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Trisha (Patricia) Kee/Lacroix is the founder of the ‘Do Right Hyles Anderson’ movement along with Jocelyn Zichterman,  among several other “DO RIGHT” groups and the Fundamental Revolution (FR). We are first going to discuss the FR logo, then Linda Hyles Murphy’s influence, followed by the beliefs, practices and endorsements of Trisha that clearly show the cultic and occultic nature of this group. (UPDATE March 25: Further evidence has surfaced that adds credence to the claims of this article that show Trisha giving credit to a psychic for the success of her personal life and HER group here)

*Mid section was painted over by sender due to the lewd appearance

It must be kept in mind that most people think of “occult” as some blatant devil worshiping monster, with satanic rituals, sacrifices, blood drinking maniacs, and although there are a few religions and groups that actually do practice that, the not-so-blatant forms of it are more sinister. The Bible not only condemns the blatant cults, but also the seemingly innocent ones that most Christians are too naive and ignorant to see through. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Eph 5:11. The critics on Trisha’s site who make lite of the accusations posted here, who think it’s OK for a Christian to quote Buddha, approve of atheist and homosexuals criticizing the Bible, a group leader who praises “the book of the dead” are MOCKING GOD and are playing a dangerous game with matters they have obviously not studied. It is more convenient for them to mock the evidence then to give the facts an honest evaluation.

Some of these issues that we begin with may seem petty to the average reader, but you have to understand their importance to the persons who utilized them to correctly assess their agenda.


The link to their website is posted after this paragraph, and the first thing you will notice is the logo at the top of the page. It has the Fundamental Revolution with the evol of Revolution written backwards and highlighted in red which is a well known occult practice that is used to identify cult members of particular sects, and with the highlighted red portion of ‘love’, since we Americans read left to right, the first thing you see is EVOL or EVIL) {The British occultist Aleister Crowley chose the spelling to differentiate the occult from state magic and defined it as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”, including both “mundane” acts of will as well as ritual.  *** . Alleister Crowley stated that to use words to effect change  for “the law of reversal” one must ” learn to write backwards. . .” (Magick in Theory and Practice, 1929). Not only does the word appear to say evil at first glance, but the law of reversal means that by placing love backwards in the word it will effect hate towards fundamentalism. And if this seems to “out there”, consider that a recent post from a DRHAC member was praising the Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey who relied heavily on the writings of Alleister Crowley. (see our article on Trisha Lacroix Correction.)

 Fundamental Revolution site

Now once you see the website and the logo, keep in mind all of the above about the backward writing. Now let me show you something that is FREAKY. This is the url for their logo. Go ahead, click it Most urls for photo locations dont have a separation of the logo as this one does. The website designer used an “I-frame” block for the logo, but allowed any user that inspects the element the see what you just saw. EVOL. Within occultic groups, symbolism and logo is everything.

Admin Ty Duncan, with Approval by Trisha Lacroix, blaspheming Jesus Christ

This may seem petty or insignificant to some (and we’re not done yet) but it is very significant to cult members. And those who overlook these simple little matters never stop and ask, just why DID they write their logo like this?

The next issue is with their slogan:


Now at first glance this would appear to be taken from Isaiah 61:3. However, keep in mind that Satan always mimics matters belonging to God. 2 Cor 11:4.  Isaiah 61:3 God details an EXCHANGE of beauty for ashes, meaning He takes your ashes and gives beauty, there is NOTHING in Isaiah 63:1 that implies that the beauty ARISES FROM THE ASHES.

So then where does this come from if not Isaiah? Glad you asked:

The term ‘out of the ashes beauty will rise’ is a VERY SPECIFIC term used in the Illuminati and Free Masonry. It is based on Egyptian mythology that the Pheonix will burn and arise from the ashes back to life. In the Illuminati, it is the story of Lucifer flying out of the ashes of hell to reign in beauty on the earth. For your own research you can visit the links below from the cults own websites that explain this.

Now this does not mean that Trisha and/or any of her group are members are an actual member of these groups, but this serves to show where their slogan is derived, and considering Trisha’s admission to studying numerous other religions, it is very likely that she has studied and incorporated the beliefs from these groups from which this slogan is derived.





There is further symbolism in the groups Fundamental Revolution Facebook page where T-Shirts are sold with an alternative FR logo containing the Yellow Lotus (see here)which is the Tibetan Buddhist Symbol (Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols) and one of Trisha’s favorite resources to post quotes on the Do Right Hyles Anderson FB page is from the Tibetan Book of the Dead (sceenshot posting after this article or click here if you don’t feel like waiting to get to the end!).

The website is not complete yet (with the exception of the “Make a Donation” tab) but there is enough there to PROVE that there are occult and cultic themes within Trisha’s FR group.


