SICK of Baptist Perverts

Posted: November 2, 2013 in IFB, NEWS, Uncategorized

Once again, another fundamental Baptist pastor makes the headlines for sexual abuse of a minor. On October 27, 2013, the Administrator of the Kings Way Christian School wrote a letter to all of the parents of its students stating that the ministry had accepted Pastor Bill Wininger’s resignation.

Bill Wininger was the pastor of Kings Way Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia, where he had been the pastor for 15 years until his recent resignation was given over allegations of sexual abuse by Bethany Leonard, who wrote an 11 page letter detailing her charges.

According to other news sources, similar allegations had surfaced in a previous church where Wininger was associated, and he wrote a book called, “A Church Falsely Accused”.

Here’s my idea for a book, “If Thine Anatomy Offends One of These Little Ones CUT IT OFF” I am so sick of reading about preachers in trusted positions manipulating and abusing young children while naming the name of Christ. God did not give you eyeballs to look upon a woman and child with lust. God did not give you hands to grope and feel up a little kid, and God did not give you a mouth to talk sexually to vulnerable children.

And those of you who work around these preachers that know exactly what is going on, WHERE ARE YOUR GONADS?? You gutless cowards make me sick and I would enjoy just 2 minutes alone with one of you perverts and your defenders to see how much of a man you really are. That child was fearfully and wonderfully made, and was not put on this earth to be the object of your sick affection. And the next time I am in the United States, and I visit one of your churches, I DARE one of you sissies to make a snide comment about this article. Grow up and act like men. “Oh but we’ll hurt the cause of Christ if we report it, who will run the church?” You moron, it’s GOD’S CHURCH, not the preachers, and it’s hurting the cause of Christ MORE by these actions, and you thin-skinned yellow bellies that keep it quiet.

There are thousands of Baptists who love the Lord, and strive to live lives pleasing to God, and study vigorously to win others to Christ, and you IDIOTS make it that much harder every time some new report comes out about another Baptist preacher that can’t keep his zipper intact.

Baptist preachers, deacons, church members, you have GOT to start standing up to the perverts in your church or the church is going to lose all credibility in its witness to the world, and lives are going to be devastated trying to overcome the abuse that your trusted ministers have put them through. If you are a church member that simply doesn’t care, well then stay home and shut up. But if you actually care, then start holding members and church leaders accountable. Now I’m not talking about unsubstantiated gossip, but if you KNOW something is going on, then be a Nathan and claim “Thou art the man”. This nonsense needs to stop in our churches. It’s pathetic.

Dr. James Ach

  1. David Buzulak says:

    Ron Williams of Hephzibah House? Are you listening? Eventually it comes out…..

  2. Carol Hanson says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! I would also like to point out, this nonsense (especially when its being hidden instead of judged and reported) makes it that much easier for innocent Christian workers and pastors to be accused. We need to keep our churches clean, and ourselves accountable. Although our church is small, and our people know one another extremely well (and most are related! lol) we still have a strict rule that no one is allowed to look after children alone, ever. Not only does that protect the children from “wolves among the sheep” but also the workers, from parents looking for a nice juicy lawsuit, or even someone to blame for their OWN misconduct with their children. It happens. I know nothing about the accusations you mentioned, or whether they are based on fact or not, but if he were proven to be innocent tomorrow, your article would still be right on target.

  3. sage_brush says:

    We truly are living in the Laodicean church age. No strength whatsoever – weak, and rotten.

    Perverts are in power everywhere.

  4. INT says:

    Having gone to this church when I was sixteen and having been the victim of a sexual predator by a youth director/preacher (from a different church) in a Baptist church when I was 13 through 17 I think the Baptist community needs to come together and have check and balance to not only protect the children but also themselves. I find it hard to talk about even now at the age of 34. The youth directory in my case went to jail and served his time after he plead guilty. Even though he plead guilty he told everyone at the church that he was called to the prison ministry and he will go so he can preach and spread the word of God. He neglected to tell everyone he admitted over a telephone conversation all the things he had done to me for all those years with the police department on the phone and the GBI. In the end everyone looked at me as it was my fault that this man of God was going to jail because he raped me, molested me for years. I hope God has a special place in heaven for all those fine Godly people who would back theses men.

