton, and then bless us by giving us George Bush, Jr, and then judge us again by giving us Obama? What did America do better to “deserve” getting blessed between Bush Sr, only to be judged with Clinton, then blessed again with Jr, and then judged again with Obama? If Donald Trump is the judgment of God on America, how on earth do you explain Obama? If the church and country as a whole has been in a consistent downgrade, can someone please explain those intervals of conservative Republicans in between the Democrats, and what possible reason God may have had for the back and forth?

3) Hello? TRUMP ISN’T EVEN PRESIDENT!! How on earth is God using Trump to judge America when the man hasn’t even won the election? Does White know something the rest of us don’t know? Ironically, there’s more talk of judgment on America viz Trump then there is if Hillary gets elected. Someone has truly forgotten to lock the stable doors.

Probably the biggest reason for this blunder is that White and his ilk who’ve repeated this mantra do not have a Biblical eschatology, they are Amillennialists. Therefore they reject the Biblical view of the rapture, and that God will not be judging the church with the rest of the world, including any “judgment” on the United States, particularly when there are still more than 10 righteous people (Genesis 18) fighting to preserve our heritage under natural law (what some deem Jeffersonianism), and winning souls to Christ. This is just another example of the kind of warped mentality you get from the Calvinist amillennial crowd.


I have some very serious issues with Trump. The transgender bathroom comments he made recently are very disturbing, but at this point, it’s Trump or Hillary. Here’s an interesting take on it from Geoffrey Grider ~Why a Bible Believer Is Supporting Trump and The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Was Chosen

UPDATED 3/22/16 Screenshot at Bottom of Page Showing White’s Own Follower Admitting Post Not Altered

UPDATED 3/19/16 With James White’s Contradictory Facebook Posts At the End of This Article

UPDATE: 3/19/16 11:13 PM: James White has now accused me of altering the original Facebook post. The post was copied and pasted in its entirety with no alterations whatsoever. How convenient that he deleted it, and then accused me of altering it. Since I know White goes through about 5 edits before posting anything, I’m sure he kept a copy of the original draft. His ego is too big to trash something like this. Screenshot at the end shows one of his own followers admitting that my article includes White’s original post.


Dr. James A, Ph.D

“”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” No that wasn’t James White that said that, even though he uses the tactic frequently. That was none other than Joseph Goebells, Hitlers minister of propaganda.

It is well known that I can’t stand race baiting. I think the #BlackLivesMatter “movement” is one of the most despicable establishment-created groups out there.  It does far more harm than the attention they attempt to bring to some of the corruption they have bona fide complaints about, and vilifies good police officers. Moreover, it minimizes the plight of whites, and other minorities, that have suffered the same fate at the hands of abusive authority figures (Waco, Randy Weaver, unarmed homeless white shot in New Mexico, etc…). The elite globalists want an excuse to take our guns, and get Americans fighting each other, and Black Lives Matters is a Soros engine duping blacks into thinking it’s a Luther-type movement (a fact even recently and surprisingly admitted to by Louis Farrakhan) setting the stage for the government to justify all of the oppressive edicts they have prepared to take our freedoms.

But fact is, it wasn’t that long ago that blacks were still fighting to have any kind of rights recognized. Even after a civil war, and an emancipation proclamation, blacks were still eating at White Only restaurants a hundred years later, and still struggling with racism in the South. And as much as I can’t stand a so-called “oppressed minority” of any stripe broad-brushing an entire culture over the actions of a few idiots, I can’t stand those who give them a valid reason to do so. James White did exactly that today in a Facebook post.

I’m going to post the note in its entirety and highlight all of the racist comments made simply because the kid he is referring to is black.

I bought a dash cam recently. Seems everyone in Russia has one (I guess you have to for insurance purposes), and I thought it would be pretty good to have to document some of the crazy things that happen while driving. So I was coming home this evening and happened to be the first car at Glendale and 35th Avenue in Phoenix. And as you will see, a young black kid, looks to be 15 years old or so, was crossing the street. Now if you watch, you will see a police SUV cross in front of me first going east. The kid then comes into the screen, and though he sort of hid it under his elbow, he plainly flips off the police vehicle. Then he is emptying the drink he is consuming as he walks out of the frame. What you can’t see is that he then simply tossed the bottle into the bush in the corner of the gas station. I happened to notice the two ladies in the car next to me had seen the same thing. We just looked at each other, put up our hands in exasperation, and shook our heads.

As I drove away I thought about that boy. There is a more than 70% chance he has never met this father. In all probabilities he has no guidance, has no example. He is filled with arrogance and disrespect for authority. He lives in a land where he is told lies every day—the lie that he cannot, through hard work and discipline, get ahead, get a good education, and succeed at life. He is lied to and told the rest of the world owes him. And the result is predictable: in his generation, that 70% number will only rise. He may well father a number of childrenmost of which will be murdered in the womb, padding the pockets of Planned Parenthood, [Blacks make up the majority of aborted babies, and White knows that] and those that survive will themselves be raised without a natural family, without the God-ordained structure that is so important for teaching respect, and true manhood or womanhood.