We believe that Lindy Murphy has been burned by her father, and unfortunately has turned to faith in Jesus Christ to the god of humanism. While we are not saying for certain that Linda’s involvement with Trisha goes beyond Trisha merely using Linda’s testimony on the FR site, we believe it is still necessary to show the background of Linda Murphy, and how it has influenced Trisha.

The first video you see, is the testimony of Linda Hyles Murphy, a 17:40 documentary of her life in the “cult” of First Baptist Church of Hammond. But what most people will miss is the group she belongs to that sponsored this event. Now this part may be a little boring but it’s important to show the foundation of Linda Murphy’s influence on these groups.

The group is TED (Technology Engineering and Development)  Pay attention now!

Ted’s primary spokesperson, Chris Anderson gives the following statement on the TED website:

ED’s Chris Anderson says the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation — a self-fueling cycle of learning that could be as significant as the invention of print. But to tap into its power, organizations will need to embrace radical openness. And for TED, it means the dawn of a whole new chapter …”

Crowd Accelerated Innovation is an oft used term used by Illuminati as a tool that will be used in the future to BRAINWASH mass media, and those who know prophecy know that the antichrist will certainly need technology such as this to reach a worldwide audience. This technology could likely be what God uses as described in 2 Thess ch2 “and God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie”. There was  controversy over these type of techniques  as far back as  President Eisenhower warning the American’s in a farewell speech of the dangers of such programs. There is even an official government patent for the use of ‘mind control’ devices ( US PATENT 5159703 ). This technology was credited for the surrender of thousands of Iraqi troops during the Gulf War.

Although this technology may be far-fetched without evidence to support its veracity, it is the BELIEF in the technology that poses an issue for a Christian who supports these groups.

Chris Anderson goes on to say, “… the rich use of multiple technologies, formats and approaches for the most powerful possible impact on an audience. But the term covers more than just form and format. Content will span the full spectrum of knowledge TED stands for, from dazzling technology and leading-edge science to the richest veins of human creativity and interconnection.”[1] If that isn’t clear enough new age globalist language there’s more.

There is a list of primary sponsored speakers for the group. Most of them are all labeled as “Futurist”. What is a futurist?  An occult clan. [Not to be confused with Futurist Theology which is the belief that Revelation and many prophecies of the Bible have a yet future fulfillment as opposed to the Historicist and Preterist view that Revelation has been fulfilled.]They are concerned about a “leaderless world order” [2] , promote a “NEW AGE of business”  and yes, they have a religious agenda[3] (imagine that, no really, imagine…oh but hey, Al Gore was a member so at least they are concerned about global warming!)

TED is a PR arm for transhumanism [3.1] Click here for a list of TED sponsored videos that cover a variety of humanist topics

Speakers for TED are known as ‘Fellows’. This is part of the ritualist labeling of Free Masonry

Now let’s get back to Linda. In her video, she champions a counselor for her success, Mary Vernon. Mary Vernon is a counselor at Crossroads Counseling & Neurofeedback. If you read her short bio, “”Each of us has been in the marriage and family therapy field for over 20 years. During this time, we have looked at alternative treatments but found none with results as significant as neurofeedback. Now, because of advances in computers and more accurate ways to view and understand the brain, neurofeedback is often the treatment of choice for many conditions, providing better results faster.” [4]

Neurofeedback therapy, also called neurofeedback training (NFT), is method of teaching a trainee or patient to alter physical and psychological states. It is accomplished by using monitoring equipment that provides real time feedback to patient about their brain activity. It is well known that it was developed by New Age medical practitioners. It is no more than the same methods used in Scientology to brainwash you from symptoms but with advanced electron implements.

Not one time in Linda’s speech does she mention the Bible or Jesus Christ. In her 3 values that she learned, the first one was  “Freedom. Freedom to determine MY OWN VALUE SYSTEM” well that explains why Jesus was never mentioned. In fact, I can’t remember seeing any quotes from Trisha mentioning the name of Jesus. You have to be careful of those who use “religious language” (like Obama, and then gives a speech to a college group criticizing the Bible [5] ). Just because someone uses the word “God” and “grace” in their rhetoric does not mean they are CHRISTIAN.  Ask Trisha what they mean by “redemption” without Christ! (You know , kind of like how the NIV explains redemption while removing the “through his blood” part in Col 1:14)

Linda makes it perfectly clear she doesn’t want religion discussed on her facebook page.[6]She would rather talk on a patio where “There is nothing like nature to help us connect with our souls. “[7] and for $150 a session (with a 6 session minimum) you will need a financial consultant and a second job. Linda’s explanation of her services make it clear that she is a futurist. The opening statement of their description of Life Coaching “Coaching is future-focused, motivating, inspiring, energizing, positive and action-driven” is a clear indication of that as it is the same philosophy of the other futurist speakers for TED. Whatever ever happened to “take no thought for the morrow”. Jesus was apparently not using” positive, transformational conversation.”  According to Linda’s testimony you don’t need Christ because “You do have within you what it takes to set yourself free; sometimes you just need someone else to help you tap into those inner resources.”