    I choose to not go to church now. I love God with all my heart but I do NOT trust church people. They look at me as if I was guilty.

    • drjamesa says:

      Wow, that is heartbreaking, and I’m really sorry that men we are supposed to trust did such things.
      I think much of the distrust is because there are a lot of scandals these days where many have been falsely accused for various reasons, whether for political gain or to push an agenda, it makes it hard for the real victims to have their stories believed. On top of that, you have “cliques” that never want to believe that someone among their ranks is capable of such heinous acts because they’ve spent so long putting a fallible man on a pedestal, and they want to protect their reputations. So it is much easier to find a reason to shift the blame to another person because it couldn’t possibly be the perpetrators fault.

      As long as you have a will and can read, write or pick up a phone, then they feel you could have stopped it. It’s not always as easy as people think it is to say “no”. Just because a gun isn’t being held to your head doesn’t mean it’s easy for a woman to resist or tell someone. The ironic thing in churches is that we would never blame God for allowing something evil to happen (at least not in any doctrinally sound environment), but yet if a young woman “allows” something to happen that she could have stopped, it MUST have been her fault. This is a pattern that I have seen over and over again, and it’s disgusting.

      I think avoiding church may be hurtful to you. I truly understand your lack of trust, and am encouraged that you do cling to Christ. But there are people in the churches who care. The church doesn’t need to see perfect people walking through the doors, they need to see broken people, some who are broken because of what they did or did not do. I would reach out to some women that you can share your story to and let them know you are not ready to be in a public environment yet, and ask God to put some people in your way you can trust who will encourage you. I think you have a powerful testimony, and I think your presence in church would make it harder for people to ignore this problem.

      God bless you and I truly hope and pray you continue to seek the Lord, cast your cares upon Him, and find rest from your weary struggles.

  5. Winna says:

    Mark Chappell are you keeping you eyes open… day they’ll be coming for YOU!! Be sure your sins will find you out (molestations)….eventually

  6. Winna says:

    Really what is wrong with people?!? Like Wilkerson taking over at FBC. Any Church with this amount of gross sin. He should have walked in and fired everyone! Deacons, Asst Pastors, Secretaries. If you were part Of it your gone, if you knew your gone, if you didn’t and should have known( asst pastors., teachers etc) you’re gone! If he’d of cleaned house and said we are supporting the victim and her family if you members don’t like it leave! what might that have done for the cause of Christ. Tons! Let ABC post that they’re cleaning house like Jesus threw out the money changers. What would Jesus have done to these molesters? Of course Wilkerson didn’t do it at Long Beach after the Chappells (Larry and Mark) ravaged that congregation of course he won’t do it here. Shame on him and anyone there who is not demanding they do something. I believe many knew and turned a blind eye. Let’s just keep quiet and sweeping it under a rug or make light if it, is not working. Man up and do what’s right not what fills your pockets! I bet many would respect you more if you cleaned house and maybe just maybe you could redeem what might be left of the IFB.

    • Baptists are Calvinists. Calvinists believe in fatalism. People who believe in fatalism excuse their bad behavior by saying God made them do it. Therefore they engage in more and more and more bad behavior, encouraged by the “God made me do it” excuse.

      The real question is, with prominent Calvinist Baptist leader like John Piper getting up in years, who will lead the Baptists after they’ve gone to join their Calvinist forebears in Satan’s Geneva? Will it be the biggest Baptist pervert of all, Mark Driscoll the porn-preacher?

      • drjamesa says:

        I would highly disagree that Calvinists are Baptists. Traditional Calvinists were Presbysterians, ex-Catholics, Anglicans and Lutherans (hence the term REFORMED). It was only after some Baptist had schisms over predestination that other Baptists began taking on Calvinistic distinctions (particular redemption etc..) but many of them, like Spurgeon, were not committed 5 point Calvinists which is a significant fact overlooked by most of today’s Calvinists. Calvinists attempt to rewrite history and hijack Baptist lineage while at the same time admitting that their beliefs derived primarily from Augustine. Those 2 are mutually exclusive concepts! Those following the tradtions of Augustine were Catholics, not Waldensians or Anabaptists, Donatists, Paulicians, etc…

        So I would have a big problem with saying that Baptists are Calvinists, as opposed to Calvinists claiming to be Baptists.