It never crossed my mind to flip off a police car as it passed me by when I was his age. Of course, it never crossed my mind to walk around with my butt hanging out of my pants, either, as if the entire world needed to see what kind of underwear I was sporting that day. I know I would have been mighty guilty had I tossed my drink bottle into a bush—and I never would have dreamed of doing that in front of everyone like this young man did. But I had a father [that molested your sister, Patty Bonds, whom you threatened*See Comment Section Why This Matters]. And a mother. And I was taught to respect others, and myself. If I had not had those things, I still would not have acted as he [that’s not what your theology claims], simply because times have changed, and not for the better. There was simply more restraint in my day. It surely makes me wonder what the future holds [simple, John 3:18]. Oh, I know—this is nothing. There are videos on line of kids like this shooting guns in the air and robbing people and doing car jackings. I know. But you need to understand: those folks didn’t get there without first finding it “fun” to strut, flip, toss, and live an attitude of disrespect.

Not a single word about this mans lost condition even after assuming how bad of an upbringing he may have had. Not one word was said about this kids need for the gospel of Christ. How on earth does White know how many kids he’s fathered? How does White know if he has a dad or not? How does he know nobody ever taught him that work is valuable instead of having everything handed to him? Those are all notorious assumptions about blacks. White has said some ridiculous things about me, but he’s never even made those connections as he’s done with this black kid. Maybe that kid DID have parents that taught him right (I did) and got in with the wrong crowd (I did). There are white preachers kids who have taught their children right, who ended up committing suicide, turned gay, or rebelled against Christianity. Proverbs certainly gives timed truths for rearing children, but those are general axioms, it doesn’t always work out the way we’d like. Nevertheless, as right as White is about the things that can and do contribute to delinquency, it is wrong to make that kind of assumption from a stereotype that is clearly based on this kid’s color.

For someone who believes in total depravity, why is White surprised that an unsaved sinner acts like, well…and unsaved sinner. For someone who believes in exhaustive determinism, it sure is interesting to see how White points to human restraint of the older days. Although this isn’t the first time White has taken potshots at blacks (see our article on James White’s “Culturally Black Churches Don’t Preach the Gospel”). Are actions like this kid took silly, foolish? Of course they are. But it makes Christians everywhere look foolish when a popular professing Christian explains this kids behavior because of his color, instead of his condition-Romans 3:23, Romans 5:12. White just gave this kid, and every other Black Lives Matter advocate another reason to hate white people, and white Christians.


UPDATE 3/19/16

James White deleted the original Facebook post, and it’s a good thing we saved it. White offered two separated defenses of his original post, and not only do both posts contradict each other, they contradict the original post.

The first response is here

The second response is here (And these responses are in the order shown on his FB page, not necessarily the date they were posted. Thus the first response is the latest, and the second response was what he wrote first)

In the first response, White states,

OK, I just deleted “the post.” It was about how judgment is coming upon our land, about how restraint once existed that exists no longer, and it was a lament about what happens when the God-ordained structure of the family breaks down

Notice the problem? His original post doesn’t say a single word about the “observation” being about “judgment coming upon our land”. White is simply misleading his followers about his post because it received so much negative attention and is creating an entirely new narrative from what he actually said in the original post. His observation was one based on pure stereotype of a young black male, period. There was no lament about break down of family structure, in fact, White said he probably didn’t even have one.It was an attack on a black family. There is a huge difference between a lament, and a blatant pejorative racial stereotype.

Furthermore, White proves in both responses that the issue WAS about race. White says that,

Well, I got the message loud and clear today: I am not allowed to notice those things, or, at least, I cannot comment on them. See, I am the wrong color. The amount of melanin I have in my skin does not reach a sufficient level to allow me to speak to any such issue. As long as the kid strutting in front of my car flipping off the police has more melanin than I do—I must shut up, because I don’t get the “narrative.

And yet his second reply claimed that the post wasn’t about race, but about statistical probabilities of families in general (an assumption that most of his followers made). Here’s the problem with that. If it wasn’t about race, then why did White go to great lengths to complain about the color of HIS skin disqualifying him from discussing “SUCH ISSUE[s]”?  If it wasn’t about race, then it would have been unnecessary for White to make that contrast. He was attempting to defend his original position by implying that white people should be able to talk about black issues without being labeled racist. I agree with that, but that’s not what he said and that wasn’t the issue, at all. However, the very fact that he’s even attempting to defend that point of view reveals that he knew it was about race all along, and now he’s gauging his follower’s responses and morphing into a different narrative than the one he created in the first place. This is a habit that White has that often goes unnoticed. He does this  regularly with his responses to King James Only advocates as well as Non Calvinist opponents (Here’s a list of examples)

White blames the response of his own followers (and this is important) for “racial gnosticism”

For those wondering, gnostics believed you were saved through the acquisition of knowledge [Editor: HOW DID THIS ISSUE TURN INTO ONE ABOUT SALVATION WHEN YOUR CRITICS ARE BLACK REFORMERS???]. Racial gnostics believe that unless you walk in racial shoes—experience what they experience—you cannot have anything meaningful to say. Of course, it would never cross my mind to go back to how my ancestors were treated and create some “narrative” and demand you “understand” it before you could talk to me, but hey—I also think it is ridiculous to blame your parents for your own life choices, too. But I’m now an old fogie, out of step with modern times, irrelevant.