All of the above with the background from TED and Mary Evans provide the foundation that has shaped Linda Murphy’s philosophy which is 110% pure unadulterated humanistic, new age occultism.


Since this article was first published, Trisha has admitted to embracing the beliefs and teachings of the New Age movement, Buddhism, and other various religions, so we have eliminated much of the former material that was used to prove what she was involved in.

On November 9, 2012, Trisha stated:

“13. My religious beliefs… I am not religious. I am not a member of any church. I am spiritual. I take ideas/beliefs and I have created my own internal faith. Everything from Christian, Buddhist, New Age beliefs and have incorporated them into my life. I do believe in God. I pray constantly…my life is a prayer. I meditate. I read books on how to become a better person. I believe in Jesus as my Savior. But I do not and will not conform to a religion. Religion separates people and most wars are started because of religious differences. In my opinion, religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been through hell. That is my belief. I do not think anyone needs to believe how I believe. Its my own faith. Its personal. And I believe everyone should worship in a way that feeds their soul… So I support our Baptist people, Atheists, Catholics, Buddhists, New Agers, Methodists, Lutherans…whatever you are… if it makes you a better person…I support your belief system.”

Trisha also belongs to a group called People of the Second Chance, and this appears to be where she gets her definition of “grace” from.PEOPLE OF THE SECOND CHANCE, and their official website here
This group is by far no where near Christian and is about as HUMANISTIC as it gets. Their members use the term radical grace, and grace freely with absolutely NO MENTION OF CHRIST. Their motto is “Overthrow judgment, liberate love”. They have 5 “lifemarks”: courage, tenacity, empathy, purpose, hope. None of the “lifemarks” mention purpose as being crucified with Christ and hope as being the blessed hope of Titus 2:13. Their definition is that “Hope lifts the human spirit and believes in a better tomorrow.” This is pure humanism. The “human spirit” is born wicked and deceitful. It must be crucified with Christ. Furthermore, this “second chance” philosophy has it’s roots in L. Ron Hubbards Scientology cult. It began as “Deadly Vipers” but was shut down because of racism.

There is a list of their “target audience” and number 4 states, “4. You have experienced or you are currently seeking a powerful second chance MOMENT that will radically alter your life and mission.”(emphasis added)What kind of “MOMENT” could there possibly be that would change ones life that can do a better job than Christ?? POTSC explain that “We are radically inclusive and work diligently to produce “human” messages and not religious ones.” (emphasis added)


Although Trisha appears to use a progressive Christianity approach within her group, the intentions of the group were made clear by the partner that helped her start the group, Jocelyn Zichterman.

“Trisha Lacroix MEMBERS>>>>I wanted to take a moment why we are here…it’s to support victims. To validate one another. It’s to find healing, care about one another and to experience radical grace. I’d like to caution everyone about what you post. The outside world see’s this group…….We have found something enriching that we never thought possible. We found ourselves and a faith (regardless of what it is) that works. Trisha. (emphasis added).


Let’s use an example here. Say we Christians are angry about American policies, and we want to vent our frustrations in hopes that someone will hear our voices. So some concerned angry Americans create a group. But, we need some followers. Who has the most in common with us that is angry enough at America to join us? Aha!!!! MUSLIMS So we will create a group and invite all the Muslims to join us to criticize American politics.

Now if you believe that would be absurd, if you are a Christian mad at the church, regardless of the fact you may have legitimate reasons, why on earth would you join a group of unbelievers, atheists, new agers and occult adherents to discuss your complaints against the church??

While we applaud Trisha’s effort to want to see change in certain fundamentalist churches and colleges, her motives are highly questionable, and the method in which she has advocated have served to destroy the faith of many which can not be entirely blamed on the abusers within the IFB.


The Bible is clear that as a believer we should not:

14Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?16And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” 2 Corinthians 6:14-17

While many may be angry at the abuse that has occurred in the IFB as well as other churches, God will still hold each one of us accountable for how we respond to it. Abuse is not the fault of Jesus, and it’s not as though Christ has been taken by surprise and is unaware of the abuse. But to respond to abuse by turning ones back on God and sharing in fellowship with those who are hostile toward Christianity as a whole only serves to exacerbate the harm caused to victims by separating them from the only One that truly loves and understands them like nobody else, for He too, was abused, mocked, shamed and ultimately crucified.

Bad communications corrupt good manners (I Cor 15:33), and the Psalms warn us that the Israelites mingled with the heathen, and learned their ways. Ps 106:35.  God NEVER condones any child of His to fellowship with a group of unbelievers, homosexuals, atheists, and other religions that are contrary to the gospel in order to achieve a “greater good”. There is no greater good on earth than sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, how He died for sinners and only in Him can one be made whole.