  7. Joe B says:

    If you are so against Baptist Pastors and Christian Leaders protecting sex perps why didn’t you publically call for Dr Berg to be fired from BJU. It is obvious that BJU taught its student not to report sexual abuse of children to Police and handle such matters in the church (obstruction of justice) when all the cases coming out involve coverup it is the same old some old practice. Not only did Jen Bicha’s Bob Jones trained Pastor failed to contact the Police so did Bob Jones University. Bob Jones Pastor Chuck Phelps handled Tina Anderson the same way. Dr Mazek comented that the Tina Anderson matter was a whole lot to do about nothing. Well Ernie Willus is doing 20 to life seems like a lot more than nothing In my opinion Joclyn Zichterman hit the nail on the head and Yes I read the book. As a retired federal law enforcement officer and a born again Christian saved in a baptist church it is my opinion that the IFB is a cult like the FDLS. No question about it. The IFB Pastors and leaders would make Warren Jeffs proud. At least Warren Jeffs and his 50 plus year old buddies married the underage girls they abused.

    • 1. We called out people at BJU as well, so your accusation is quite premature.

      2. However, we do not consider BJU an IFB school: if you hadn’t noticed we’re kind of a bunch of “Ruckmanites”, and if you’d done your homework as a “federal law enforcement officer” you should be aware of the sentiment between BJU and Peter Ruckman. Furthermore, neither do any other IFBs recognize BJU as a bone fide IFB school whether it be the “Hyles” crowd, PCBBC, Landmarks, or David Cloud (who, by the way, has done more to expose corrupt Baptists than any of you critics. In fact, had it not been FOR OTHER IFB BAPTISTS like Glover, Sumner, Cloud, Voeglin, none of you would even have the dirt you have on other IFB churches, and it was OTHER FUNDAMENTAL BAPTISTS who blew the whistle on other corrupt Baptists 20 years before you snot nose liberals came crying about us being a “cult”). So you spent your entire diatribe against IFBS by using a Non IFB entity as your example 🙂 Part of the reason we don’t take most you critics seriously.

      3. You and critics just like you would never be satisfied regardless of who we did or didn’t “call out”- it would never be enough. If we called out Jim Bob, we would have missed Jim Doe. If we caught up to Jim Doe, it wouldn’t have been soon enough. If we’d have said something soon enough, there would’ve been some detail left out you wouldn’t be happy with, or perhaps we didn’t use enough adjectives to describe the crime (for example, we could call it sinful, hideous, atrocious, ungodly, and somehow you would have found a way to criticize us because we didn’t use the word “creepy”).

      4. With people like you on the job, how many of us IFB have to put our lives on hold so that we can all do as much digging as you’ve done into a college that’s not even in our most remote ballpark? Are we then obligated to investigate Penn State, too? Good night, dude, this is a blog, not Georgetown Law Review.

      5. You are seriously deranged if you think pointing people to atheism (as is the theme in Zichterman’s groups) should be ignored when endorsing someone like Zichterman. If you care about people so much, then why haven’t I seen any of your articles or blogs condemning all the murders committed in Russia, China, Korea, and other Marxist/Socialist communities by athiests? I mean, come on now, let’s use your logic here. You endorsed Jocelyn Zichterman, yet her group glorifies all kinds of illicit sexual encounters. Just because she condemns child rape (as she should) doesn’t mean God approves of extra marital affairs and promiscuity promoted in her group. And you call yourself a born again Christian? pfft

      6. And finally, what kind of man who criticizes what we didn’t do (while ignoring those we HAVE called out) ends his critique with the justification of “at least they married their victims”? That idiotic comment shot your entire complaint in its foot even if there were any merit to your ridiculous and childish rant.

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