First of all, the majority of the flack he was getting over this was from his own followers, not the radical, left wing BLM type crowd, but his own loyal black following that affirmed over and over again to him that he had been a great help to them on many issues, and that they loved him. Yet White blasts them with the accusation of racial gnosticism which makes a very gross category error let alone is down right insulting.

Secondly, blacks didn’t create the stigma that they are complaining about. White’s response is basically, “slavery happened a long time ago [“my ancestors” comment], get over it”.The issue is far beyond slavery. The “narrative” that White is complaining about is one that elite, greedy globalists created for them. Chemical experiments were never practiced on whites, but they were on blacks. Diseases don’t get created on white’s in America, they do those experiments on blacks in Africa. Whites weren’t deliberately given syphilis in order to find a cure for it so that white politicians could continue whoring around without fear of their man parts falling off; but blacks were (Tuskegee Experiments). White’s don’t have their neighborhoods racially gerrymandered as many cities do to force blacks to live in selected sections of the town, the list is endless. The civil war ended in the late 1800s, and yet it took the Civil Rights Act nearly 100 years to make rights of blacks enforceable (Civil Rights Act of 1964) even though the 13th and 14th Amendments had long been passed. Yet even then, legal precedents had to be decided to determine exactly what the bill meant and how to apply it, so it wasn’t immediately effective- that’s what led to the protests of Luther and Malcom X in the first place. Then globalists capitalized on that and helped create rival gangs, and then flooded their neighborhoods with drugs (I don’t have time to spell all this out, but I have a ton of documentation on it). White politicians (mostly democrats) capitalized on the chaos simply to vie for votes from the community to secure positions of power that would help implement socialist policies (that’s another article).

The fact is there IS a stigma that most blacks still face in America. The confusion for whites is that there are sinful, selfish, greedy, sellouts that are capitalizing on the chaos and using it to their own ends. Thus, when BLM promotes looting businesses or shooting cops, our first reaction is to blame blacks for not giving whites the credit for the things we have done to help them and in turn, broad-brush the entire black community. Black Lives Matter does not represent the entire black community, and many black Christians and conservatives have opposed it.

White’s ridiculous comment that he shouldn’t have to walk a mile in their shoes to have a platform to speak about their issues is a red herring. Nobody was asking White to walk in their shoes, but to simply listen to what they had to say about why they feel the way they do, and not use the racial buzz words that normally describe the black community off of an isolated experience of a young black male that was used as proof of statistics he arbitrarily and presumptively applied to them. Instead, White threw a temper tantrum, shut down his Twitter account, and accused his own black followers of racial gnosticism. White wanted to have a monologue about the black plight, but didn’t want to listen to their side of the story about where he went wrong. When he got caught, he tried to spin the original narrative he created, and then blamed his own black followers for misrepresenting his position, and succumbing to a BLM type mentality. White marginalized and dismissed his black followers, while allowing two separate posts on the topic to be commented on by all of his white followers without objection or censorship. And these black followers of his get it. They were not the leftist liberal crowds, the Sharpton race baiters, the DeRay collaborators. They were Christians that gave him a benefit of a doubt that he refused to give to them. And yet, none dare call it racism.

Furthermore, since Calvinists in particular have a mean history of racism, it’s hard to blame the reaction of many blacks when reckless comments like this are made.



A young black  man with the user name of “Ameen” posted a video response to White that I think is worth listening to. It’s an hour long, but is a pretty fair description of what happened, and a response that in my opinion accurate reflects how most of the other blacks feel about White’s comments. I don’t agree with everything, but I think he said it far better than I could.


James White repeatedly accuses me of being a “cultist”. Although he calls me an anonymous troll, he declined my public offer to debate him to prove that KJVOs are cultists. Why? Because 1) he needs to use as many pejorative terms as he can muster to discredit me, and 2) He knows full well there are CALVINISTS who are King James Only advocates. White would NEVER even attempt to debate me on this because he loses the moment I can show that his own card carrying TULIP brandishing Calvinists are among some of the most aggressive King James Only advocates there are.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video by Will Kinney, A CALVINIST, answering the charge that King James Only Advocates are cultists.

Here’s an article by Kinney as well that addresses the same.