We thank and praise the Lord that many Christians have left these groups, and we hope and pray that Trisha as well as leaders of the other “Do Right” groups would consider what they are doing to others and consider even their own beliefs that are contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sources to get started on studying the New Age Movement.

The New Age Movement. Watchmen

 Psycho Heresy Awareness Ministry

 The Seduction of Christianity Pt4

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Definded (Video)

  1. Adam Sorgenson says:

    Whooooooooooooooooooaaa. That is devistating. Do you think that Jack Schop guy was set up? Makes you wonder. I mean, shame on the guy but man if there are groups like this out there I wouldn’t put it past them

  2. Jill says:

    Paranoia will destroy ya.

    I find it interesting that you slander people who are clearly trying to help abuse victims. Not very Christ-like. Was that a Godly enough comment?

    • Andrea says:

      I disagree philosophically with the author of this piece, but I absolutely agree with his stance that some of the admins on the page are not working for victims. Whether it’s about money, vengeance or something else, I know not. But I do know that, as a victim of abuse myself, I was struck wrong by several aspects of the Do Right page, and there is little or no support of victims on the Do Right page. I and others like me were personally attacked when we attempted to keep the focus on the crimes and abuse instead of tearing people down. I left the page when I realized it was more about spite and gossip than it was about genuinely supporting victims.

      Take it for what it’s worth.

      • drjamesa says:

        At least on this site, you are permitted to disagree, you are not even allowed to discuss the Bible on their site, unless you are quoting the Bible in support of attacking someone. That group has become exactly what they accuse the IFB churches of. I am quite sure that those lead by the Spirit of God will eventually see through the hatefulness and bitterness. As we wrote in “From Victims to Murderers” what is it someone wants so bad they are willing to kill for it? That is what John calls hatred. When you want justice so bad you are willing to commit murder for it, your priorities are backwards, and their lust for their own brand of justice is idolatry.

    • Lois Clark says:

      Slander? Get your facts separated from the fiction. Those administrators, and very much Trisha, are driven by long term bitterness and hatred. The bitterness has caused them to try to set the IFB world on fire by VENGEANCE. From what I hear about the Ballard thing, Trisha was in love with her youth pastor, Cecil Ballard, and was pissed off that Gomez sent him away only because she was IN LOVE WITH HIM.

  3. drjamesa says:

    I find it interesting that you have a group of 1000 people that gossip all day long about Christians who are not guilty of the same crimes just because they belong to the same church, You vehemently ridicule and malign Baptists and then have the audacity to accuse me of being judgmental. Most people on there NEVER talk about abuse, they talk about abusers, and it’s always someone elses abuser, and you talk about raping them, degrading their wives and kids…I could an entire new section on just the evil comments alone that I have seen on that site. And yet you claim it’s ‘therapeutic’ for a victim to watch nothing but negative dung being spewed in there all day long in addition to those discuss Jesus was not God, God is a monster, hell isn’t real it’s just an ‘IFB’ tactic to scare people in church to increase membership..etc..etc…I really hope any legitimate victims in there find some real Christians they can talk to, but this “it’s for the victims” is a load of horse manure. It is no more for the victims than the scammers that capitalize on tragic events, probably explains why all the t-shirts are for sale and the pay pal donate button is the only thing on your website that’s finished. I would think a victim advocacy page would have a contact where someone would get help before they make sure their donate button works right.

    And, I find it interesting your group accuses people of blindly following a denomination and there is evidence starring you right in the face that Trisha lied about her membership , and evidence that every group involved is new age, occultic, and just plain toxic all in the name of “helping the victims”. These events gave you an excuse you’ve needed to vilify all fundamental Baptist churches because Christians these days are just lazy and don’t WANT to live for God. You wont be happy no matter what church you’re in if you even go to one.

    And paranoid! Yes I know, I need to break free of my bondage right. All the IFB preaches is fear. The redemptive truth in this is that an abusive person that gets his heart right with God will be closer to the truth than you will ever be.

    • God IsWatching says:

      What about those of us who were never abusive in the first place? should I go rape and murder first, then play the contrite in order to win salvation? I think i’ll just stick to my original idea of being an atheist who treats everyone right, and those who are dicks to me can fully expect me to be a dick in return.

  4. drjamesa says:

    Interesting comment found about Trisha from another website:
    Sandhya Ramburrun Ray, you are so right! Trisha DID attend FBC [I know that for a solid fact], but was not a member like she has stated repeatedly. She has been known for seeking out gossip and slander about anyone so that she can post sensational stories about people and “look” like she is fighting the IFB, when in fact, she hates God, her own family, and anyone that loves the Bible and lives it. I have nearly a hundred emails/messages and over 60 phone calls from people about her. She threatens people with attorneys and the FBI, even though she is hooked up with neither. I have personally spoken with the newspaper reporter who had written that Trisha LaCroix was the girl with whom Jack Schaap had sex. This woman said Trisha was one of the most violent-sounding, foul-mouthed, and lying b—– that she had ever dealt with in all her years. To boot, Trisha LaCroix is NOT her real name. She is “married,” but her husband lives in Nevada while she spends her nights with a guy in the Chicago area. Yet, she bashes any survivor or others who use a pseudonym to protect themselves on FB. But her own sidekick (MJB, who has already been caught up with stealing stories) uses a pseudonym herself. 30 years to find her voice? Then you post on another religious site the fact that Cecil Ballard’s daughter is not really his? YOU outed that girl with your post. Then you call the girl and try to befriend her? She dropped Trisha like a hot potato and said she never wanted to speak with her again. Did Trisha take responsibility? Nope? Does Trisha take responsibility for anything wrong she’s done? Nope. Teresa, you are right….same game, different front man…Trisha. Beware!

    • Lois Clark says:

      Trisha LaCroix Miller Kee – She went to Hyles Anderson College, says she graduated with a degree in Marketing from there. Marketing degree from HAC??? She has lived on the run, from state to state, stealing, lying, bouncing checks, renting homes above her means with no intention of paying the rent, been fired over and over, has learned the art of stealing from the companies she works for, has bill collectors following her from state to state. She is EVERYTHING that she attacks people for. She is vile and wicked, is a master at pointing the finger at others and very convincingly, a pathological liar and master manipulator. Find her family. Better yet, find her sister. I hear her sister has kept years, of emails filled with who Trisha really is…………….

      • drjamesa says:

        She also had a business in Las Vegas called The Purple Flamingo and the sole proprietor was a person in Illinois (from her hometown) and the business folded apparently under suspicious circumstances. She tried to build a scam out of the Fundamental Revolution which was ground to a halt after we published these articles and several people questioned the validity of it (not to mention it’s legal status [or rather non status]as a non-profit organization posing as a victim rights advocate). Many in her group are catching on, some are leaving, the group is becoming stagnant until she attempts to rally the troops by posting some immediate need for information which any google novice can find in 2 seconds. Recently she asked in anyone had information on the Gibbs message at FBC and posted it as if the info was urgent and she needed it now, giving the impression that she is involved in the century’s largest bust and sparking the curiosity of the sheeple group members. The information she asked for could have been found on youtube in 2 seconds, but the post was for dramatic effect.
        The group has also apparently long forgotten that she claimed to have audio tapes of Eddie Lapina admitting to a cover up and of course, to this date those audios have never been produced.

    • Lois Clark says:

      Trisha did NOT attend FBC. She went to HAC there for ONE YEAR. Perhaps “joined” the church for that year because they “had to”. Has told everyone in business that she got a degree in Marketing from HAC.

      Also, she is NOT married anymore to the Kee guy. They are divorced. She has been divorced 2 times and abandoned her 2 children as toddlers, when she left her husband to run off to Texas to be a tramp. Can’t you people do any better at finding out the “truth” about her. She leaves trails. Taking her down isn’t that hard.

    • Lois Clark says:

      MJB = Mike J. Burk, her brother. And NO, Trisha NEVER has and NEVER will take responsibility for any wrong she does. She would NEVER stand down a lie. Ask her husband, ex-friends, people she has used and abused. And BTW, her “buddy” Bridget Stark helps to fuel Trisha’s fire. SOMEONE NEEDS to take Trisha down. I hear that she is killing her mom and sister with her vileness.

  5. drjamesa says:

    NEWS: Yet another example of the Do RIghters agenda. Joy Houghton, a former HAC grad, made a poignant observation about the groups negativity, or so the rest of the group perceived. She was kind, polite, was not condescending and very complimentary. How did the rest of the group feel about THAT! They pounced on her like rabid whining dogs.
    You know what, I am a victim of American abuse but I still live here. How about the Do Righters practice what they preach and leave America, Gilligan needs some friends.

  6. April Holman says:

    I have read all explanations on this blog. I had no idea about Trish. After reading everything, I left the group “Do Right HAC” and “Do Right FBC”

    • drjamesa says:

      Congratulations! There are many others who have done likewise and I commend you for your courage in doing so. Even if only one person left as a result of these blogs it would be worth all the effort we put into this.
      I don’t expect to reach the people who have their minds made up but regardless of what I write, it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to fill willing vessels to recognize and challenge what is being taught in these groups and there is a very real demonic power behind them and even though we can appear to be pretty tough on some of them here, my heart breaks for the Christians who have known and love the Lord to be caught up in groups like this who will inevitably cause their hurts to turn from the One person that sticks closer than a brother, Jesus!
      Our team and my wife and I will be praying for you and the many others that have left these groups. Thank you for your testimony and God bless you.

  7. Godiswatching You says:

    I think it is so Godly that an IFB pastor can have affairs with teenage kids. If my pastor has an affair with my teenage daughter, will I be right in the eyes of God? How about if I just beat my toddler to death. Will that make me righteous in the eyes of God? I bet God likes humiliated teenagers and dead babies. That’s the God I want to worship.