It’s also interesting that White calls me an unsaved heretic (and our statement of beliefs is outlined in the “About Us” section and neither White nor his followers have made an attempt to show which views are “cultic”), yet he calls Dr. Michael Brown, a charismatic, tongues speaking, eternal security rejecting Arminian, brother (in other words, since Dr. Brown gives him an occasional platform to reach Brown’s crowd so that White can address social issues, then Brown is not a heretic, even though any other charismatic would be a heretic in any of White’s circles). Folks, that is the mark of an inconsistent and dishonest man. White uses the same Nazi propaganda tactics to villify and marginalize his enemies by repeating a lie so much-without any evidence whatsoever-that others simply start believing it. This was a common tactic used by Joseph Goebells of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

UPDATE 3/22/16

White’s Charge of “Altering” His Original Facebook Post

White thanked Tom Buck for informing Thabiti Anyabwile  that my post was “altered” in an attempt to discredit the evidence I posted from White’s original article. This is not the first time that White has made this kind of unfounded claim, but below is a screenshot from one of his most devout followers, “Hacim Ramallah” (Jonathon Autry) ADMITTING “at least his post was in context”. “Hacim” was an anonymous account until he was sued by Ergun Caner for exposing him. White relied on much of Hacim’s research and White retweets Hacim’s posts quite frequently. Hence, Hacim can not be cited by White as a biased witness. Hacim has attacked me relentlessly, and thus his admission to the fact that my original post is NOT altered is a slap in the face to White’s claim.


Dr.James A,PhD

If Islam is a religion of peace & hospitality, then why aren’t Muslims in the middle east welcoming Syrian refugees?

*UPDATED with MUST SEE VIDEO of a MODERATE Islamic authority admitting that all Muslims believe in death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, etc..

Dr. James White, considered an “expert” on Islam, posted a Facebook link obviously in response to tempers flaring about the attacks in Paris from “radical” Muslims, writes, “Ignorance and bigotry is ugly, no matter who the ignorant bigot is.”  On the Twitter link pointing to this comment, this sentiment is defended by many others like “WWUTT“-“If every Muslim is a terrorist, then with 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, how is that dude still alive?”

This is common naive rhetoric about Islam. Just because James White debates Muslims does not give him the right to distort the facts and demand that Americans concerned for the safety of our borders stop calling it like it is (i.e., that Islam IS the face of terrorism).

It is been often said that a moderate Muslim is a backslider. There’s a lot of truth in that statement because Islam from its inception was founded on the murder of their enemies. Christianity was not founded as such and that’s an enormous difference. Those of us who complain about Islamic terrorism don’t disagree that there are Muslims that *appear* to be peaceful, but as Brigitte Gabriel notes, the peaceful majority are irrelevant when it’s a 300 million minority of Muslims that are decimating cultures. This argument also ignores Islam’s historic tactic of assimilating into their surroundings until they gain the upper hand. So of course they are going to be “peaceful”; it’s part of the Quraysh Model  (cited by Alan Kurschner who has sided with White on KJVO issues, lest we be accused of citing biased sources!) where Muslims are permitted to lie, and lie in wait in deceit until they are in a better position to crush their foes. For more on Islam permitting its followers to lie, see Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination! (See below for Quranic verses).

That “not all Muslims are terrorists” is a naive and weak argument. The justification of such contention goes something like this: we need to be fair because people often misrepresent Christians in the same way. Not all Christians participated in the Crusades, so it’s unfair to say that all Christians are cold-blooded killers. Thus, if we label all Muslims as terrorists, then we open that same door against Christians. But this is a false dichotomy. It ignores the fact that not only were Crusaders not Christians, but that Christianity’s written authority, the Bible, never advocates spreading the gospel by violence: ISLAM DOES (Surah 47; Surah 8:12). A “Christian” who kills in the name of Christ is not being faithful to the text of Scripture (John 16:2). A Muslim who kills in the name of Allah *IS* being faithful to his religious texts. White wants to give Islam the benefit of the doubt and allow for the creation of some kind of “good Islam”, some kind of hybrid offshoots that are somehow different from how the religion was created and founded in the first place. So as much sense as the “fairness” arguments appears to make, using the inconsistent examples of Christians that go rogue is a red herring that ignores the crucial distinction between what a Christian’s authority demands from that of a Muslim.  Muslims who are not Jihadists are inconsistent to their own religion, and it’s because of this that it is so important to weigh the rhetoric of “moderates” and arguments in favor of supporting them.

Not all KKK or Aryans are “racist”. There are many involved in these groups (in particular, the “Christian Identity” branch of the Aryan Nation) that claim to be pro-White, and do not advocate violence against non-whites, do not hate non-whites but simply put their own race first. Do we then ignore the rest of the Klan or Aryan Brotherhood because there are some that are not as militant as others? Of course not. Why? Because the whole organization from its inception is racist, bigoted, and is violent at its core. The minor deviations from the core group are the exception not the rule. Not all mafia members are hitmen/assassins. Do we give the mafia a pass and invite their stores into our neighborhoods because not all of the mafia are drug dealers or killers? Clearly not. But this is the type of logic that we are expected to succumb to by Dr. White and a majority of leftist liberals.