    • drjamesa says:

      The fool in his heart hath said, there is no God. You think that you’re being a motivated atheist to correct God’s church impresses me? You are a fool. Do you think God is some how taken by surprise as if He doesn’t know that church members are abusing their positions, corrupting His words and He is not going to judge? You are a fool. You blame every Christian that fails and then blame a God you don’t believe in for the failure of their choice to act contrary to God’s words. You are a fool. And if you think you will come to my town and seek me out and threaten me and not get the surprise of your life. You are a fool. Hooyah.

      “Errol” writes: “Organized religion brought me to my fundamental lack of faith, and they do a good job of keeping me in that lack.” You criticize religion as being powerless over their lusts and then give them the credit for your abdication of a belief in God? “Organized religion” did not force you to not believe in God, that is your choice and your choice alone. Are Christians supposed to be good examples? Absolutely, but they are only as good an example as they follow Christ. If they choose to live a recalcitrant life, even if for a moment, is God to blame for their sin?? Not at all, and He wont be blamed for your choice not to believe and He will not accept your accusations of bad Christian examples as an excuse for not sending you to hell. Hope you consider what happens when what you believe turns out to be wrong.

      • drjamesa says:

        And one other thing, I find it very strange that a bunch of men are so interested in hearing all the stories on these groups and even ENCOURAGING them to share their sexual abuse stories. What kind of sick perverts are you people that you would pressure a female victim of any sexual abuse to post her story among a group of men that she doesn’t know?? Do you men on there get some kind sick sexual satisfaction and maybe even you want to get her email and phone number and ‘counsel’ her? I really question the motives of the men on that group, I think most of you are just a sick and perverted as Schaap

  8. steve jr. says:

    Interesting site. I know nothing about you, and I know nothing about the admins of that other site you mention. My personal hunch is that the operators of that site basically hate conservatives, Christianity, and anyone who doesn’t bow down and kiss the feet of a homosexual once we enter into their presence. This whole “victim” thing is getting a little old and we are finding that the emperor has no clothes. It seems to be a ruse to do nothing but advocate anything anti-Christian, anti-conservative, and anti-heterosexual. This whole thing about “I am gay, therefore I am the most unique, wonderful, delightful, funnest, kindest, most perfect person in the world. I am also a victim of everything and everyone, have no backbone, and have the self=esteem of a gnat. Therefore you better love me, worship me, and bend over backwards (and forwards) to worship me and satisfy me.” really gets old. By the way, this is not a critique just of that website. This whole gay “victim” mentality that pervades modern culture is really getting old. It appears as if that site was set up as nothing but another propaganda tool that conveniently used this incident as the starting point.

  9. Terri Antonovich says:

    I am wondering after all the Trisha bashing, why Nothing was mentioned about the atrocities perpetuated in the name of God by these obviously ungodly power hungry pastors at IFB ?

    • drjamesa says:

      And I’m wondering after all the IFB bashing why nothing is mentioned about Trisha’s occult practices, We can circle that same old cliche all day long, but it only proves that critics like you speak before they have read all the facts. Look at the rest of the website.

      • Lois Clark says:

        what does all the “bump” stuff mean on her FB pages??

      • drjamesa says:

        It is a means of moving a thread toward the top of the page. It appears you and Trisha have quite a bit in common as Elgin, Illinois rings a few bells.

      • Lois Clark says:

        Nothing in common other than prior IFB’s and that I hate what she is doing and what she stands for and the people that she is wrongly going after. Cecil Ballard and Judson Mitchell are good godly men. Both have helped her personally.

  10. drjamesa says:

    Oh and by the way, how many of you DRHACers forgot that Trisha said she knows “FOR A FACT that Jack Schaap has more victims” That was said by Trisha nearly one month ago. Why aren’t their stories all over her page? She even encourages victims to use fake profiles if they don’t want their real names so why hasn’t there been a “JANE DOE< JACK SCHAAP VIC #2" etc…Where are the police reports and/or arrests? She feeds you sheeple like Hyles and Schaap fed them just to keep your attention on the website, when she starts losing attention she creates some other fictional sensational story and then everyone forgets about it.
    There is an ugly pattern here. Jack Schaap teaches heretical and blasphemous doctrines, and nobody says anything until he gets caught. Then, the sheeple leave and get more heretical crap and defend the crap giver. Same pattern, different location. If any of you knew the BOOK well enough instead of opening up your Bible once every Sonday morning you would have called Schaap out a long time ago, and you’d be able to recognize the new age occultic and atheistic non sense coming out of Trisha’s group.
    I wonder how many critics there would be now if Schaap would have never got caught?

  11. Davidschulter says:

    I still attend a fbc and for twenty years pastored one. I fully believe that the problem is not Trish and her group but our unwillingness to properly deal with our own garbage.I have a great wealth of knowledge concerning scandals amongst fundamentalists and believe that these do right groups do more good then harm.

    • drjamesa says:

      David Schulter: You are only half right. The problem is BOTH. The scandals are not limited to just IFB churches (as I have documented well throughout this site). I have addressed the issue of the churches in “A Word To the Churches About Abuse”. But the members that claim to be Christians in that group have went from one extreme to another. As a former pastor, if you know your Bible at all, there is no way that you can Biblically justify the willful fellowship and congregation of Christians with atheists, homosexual rights advocates and support a group that has new age written all over it. I’m sure -at least I would hope so- that in 20 years as a pastor you have at least some knowledge of prophecy and the new age movement, but if you can’t see that with the evidence I have laid out, perhaps I am giving you too much credit.
      There is a GODLY way to deal with sin and crisis and that group is NOT it.

      If you still attend LFBC, I would suggest you take your own pastors advice on dealing with offenses.

    • Lois Clark says:

      David Schulter????? Are you sure that you are not Bridget’s dad, David Shuler?

    • God IsWatching says:

      David, can you see why it is there are so many of us who are fighting to illuminate the masses as to the cult behaviors of the IFB? You are one of the few faithful who posts a comment that makes some common sense and the Good Doctor Messiah Ach still feels the need to shred you because your God is not in keeping with Ach’s God. There are just so many Gods to keep up with that I find that atheism makes it easy to sort them all out. It’s pretty clear that that they are all fabricated by humans and yet Ach still bashes Humanism even as humans created the God that he so zealously worships.

      • drjamesa says:

        First of all, there’s no David here. If you actually knew what ping results looked like you could have figured that out that WordPress has a subdomain listed in Plano, Texas that includes several hundred other wordpress sites. But instead, you helped concoct a story with Trisha that the FBI told her that they actually pinged the site, when what she really did was cut and pasted a comment that you made on here! LOL

        And as far as me shredding DH, I will continue to do so as long as Brent Stevens death goes unsolved and unprosecuted. But, nice to see the good atheist sticking up for him.

        And you don’t have to keep up with God, because He’s keeping up with you!

  12. Danielle says:

    I really wish someone would posted this site sooner. It makes total sense now why Trisha and Ty let all those God haters in the group. I thought that was a Christian group as well since …I does say Do Right First Baptist Church and I saw alot of church members I knew. That group is just aweful and hateful, and after reading this section I have left the group and blocked it ..

  13. Tina A. says:

    No David, Trisha is the problem. Her and her administrators lie to everyone. Where are Jack Schaaps extra victims that she said she knew of? Where are the tapes from Eddie Lapina she said she had that never got turned into the police? Why did her and Jocelyn tell people to talk to them first before talking to the FBI or the police and pass themselves off as FBI advocates. Trisha is just as bad as the IFBers.

  14. drjamesa says:

    Mrs Whiney Abner, the reason your comment wasn’t posted is because it does the same thing that the rest of your group does, accuse, accuse, accuse without reading or knowing the facts:




    Now when you can send a message that deals with the facts of the thread, with the understanding of the above 3 facts (so you don’t keep repeating them like everyone else does) then I’ll post your comments

  15. Judith (Paradis) Hayes says:

    The first thing I thought about when I went to this Do Right HAC site was what a great place it is for Satan to go trolling. So many of these people are walking wounded. Whoever caused their wounds needs to beg God’s forgiveness. I just listened to the sermon, “Pay Day Someday”. I do not see the hearts of men, but our Father does. People may get away with things for a while, but payday is coming.

    • drjamesa says:

      If I remember right, that was a Billy Sunday sermon and it was quite the caveat. God is not surprised and that’s the element that the abused AND the perpetrators seem to forget about. “Vengeance is MINE, I WILL repay saith the Lord”. I am leary about not only the occult influence within that group, but I have seen several comments from the males in that group asking for the phone numbers and email addresses of those that have told their stories. We don’t know who all is in these groups and there are some perverts that stories of sexual abuse are a turn on for them and victims could be groomed for further abuse.
      Jesus paid a high price for those who are abused and for the perpetrators. He knows how to comfort and heal those who come to Him, and He knows how to discipline and judge those who are corrupt, and when He does it, He does it PERFECTLY

  16. Lois Clark says:

    Trisha LaCroix’s address for her Fundamental Revolution site is 679 North Michigan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60611, WHICH IS AN APPLE STORE DOWNTOWN CHICAGO………..Start LOOKING people, she is full of half truths and the MASTER of disguise.