We “get” that James White wants to be “fair”, which is a little ironic given his presuppositional apologetics (where “fair” often MUST take a back seat to a foundational truth when “fair” is being used as subjectively and inconsistently as it is by White). However, White is often very inconsistent in his application of fairness towards others (White considers all King James Only (“KJVO”) advocates as “cultists” and uses such a label to marginalize any KJVO that would oppose him. If he read this article, he would likely demean its content based on our KJVO stance alone. He also considers all who oppose Calvinism as suffering from “Calvinist Derangement Syndrome”), so it’s a little more than discouraging that he gives Muslims greater deference than other Christians.

Obviously, the reason White’s position is a dangerous view is because it is one of the excuses used to permit Muslim refugees into the US, which officials have admitted can not even vet a percentage of those entering the country to determine how many have links to radical Muslim groups. And let’s face it, if these Muslims walked from Syria to Germany and beyond, do you really think that the U.S. states that refused them are going to stop their spread throughout the country? If only one state accepts them, then its game over. The only thing that will stop the spread of Islam in America are American gun owners-and the globalist liberals are coming for the guns, too. The Muslims will overwhelm the country until they are in a formidable position to take the fight to the next-door Americans. Think about it; thirteen major Islamic countries and none of those Islamic countries will accept the refugees? Seriously? Nobody sees a flaw in that manufactured conundrum? Of course, none of the celebrities screaming for the U.S. to bring the refugees in are willing to bring them into their homes. Groups like ISIS have already stated their intention to infiltrate the West by using the so-called refugee crisis. Can we really afford to give this kind of rhetoric by James White and many others who share these naive views the time of day?

Fortunately, not all of James White’s friends have swallowed his careless rhetoric about Islam. Although White has generally made some good points in exposing some inconsistencies within Islam, his tacit endorsement of moderate Muslims under the guise of “we need to reach them for the gospel” rivals only such ignorance as that of ecumenicists Russell Moore, Ed Stetzer and Rick Warren of the Southern Baptist Convention. Yes, Muslims too need to be reached with the gospel, but we don’t need to sugarcoat the other person’s religion just to avoid “offending” them anymore than we would sugarcoat witnessing to a Roman Catholic. Not all Roman Catholics participated in the Inquisitions or Crusades (nor would many modern Catholics approve of it now), but the fact is the Catholic Church is built on a false gospel and murder. Ignoring that fact to make the gospel easier to swallow is doing a great disservice to the hearer and avoids the necessary call to repentance for that person to forsake the false religion that has rendered him blind.

Furthermore, although White claims that he tells Muslims they need to repent, his views on “moderates” allows the Muslim to choose a “safer” alternative within Islam. White deprives the Muslim of one of the most compelling reasons to leave the cult, and that is because it’s very core and texts are based cruelty and murder.

We understand that there are many so-called “peaceful” Muslims, but given their own religious texts, there’s no way to even confirm that with certainty. Nevertheless, that completely misses the point. We can not afford to give the benefit of the doubt to sleeper cells of radical Islam posing as peaceful moderates, and over 1,000 years of bloody Islamic history proves that White and anyone sharing his misguided magniloquence are the ones in denial and gross error.





Quranic Verses On Lying

Qur’an (16:106) – Establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.

Qur’an (3:28) – This verse tells Muslims not to take those outside the faith as friends, unless it is to “guard themselves” against danger, meaning that there are times when a Muslim should appear friendly to non-Muslims, even though they should not feel that way..

Qur’an (9:3) – “…Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters…” The dissolution of oaths with the pagans who remained at Mecca following its capture. They did nothing wrong, but were evicted anyway.

Qur’an (40:28) – A man is introduced as a believer, but one who had to “hide his faith” among those who are not believers.

Qur’an (2:225) – “Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts” The context of this remark is marriage, which explains why Sharia allows spouses to lie to each other for the greater good.

Qur’an (3:54) – “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means ‘deceit’. If Allah is supremely deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21)

*The following link is from a MODERATE Muslim that admits that ALL MUSLIMS believe in the death penalty and execution for things like homosexuality, adultery, etc…that women should sit separately from men, you name it. And the audience was a mixed group that were NOT radical Jihadists, but MODERATE Muslims.


Dr. James A, PhD

There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof. Ezekiel 22:25

The White House lit up in rainbow colors after the U.S. Supreme Court uttered it’s abominable ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, in support of gay marriage. What was strange was how quickly the lights were put up, as if the WH had already known what the decision would be; or perhaps they just happened to have a few extra rainbow lights around just in case SCOTUS arrived at such a decision. SCOTUS clearly had no legal jurisdiction to hear this case, or grant the writ of certiorari. Marriage is and has always been a religious institution, and with the precedent that SCOTUS and the federal courts have set against the so-called Establishment Clause, forcing the states to recognize gay marriage is in effect a government endorsement of religion. If the courts agreed they had no right to force a one-man/one woman marriage upon the states and dissolve the federal defense of marriage act (DOMA), then they certainly didn’t have the jurisdiction to hear a case based on same genders demand for marriage equality.

In part 1 of this article, we are simply going to outline the thesis of our contention that this issue is not, nor has it ever been, about equality and rights. We will expand it with greater detail later, but wanted to lay this out first so our readers know what to expect, and can start thinking about these issues now. There’s a much bigger reason why every company from Apple, Twitter and Google, and Walmart to various celebrities, musicians, promoting movies and songs where the LGBT agenda is literally shoved down your throat are pushing this. That bigger picture here is simple:

Christians are a threat to economies that make their living off of immorality 

In the early church days, Rome and other economies relied heavily on the sale of pagan idols and occult paraphernalia, and books. See Acts 16:14, Revelation 3:14-18, Revelation 18:3, 9, 12-16; Matthew 21:12, John 2:15, Acts 19:19, etc… With the Christian message of repentance and turning from such idolatry (1 Thess 1:9), the Christians became a financial threat to not only the economy, but the lewd practices of Roman leaders (Matthew 14:3-5). Getting rid of Christians was therefore “necessary” to maintain loyalty to the pagan gods and thus preserve the way of life in such cultures.

In modern times, Christians are a threat to the livelihood of many industries:

*Christians oppose abortion, which threatens the prosperity of thousands of doctors and their aids, as well as state aid to their clinics.

*Christians oppose lewd movies which is a threat to the television industry. They can’t make money off of their movies and dirty television shows if their followers grow a conscience as a result of listening to some morally bigoted Christian and cease patronage of their establishments and cancel their subscriptions to their entertainment services.

*Christians who oppose gambling are a threat to Casinos, Las Vegas, Fantasy Football, Horse Track Betting, etc.. Gambling is big business, and since much of it is rigged, it’s a guaranteed source of great income, and a Christian is a threat to a wealth gotten by vanity. Proverbs 13:11, 1 Tim 6:10, Ecclesiastes 5:10. The world wants treasure on earth, Jesus tells the Christian to lay up treasure in heaven. Matthew 6:19-20. Not a very good message for selling raffle tickets and bingo cards.

Many of these industries give kickbacks to politicians because there are often laws that interfere with their ability to run their rackets. Pay the politician and get a law passed or overturned or cut through some red-tape that then removes the obstruction or opens the door for greater profiting. Christians with a moral backbone are an infringement on politicians ability to get paid under the table or through scandalous campaign donation schemes, so the very existence of a Christian voice is a threat to politicians: Republican or Democrat. Getting rid of Christians is a necessary step toward the freedom to profit off of immorality.

And on another note: the existence of fundamentalists are a threat to so-called Christian prosperity teachers and other professing Christians who profit off of heresy.

Christians Are A Threat To a New/One World Order

The greatest human conspiracy is that of the attempt to harmonize all the world religions and governments with a unified religion, currency, and a united nations that will eventually come under the rule of a Satan-possessed despot. Revelation 12:9-17, Revelation 13-18, Daniel 7-11, 2 Thessalonians 2.

*Christians are a major threat to the advancement of a One World Order because we preach a Jesus-ONLY relationship to the exclusion of any other religious system.

*Christians are a threat to peace because of their support of Israel, who is seen as the worlds biggest problem. Zechariah 12:3. As long as Israel exists, the world believes that Islam will continue its reign of terror, and the best way to calm the Muslims down is to get rid of Israel, which isn’t quite possible so long as the United States defends her, and the US defends her primarily because of Christians. Thus, the logic follows, get rid of Christians to get rid of US support for Israel, to get rid of Israel.

*Christians are patriotic and the most patriotic Americans are Christians. Getting Christians out of the way (which would occur by force once gun laws cause the removal of their primary means of 2nd Amendment defense) deprives the country of the most loyal patriots which allows liberal governments to establish laws that will go unopposed by a society that doesn’t value absolute moral standards. Patriotism is a threat to a New World Order, and the biggest proponents to Patriotism are Christians.

Satan Is Well Aware Of God’s History Against Nations That Adopted Homosexual Practices

In addition to man’s agenda, Satan has one too. The devil is well aware of what God has done to every nation that has ever adopted homosexuality as an official sanctioned practice. In fact, for once I’m going to quote James White positively here,

Remember, folks—many a nation and culture has shaken its fist at God—we examine the ruins of their foolishness in archaeology.”

Though I despise Calvinism and his Anti-KJVO views, this statement is precisely why the devil is enjoying this because he laughs at the LGBT community every time has passes by Sodom on his way to Rome from a White House visit. Then once that nation adopts such practice, Satan goes to work accusing them before God (Zechariah 3:1). Every nation that has permitted and endorsed homosexuality, God has judged. As it has been said before, “If God fails to judge America He’d have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”. Fortunately, for America, there are at least 10 righteous people who are still shouting from the roof tops against this wickedness, a factor that would have spared Sodom (Genesis 18:32).