  17. Good read, these little cult like groups are really feeding off of one another.

  18. T. Parkhurst says:

    the DRHAC (as you put it) is not a cult. I was a member of the site at the very beginning, but no longer am because I didnt really like recieving a constant 200 messages a day.Just so you understand that Im not a “outsider” as your blog puts it -I was a member of FBC Hammond, graduated from Hammond Baptist Schools in 1982 and attended both HAC and Bob Jones, my mother was on staff at Hammond Baptist Grade School for 12 years and my dad was on the deacon board at First Baptist Church of Hammond for 10 years. I know Jack Schaap, Eddie Lapina, and many others personally including Jack Hyles himself while he was alive. You are way off base on this. I persoanlly am an atheist and have been for many years–so chrisitianity is not what Trish, Jeremy and others on that site are all about-they are about making wrong into rights that should have been done so many, many years ago and were not and still have not been adressed and are not being adressed up at First Baptist Church of Hammond currently. I personally know stories from that place that would curl your skin. I would greatly appreciate if you would cease and desist your demeaning of any victim counselor or otherwise. And just for your info-there are several prominent attorneys involved with their group and these guys are not taking all you bloggers as lightly that are debasing their group as you may think. So beware what you say and what you do, With a short ride to a judge they can (and have done so I might add), ge warrants for you and your servers sites in order to press any all all charges for slander and libelous statements made by you on this blog.t

    • drjamesa says:

      the DRHAC (as you put it) is not a cult. When the founder of the groups admits that she is a new ager, adheres to Buddhism, and even your claim to be an atheist, doesn’t get any more cult than that.
      so chrisitianity is not what Trish, Jeremy and others on that site are all aboutThen why the concern over whether any particular church does right or not? If it’s an overall focused group that seeks to right the wrongs of perverted pastors, why are the IFBers the only ones they focus on? Sounds like a religious agenda to me (or rather, anti-religious agenda).
      I would greatly appreciate if you would cease and desist your demeaning of any victim counselor or otherwise What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, that group slams and ridicules an entire group of believers in one denomination with no proof or evidence that the IFB as a whole supports sexual deviancy or that they all even believe the same doctrines within their own denomination. We have not “demeaned” any victims or “counselors” (there are no counselors to demean anyway), what we post are statements from their own keyboards and we have just as much of a right to speak what we believe as their group does what they believe. They believe they have “found their voice” but part of finding their voice involves making sure we don’t use ours. Now if you could kindly show where someone was slandered and prove the statements are not true, I am more than willing to reconsider!
      And just for your info-there are several prominent attorneys involved with their group and these guys are not taking all you bloggers as lightly that are debasing their group as you may think. So beware what you say and what you do, With a short ride to a judge they can (and have done so I might add), ge warrants for you and your servers sites in order to press any all all charges for slander and libelous statements made by you on this blog.t
      Legal threats do not bother me at all. I myself and a few others on here are paralegals, and a member of the American Center for Law and Justice and we are well within our rights of public speech in posting what we have. The truth may be controversial but that doesn’t make it illegal. And they wouldn’t need a warrant, it’s public information, and I think you meant subpeona. Libel and Slander (commonly called defamation, libel and slander went out the window years ago) are civil actions, they don’t use warrants to obtain information in civil defamation cases.
      The one attorney that we know of in their group (Voyle Glover) has even warned their group about things that they have said. We (most of us, we have one person on our staff that agrees with Voyle about everything except for Trisha and Stephanie) highly disagree with many of Voyle Glovers assessments of the administrators, but the way in which Glover conducts himself and is objective in his writings is completely different than the way those in the group whom we have named carry themselves.
      So if anyone wants to bring suit, bring it. Everything we’ve posted is well within our legal means. And, I’m sure we would have numerous pastors including Charles Stanley and Governor Mike Huckabee that would be glad to assist in a counter suit for false accusations made about them covering up sex crimes and being falsely accused of committing one.

  19. Ty Duncan says:

    You know that I am not an atheist, but that I am Christian … so why do you lie about me???

    • drjamesa says:

      Someone that doens’t support the Biblical view of Christ, denies what the Bible says about hell, makes fun of Christians soul-winning with comics that make fun of the blood of Jesus Christ, supports a political party that promotes the murder of children (while claiming to support victims of abuse, I guess you can have your voice but babies don’t get theirs), supports homosexuality, and calls slandering the beliefs of other churches “love”, embraces new age and buddhist teachings and proudly posts them; yes sir I’d say that makes you a practical atheist.

  20. God IsWatching says:

    So, it would appear that James the cult leader and the risen messiah has come back to life yet again, thus proving that he is God’s chosen to come to blogspot and fleece the masses while shredding reputations. Since I am indeed a disciplined atheist, as opposed to Ach’s “practical atheist” your personal attacks mean nothing to me. How about you smear on me a little. I find it pretty funny. I need Ach’s words to make me chuckle before I head out to work on the sabbath.

    • drjamesa says:

      You smeared yourself by offering support for DH. Furthermore, only a fool says there is no God. Plus, I thought you were a disciplined and educated atheist: the sabbath is Saturday, not Sonday!

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