The devil’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). LGBTs love to misuse the word “hate”; yet there is no greater hate on earth than the wrath of a being who is damned to an eternal lake of fire (Matthew 8:29, Revelation 12:12, 20:10) who is jealous of God’s love for humanity, especially Israel and the church, who will stop at nothing to secure their destruction: “Armed with cruel hate, on earth is not his equal”. Among the greatest acts of hate there is from one human to another is misleading a person into a wrong belief about what God calls sin, and its remedy (1 Cor 15:1-3) and the devil is working overtime to prevent Christians from sharing that truth by either silencing them through propaganda inspired fiats, or provoking God into destroying them altogether.

The Daniel Trap

The LGBT conspiracy is modeled after Daniel chapter 6. Although there are various conspiracies in Scripture (Haman and Mordecai, Esther chapter 7- after Haman saw Mordecai’s refusal to bow to other gods or rulers, Esther 3:5), the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den is probably the most popular. In short, Daniel’s enemies conspired to have the king (Darius) make a law that prevented anyone from praying to any other god and only to the king of the empire. The king favored Daniel (6:3) and as long as Daniel was in the way, his enemies could not get a green light to destroy the Jews (6:4). They knew Daniel’s prayer schedule, and knew that he would never cease from praying to his God (6:10). (See also Daniel 3:8-12)

The request to King Darius was a conspiracy to trap Daniel into violating a law so that they could in turn have him arrested and eliminated. This is precisely what the LGBT laws are designed to do. They are crafted to trap Christians knowing that a faithful Christian will refuse to compromise, and will thus eventually end up conscientiously violating laws that would require him to compromise his beliefs. The most obvious conspiracies have been the attacks on Christian businesses where a gay person would deliberately seek out the service of a Christian wedding baker and demand that they create a product that reflected their homosexual views. When the business refused to comply, the homosexuals would then sue them in court.

For a detailed list of shenanigans pulled by the LGBT crowd against Christians, see David Cloud’s article, What Rights Will Others Lose When Homosexuals Gain Their Rights?

The very crucifixion of Christ was in part, the result of Jewish leaders who were afraid that allowing Christ to preach would cause all men to believe on Him and them to “lose their place and nation” John 11:48. So to get rid of this threat to their continued prosperity under Rome (they didn’t care about the people so long as THEY were well compensated) they made exceptions to the law, and even misquoted Christ (Mark 14:58, a misquote of John 2:19) in order to effect His demise (little did they know! 1 Cor 2:8, Matthew 28:6). In other words, they used and manipulated the law to get rid of their greatest  threatAnd THAT is the real agenda behind all of these so-called “equality” and “civil rights” campaigns. These governments could care less whether anyone has the “right” to marry who they want; the pockets of the LGBT communities are not deep enough to compensate the government with any modicum of monetary persuasion that would justify such a capitulation from such a minority of the population (less than 3%). The government merely needs them to be useful idiots so they can use the agenda to silence their biggest enemy: Bible believing God-fearing Christians. When that is accomplished, then not even the LGBT community will be safe from the tyranny in store for everyone once the governments succeed with the Daniel Trap.

God have mercy.

biblemarriage - Copy

For further reading, see also Dr. Robert Gagnon’s article, “American Tragedy: Now Gird Up Your Loins” a recognized expert in the field of the homosexual verses traditional marriage debate, with a sobering opinion on the recent SCOTUS decision.

Update: For an excellent corroboration of the crux of this article, see WND’s “LGBT Activists: Marriage Was Never the Endgame”

ISIS and Coptic Christians

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There’s been an uproar over an article written by the Pulpit & Pen website over whether or not the recent beheading of Coptic Christians actually involved the death or real Christians. I have to be cautious in writing this because I want to be sensitive about the emotions that are involved in this yet do so without compromising the truth. The reality is that there are Coptic Christians who have a genuine gospel-oriented testimony, but sadly the majority do not. The problem Westerners have in describing these men is that Coptic simply means “Egyptian”, and Coptic Christian can be just as general as “American Christian”. To a Muslim, an American Christian, for example, could be Catholic, Presbyterian, Mormon, or Baptist even though we Christians know there is an ENORMOUS difference among those groups. Thus it would have helped critics of the martyrs to first determine whether they were Orthodox Coptic Christians (which is about 85-90% of the Copts) or Coptic Evangelicals (which as with “American Christians”, makes up a variety of denominations).

Getting emotional @ ISIS murders doesn’t change the gospel nor make those they kill any more or less a Christian. Martyrdom is not what defines a Christian. If it were, then we could declare Muslim terrorists Christians because they died for what they believed in, or Japanese Kamikazes or my modern day Jewish brethren in the flesh who have continued to reject Christ but are yet murdered for being Jewish. What ISIS did to the 21 Copts and continues to do is reprehensible, but don’t be so quick to jump on the trend wagon of those who hail their “Christian” martyrdom.

If I kill you because of your religion, that does not necessarily mean that my accusations were right. Hitler killed many Jehovah’s Witnesses during WW2 because they professed Christ, but anyone that has done even a cursory examination of the Watchtower knows that they do not believe in the foundational truths of the gospel. Most Coptic “Christians” do not ascribe to the fundamentals of the Christian faith, and as such, it is inappropriate to refer to them as Christians without knowing exactly what particular branch of Coptic Christianity they held to.

That being said, I happen to be personally close to a few Coptic Christians and know some that are genuine believers. But the majority of the Coptic Community are not, and I have to say that the amount of believers among the Copts are the exception not the rule because the gospel of the Coptic Christian churches is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. If anything was made more clear about where the mainstream Coptic Church stood, it was in 1988 when their “Pope” (Pope Shenouda) signed a concordat with Rome agreeing with the Catholic definition of Christianity and Christology.

The reason this is important is because when you’re dead; that’s it. You don’t get a do-over. If we are going to encourage someone to die for what they believe, then we owe it to them to make sure that they get the gospel right before they are martyred, and that those who die do so for the right reason. Encouraging people to die for a lie is worse than the heinous acts committed upon the victims.

You can be angry and disgusted at what ISIS did without conceding that they were actually accurate in what they described as Christianity and Christians. They often get that wrong anyway even when debating ‘orthodox’ Christians. Let’s not cheapen the gospel by making emotionalistic exceptions. Although it is unfair to broad-brush all of the Coptic Christians as heretics, it is equally erroneous to give them all the stamp of gospel approval merely because a terrorist group killed them over their profession. Granted, I question the tactfulness and timing of Pulpit & Pen’s article on this, but now that it’s ‘out there’, it needs to be addressed, and so we have. I doubt there has been anyone that has went after Pulpit & Pen, JD Hall in particular, with the fervor that we have. But you can’t simply disagree with EVERYTHING that someone says merely because they have become your theological adversary. Not even Jesus went that far with the Pharisees. See Matthew 23:3. Of the 2 times a day JD Hall’s broken clock might be right about something, this may be one of them.

Nevertheless even this article may be a bit premature without determining just exactly what denomination the 21 belonged to. I will see what I can find out later on just what denomination they were a part of. Either way, it is sad, unjust and wicked what was done to these men. It’s a pattern that I am all too familiar with and it’s only the beginning of more to come. Revelation 6:9-10. It’s a sober reminder to Christians that they that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution (2 Tim 3:12), but that “precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints”. Psalm 116:15.

A video has went viral alleging that Monster Energy Drink uses the Hebrew numbers 666 in its logo. This is not new, and we submitted information to Wikipedia quite some time ago to answer this when it first got popular on Youtube, but apparently it is just now going viral. Since many of our friends know we are Jewish, we keep answering this question about 20 times an hour, so we thought it would be best to post a quick reply.

Three 6’s make 18, not 666. The number of the beast is six HUNDRED, sixty, and six. This number in Hebrew would be samech, resh, tav, tav, not tav, tav, tav (Keep in mind in Hebrew, this would be written right to left instead of left to right as in English).

Now they may have attempted to transliterate the vav and use it symbolically, but that’s not how it is written in Hebrew.

If you look in 1 Kings 10:14, it describes Solomon’s gold, and in the Masoretic text it is written as shesh, me’ah, shishshiym, shesh.

שש מאה ששים שש

So no, the three vavs do not a 666 make in Hebrew. However, the makers could have intended to convey this anyway despite being ignorant of Hebrew.  “Unleash the Beast” and “Monster” certainly have their devilish themes and it would be no surprise if a secular owned company capitalizes on a demonic theme to promote its brand. But from a strictly Hebrew language view, this isn’t even close to being the number of the beast from Revelation 13:18-in Greek.

If the devil doesn’t kill you with this drink, I imagine the caffeine and sugar just might! But what is more disturbing is that if you are reading this and you have never trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, you are already condemned, and under the judgment of God, and face a far greater fate than the side effects of an energy drink! Please read our short article on what to do to be saved here


[Assistant Editor’s  note: this looks like a deliberate conspiracy to slam the borders with known sick immigrants to spread disease as well as chaos into the country. There’s just no other explanation for the things that Obama has allowed to happen on the US borders. A scary thought would  be that if the US is infected with so many diseases as a result of this  breach, that Eastern countries justify the use of a nuclear defense response as an excuse to prevent any such diseases from leaving the US into their countries such so much of the world’s international travel comes from the US.]

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.

“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

The sources said workers were guarded by a security force from the Baptist Family & Children’s Services, which the Department of Health and Human Services hired to run the Lackland Camp.

The sources say security forces called themselves the “Brown Shirts.”

“It was a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said. “Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.”

She said the workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.

“Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”

She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues.

“It was not a good atmosphere in terms of health,” she said. “I would be talking to children and lice would just be climbing down their hair.”


See also Alex Jones “Borders Open To Terrorists”.